FREE Kahoot Hack [Year] Flood Bot & Answer Hack

This kahoot hack is unlimited, it is completely free of any charges and has low pc requirements and anyone can use it.

This is another random article because a friend of mine asked me if I knew how to hack Kahoot. Even though I had no idea at the time how to do it. Now I am almost a professional when it comes to flooding Kahoot with tens or hundreds, even thousands of fake bot accounts logging … Read more

Learn How to Post on Instagram from PC & Mac

if you want to learn how to post on instagram from pc and mac you should read this whole article. WHere I am going to show you step by step how you can acheive this

Instagram made sure that users can upload new photos only via their app, but I have found a way how to post on Instagram from pc & mac. Don’t worry, unlike other guides and tutorials. You won’t need to install any software, or android emulator or any browser extension. All you need to make this … Read more

How download Twitter video TUTORIAL for all Devices

Do you want to download twitter video? In this article I am going to teach you how you can save your favorite video from twitter on following devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android smartphone and tablet and also for windows pc.

Hello reader, today I am going to show you how you can download twitter videos on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phone, and Windows desktop PC. This is going to be quite an easy tutorial. There are several methods of how you can do this, but I will teach you the best one for each particular device. … Read more

How to pronounce Nguyen [CORRECTLY]

Learn how to pronounce Nguyen correctly. I wrote a written guide for you, but if you feel like that is not enought I have attached a learning youtube video, which should teach you the correcnt pronounciation of this name

Today I would like to teach you how to pronounce Nguyen correctly. I believe this is quite the right name to learn how to pronounce since more than 35% of Vietnamese people have Nguyen as a last name. And to be honest, pretty much every week, I hear at least one person mispronounce this last … Read more

Pokemon Masters Apk Download [LATEST VERSION & Install Tutorial]

If you want to download pokemon masters apk or learn how to install this app you have found the right article, I will teach you all of these and I will also share few good gaming tips to be better at this game than others

If you want to download pokemon masters apk, you have landed to the right website. I will share with you the latest download link for this application, I will teach you how to download this app, and I will also share with you the common errors and how to fix them. Pokemon Masters Apk Requirements … Read more

Lime Player apk Download Link For Latest Version [Year]

Lime player apk has to be atleast in top 3 video playing apps. This is why I am writing this review of it and providing you more info about this application for adnroid devices

Lime player apk is one of the best lightweight video players for Android devices. This player supports advanced HW acceleration, and unlike most mobile players, it also supports subtitles. Not only that, this app is entirely for free and by many, but it is also rated as the best application for playing videos and music. … Read more