Wleks Started Daily 1000$ Worldwide Giveaway

Who is Wleks? I have been receiving this kind of message a lot lately. What sort of company are they, and why are they doing this.

To give you guys a little backstory on this. I have been writing this blog for quite some time. And this is a company that has helped me to start this blog. They ran a similar contest to this one two years ago. I just completed the survey and input my email address and my actual address.

And two weeks later I have found out that I have won PS4. I have received the PS4 sooner than I found out that I have gained. I have received a PS4, and I was trying to figure out why. It took me a while to realize that two weeks prior, I have completed this survey. Long story short, I have sold the ps4 and use that money to start this blog.

Ever since wleks started giving away $1000. A lot of memes started become very popular around this topic. On this picture you can see a pig, which is a standing on dollar bills and small coins are floting around him, with logo $1000 giveaway.

If you don’t want to participate, but you would like these things that they are giving out. You get them on wish app, read this full tutorial how to get stuff from there for a fraction of the actual price.

How to win 1000$ from wleks

Below this paragraph will be a youtube video, which will have more instructions on what to do. Don’t worry. This would take only 5 to 10 minutes max, and I am counting watching the video towards that time frame.

My only suggestion is that if you are worried about getting your email spammed to death by submitting it for the giveaway. Use your secondary address or create a new one. If you are going to create a new one, I highly suggest using Gmail or Yahoo email. Because many reputable sites are ignoring emails from less worthy domains because those could be easily created.

Two years ago, I received zero spam from wleks after completing their survey, but that was two years ago, and things could have changed, and maybe they use little more of email marketing today than they were using two years prior.

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