Mario Kart iOS & Android App Download + [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Everything about Mario Kart app, i will teach you how to download and install this app both on iOS and android. Also few gameplay tips and currecnt news about this game.

Finally, the time has come, and Nintendo is finally releasing Mario Kart to iOS and also for Android devices. The release of Mario Kart Tour [9] is September 25th for both Android and iOS smartphones and other compatible devices. Mario Kart 9 for mobile devices is going to be free to play a game, which … Read more

How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft & Breeding Tutorial

This is ultime panda guide, you will learn how to tame pandas in Minecraft and also how you can breed them easily, both of these are 101 tutorials which are easy to understand

Lately, I have received quite a few requests to create a tutorial on how to tam Pandas in the Minecraft game. And why not? It is quite fun to do, and weirdly enough, you can tame pandas in Minecraft. Since we are already on this topic, I will also show you how to breed them! Even … Read more

Cursed Minecraft Images Explained + Biggest collection of them Online!

Collection of the best cursed minecraft images & illegal minecraft building techniques explained

Cursed Minecraft images, which are known only by the hardcore Minecraft gaming community as illegal Minecraft building techniques. These are compelling images of certain Minecraft items or objects for that matter, which you can’t usually find in the Minecraft game. These have to be either faked in photoshopped or edited by game mods. I will briefly explain … Read more

How to Tame a Dolphin in Minecraft & Full Dolphins GUIDE

Full dolphins guide, if you want to know How to Tame a Dolhin in Minecraft you need to read carefully this whole guide, you will also learn how to feed them, how to breed them and why you should actually feed them

Of course that you can tame dolphins in this game, and I will teach you how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft very quickly in this article. And a few other tricks and tips that come in when you deal with dolphins in this awesome game we all love. Ever since the Oceans update enrolled, … Read more

How to Make Grass Grow in Minecraft Easy Tutorial

how to make grass grow in minecraft? Don't worry it is not that hard of a process, I will teach you that with this article within few minutes! learn it, it is worth it

Have you ever wondered how to make grass grow in Minecraft? If you do not know how you will in a few minutes. I have a step by step tutorial video for you, which will teach you how you can do such actions in the Minecraft game. And if the video is not enough for … Read more

PewDiePie Net Worth in [Year] EXPOSED

Within this article, I am going to share with you PewDiePie net worth. I will compare it to other estimates of his net worth, and I will tell you why are their numbers way off.

A lot of people have been lately wondering what PewDiePie Net Worth is. And it is quite natural for people to wonder when he is the biggest online streaming/gaming star. But most of his net worth estimates are for sure wrong. And let me say that once again, all these numbers that you can find … Read more