The Longest Road of World

The longest road of the world, which is a nickname for Pan American Highway, that was popularised in the late 1980s, which is not that surprising that the longest road in the world is a highway. Even the whole top 10 longest roads across the globe as a whole are only highways.

Top 10 longest roads in the world

  • Pan American Highway in the USA ( 48,151 kms / 29,919.3 miles)
  • Highway 1 in Australia (14,502 kms / 9,011.8 miles)
  • Trans-Siberian Highway in Russia (11,001 kms / 6,835.4 miles)
  • Trans-Canada Highway in Canada (7,823 kms / 4,860.5 miles)
  • Golden Quadrilateral Highway in India (5,852 kms / 3,636.2 miles)
  • China National highway 010 in China (5,706 kms / 3,545.1 miles)
  • US Route 20 in USA (5,415 kms / 3,364.7 miles)
  • US Route 6 in USA (5,158.9 kms / 3,205.5 miles)
  • Interstate 90 [I-90] in USA (4,860.4 kms / 3020.1 miles)
  • Interstate 80 [I-80] in USA (4,666.2 kms / 2899.4 miles

Pan American Highway

Pan American Highway is the longest road of world without any doubts. There have been many attempts to race on this highway but they usually fail with in the first few days, because their car can't handle it.

The highway was built mainly for people who needed to travel faster from Alaska to Argentina. Me personly, I hate this trip from Alaska to Argentina on PAH, but many other fellow travelers love this. A lot of them might even say that this road trip is one of their favorite overland routes in the whole world. They only gap on this road is between North America and South America. Where the vehicles have to take a ferry. This is maybe one of the reasons why I am not a big fan. I got stuck on that ferry for more than 18 hours. Hands down that are most probably in my top 10 most horrific experiences in my life.

The longest road of world Challange

PAH is in the last few years became a challenge to many travelers. They have tried to go through whole 48,151 kilometers in world record time. But so far, everyone failed. Last year I even watched youtube live, which streamed for several days, but after they were in 300 hours of the trip, the engine blew out, so that was it. But I am 100% sure that these two guys were not the last ones to try this challenge.

If you read the reviews online, most people are not prepared at all for the conditions. In certain areas, you are climbing elevation quite hard by several thousand feet. In other places, you are driving through jungles, and on the other extreme, you are also passing deserts, which is quite a test for most fellow travelers. Especially for the drivers, as a passenger, you can go through this, but as a drive, Your skills will be tested.

This highway is linking pretty much every nation from North to South America. PAH is a little over 48 thousand kilometers long and starts in Ushuaia and ends in Prudhoe Bay. Pan American Highway is the world’s longest road for cars or motor vehicles. This highway got in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005, and ever since, no other road or highway come even close to this one.

This magnificent shot of night time on the longest road in the world, the Pan American highway which has been used to travel from north to south us for few decades now.

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