Tricks to lose fat faster and feel good

Everybody knows this, but not everyone is doing it. You should bring up your intensity to every workout of a week. After you are done with your sets, you can do always more. Either you can breathe and count to ten and then continue or if you are doing some exercise where you can stay … Read more

Learn how to lose fat fast and build muscle!

If you want to lose fat faster, it is a good idea to add cardio to your regime. When someone says cardio training, everyone associates that with running on a treadmill. But that doesn’t have to be the case, for optimal fat loss, you need to fight the right cardio training for you. Yes, if … Read more

How to lose fat fast and gain muscle at the same time

For the last three weeks, I have been trying this diet, which was recommended to me by several of my friends. And so far I have lost 11 pounds, which is I believe something around 4-5 kilos, which is excellent and I feel great. Few of those friends were kind enough and sent me their transformations … Read more