Minecraft Unblocked Version (Edu version)

If you want to download Minecraft unblocked, please read this article, there will be a downlink link mentioned somewhere within the article. But first, I would like to explain to you a few things about this unblocked Minecraftedu version.

This version was released two years ago for people at work or school who are still eager to play, but they can’t install the original version due to the block on their pc at school or workplace.

Minecraft unblocked vs the original game.

Yes, this version of the game is ultimately the same. Only differences are within the .exe file, and if they weren’t there, you wouldn’t be able to play this a place where these things are blocked. Other than that, everything stayed the same. You will have to break and place blocks. There will be nocturnal monsters in the game.

New features in version 1.7.1

Ok, let’s talk about this latest update from late November 2018, where version 17.1 was launched. You don’t have to use a code builder outside of the game. Finally, they have integrated it within the game, so you don’t need a separate application for that. From now on, you can launch it with “C.” If you are playing on a touch device, you can access the code builder via the “chat” icon. Click on that and also in the center of the screen, and it should load.

For newbies are added control tips. So while you are playing, you will have from now on brand new HUD (heads-up-display). In which there will be tips and tricks, which for most of you are fundamentals, but new players have to learn somehow. So within the hud, there will be advice on how to break or place things and of course, movement advice.

Also, there is an entirely new tab in the game called how to play, and you can access it via the main menu; this is another feature aimed for new players.

Tech requirements

If you want to play on a pc, you have to have at least Windows 7 or newer. 2 Gbs of ram minimum, at least 2-core CPU with 2.0 GHz or more and at least 1gb of disc space.

For iOS players, you have to have iOS9.0 or better. And yes, you can also play on the iPad if you download the newest version.

Android users are advised to have at least Android 7.0 or later. But if you root your device, you can even run it on Android 5.1.1.

Can I play without downloading?

While researching this Minecraft unblocked version, I have stumbled upon several websites, which are claiming that even though that in your school or office is this block, you can still play with just a few simple steps, which looked great on the paper, because it would be such a less hassle, than installing and hiding Minecraft somewhere on the pc. But while I was reading, I was highly skeptical that it could work. Because basically, the whole tutorial was about installing a VPN on that pc or mobile device. Which, in theory, could work, because your connection would be secure and private. This sounds great, because, in other terms, that means that all your online activities will be completely anonymous.

Another screen capture from minecraftedu unblocked. This game is finally available to play on devices which prohibited such games.

I have followed their tutorial step by step at our workplace. Firstly I have downloaded a VPN program that the site recommended. I even bought the premium translation for 29.99$. I have connected to the fastest one available. It took a few seconds to load. After that, my connection was encrypted. In the next step, I tried to log in and play. And guess what?. Well, it failed this test, I still wasn’t able to access the game.

So the answer is no if you want to bypass block which prohibits you from playing, you have to get minecraftedu unblocked. You can download it here.

Btw: If you are wondering, I have received a refund luckily for that VPN.

Minecraft unblocked alternatives

If you want to play just a singleplayer mod, you can get Mineshafter, which is quite similar to the original. Within this version, you will have full forge capabilities, and you will also be able to get several custom skins, but they have to be specific to your version of the Mineshafter app. But as far as I know, there is no other alternative on which you can play multiplayer.

But then again, you still can play unblocked Minecraft game, which I prefer in comparison to Mineshafter. This version is perfect for gaming at school. It was solely developed for playing this game at school, where these kinds of games are usually blocked within the core of the operating system.

Minecraft Unblocked at school no download free version

If you have been searching for this particular version, I have quite bad news for you. Unfortunately, there is no such version like Minecraft Unblocked at school, no download. And not because you were maybe searching for the “FREE” version. There is no such version of Minecraft, whenever it is free or not free. I would like to know where this hoax originated. But I have spent the last 16 hours searching for this version, and I did not find any. I have asked on Reddit, Quora, and several other forums and Minecraft communities, and no one has ever heard about such a version of this game.

I am so sorry, but if you were searching for Minecraft unblocked at school no download, you did not find it here, but you will also not find it anywhere else, because this edition of this game was never released or created

With that being said, please stop wasting your time searching for such an edition of the game simply because it does not exist. If you would like to play and preferably for free, read the paragraphs above this, where I discuss how to do that.

Which edition I am using?

If you have not picked up that from this article, you should probably read it one more time. I have mentioned that several times in this article.

My last thoughts

With Minecraft gaining so much popularity lately even outside the hardcore gaming community, so many rumors are spreading around. People/gamers are trying to get editions/versions of the game, and those editions are not real, and they were never published or created. I highly recommend you Minecraft Education Edition downloadable version. Pretty much everyone I know is using this version of this game. And they can play at school without unblocking.

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