How I have earned over 2k$ with amazon gift cards

How was I able to earn that much with 0$ investment? It is so simple, but I admit, I was lucky with Amazon 2000$ gift cards.

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Last month, I got an Amazon gift card from an online survey for free, which is quite surprising, but what is even more interesting, it was worth 2000$. My first intention was to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need, like the new beats by Dre… But I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk on a podcast at the time. If you knew anything about him, he talks a lot about selling useless things you have at home on eBay. So I have thought I could easily do the same, only that I would outsource it from Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong, this is super easy but super complicated at the same time. Because it is super easy to do, but it is hard as hell to find a product that is cheaper on Amazon compared to eBay. In that regard, I was fortunate, because I have stumbled on a product, which fits these criteria within the first two hours of searching. From what I have read, later on, there is some software to this for you, but I have never tried any, and to be honest, I don’t trust them if it works, why it is not just private. Also, probably 100s or maybe even more people use it every day, so everyone is trying to sell the same products in a case that the SW works. The bottom line, I never used any because I don’t trust them, and they are costly.

Different types of amazon gift cars, which are real and which are scams and you should avoid them

My only advice is, stick to products which are at least 100$ + and also have a decent amount of reviews, if they have a lot of considerations you know, that they are selling quite a lot. And the higher price range, that is easy, do you want to make 10$ per sale, or do you want to sell a t-shirt from Amazon instead of 9.99 for 10.35$ and make only 36 cents per transaction? That doesn’t make any sense.
I can’t tell you what product I have been selling this way, because I continue to do this, only with my own money now. Because I wasn’t able to get any more gift cards. When we are talking about gift cards, don’t get scammed as I did with Amazon 1000$ gift card, it doesn’t exist anymore (this applies only for USA gift cards, in other countries, they might be, but I still would not try to buy it, to be safe). So forget it, maybe they were some amazon 1000 gift cards, but they are not anymore, so it is not even worth it to try to search for them, trust me, I have spent several days without any luck.

This is where I got Amazon 2000$ gift cards:

Amazon 2000$ gift cards NZ
Here is the link > click here <. The only problem is this offer is only for New Zeland residents. But if you are from Australia, you are lucky, because you can get the same gift card, just on different site.

Australian Amazon 2000$ gift card > click here < and you can try your luck HERE Both of these are worth 2000$, but you can also try luck with this 1000$ gift card for amazon .

If you’re from the USA, you have a bit of a disadvantage. The best offer I found is only for 100$ gift card. If you are from USA > click here <.

Update: 24.1.2018

I found this one, which you can apply for if you are from Sweden or you have at least Sweden IP. Go HERE.

And 200$ for US residents only.

My last thoughts&advices

And this is pretty much it. Just find a product, have a little bit of luck with a gift card, and you are good to go because you have probably accounts on both of those sites.
Count in the eBay listing fees. Don’t just try to make few bucks.. Go as high with the price as you can. If you can’t, you did not find winning a product or maybe not even the right niche/category.
Just one last thing, be sure to use your images of the product or at least the once which are licensed as creative commons images. But the better way is to have your pictures, I for example just went to a store and took a few photos, which looked like it was at my home 🙂
If you are going to try this, I wish you a bit of good luck. If I have any new method, how to make money, I will share it here shortly. And please don’t over complicate this. As you can see from this article, I’m not a native English speaker, and I was able to do it, so you’re already more competent to do this than I am. The most important part is to START and TEST different products.

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