Wish vs Aliexpress

Wish vs. Aliexpress, which app is better? That is often a question between online shoppers. I love both. First, I started using Aliexpress, and I was a satisfied user for years. But then the wish app started becoming more and more popular. I have tried it a few times, and I was not impressed.

Mostly because you can’t sort things on a wish by price or by shipping, which I was used to be doing on Aliexpress and also using filters, I miss those. More importantly, the rates were higher on a wish, which shocked me. But that was because I did not use it right. If you use any wish coupon code, you will be much better than just buying it on Ali.

Wish vs Aliexpress in prices

Take a look at this redseagift portable Bluetooth speaker, which looks like a mini round ball. On Ali, they have it for 9.58$ with free shipping, but on the other app, you have to pay 9$ + 3$ for shipping, which is almost 30% more. But with the available discounts, you will only pay 6$, which is a little more than 30% cheaper. And the same thing is pretty much with every item because most of the things are on both apps.

On this redseagift portable speaker which looks like futuristic round ball. We can clearly see that aliexpress vs wish will definetly win a wish. Not on first look, because it looks that on ali the speaker cost only 58 cents mroe than on the other apk, but on the otehr app we have to pay 3$ shipping. You could come to conclusion that aliapp is better for ordering for better price, but on the other app we can sue coupons and actually get it for 3.58$ cheaper!
Wish vs Aliexpress picture, where we are comparing price of redseagift portable bluetooth speaker, which cost 12 dollars with shipping on wish app, but with the tricks I teach, can bu purchased for only 6$. Which is 3$ cheaper, tahn if we would order on aliexpress.

The only thing that Aliexpress is better at is shipping. Because on most of the items, you can choose either free shipping or e-packet, Dhl, or Mhs. Which is quite good, even with the pricy Dhl prices, but still, when you need something to be delivered fast, you have the option.

Aliexpress vs Wish the main reason why to use WishApp

Customer service, yes, that is right. Most of you have experienced this. Or at least I have because my first order from China was a complete scam. And several others did not match the description, or they were super low quality. You know the deal when you are ordering from China, you have to expect that sometimes the quality will be horrible or that they will send you something completely different.

And in this regard, I have to go with WishApp. Wish app customer support had always helped me when I had some issues with the seller, which was not the case on Ali. I stopped ordering there because I have ordered the newest Xiaomi sports camera, which at the time was revolutionary, with 60 fps for 4k recording. But the price was almost 500$ when it was on sale. They have sent me a broken camera, and I never got my money back, which so bad experience for me, that I have never ordered again there!

Ever since that, I am ordering a wish, and I keep telling my friends about it. I have almost 500 orders now from there. I am not saying that all 500 products were okay, or I was satisfied with them, but if something was wrong, customer service has always helped me to sort it out!

If you have any other questions about this, please ask me in the comment section below this article. Or if you have any issues with your order and you need help with your dispute, I am here to help.

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