Wish Promo Code – Up to 80% Off on All Orders!

Due to several comments on a few of my posts here, I decided to write this article for you about wish promo codes. This is a complete wish app shopping guide. Everything that is mentioned within this article works both on Android and iOS, but it won’t work on your pc / laptop / MacBook.
This article is regularly updated ( every 1-3 days. If any of these tips don’t work, leave us a comment below and we will correct the article or help you with your problem ).
The first thing you need to know that there are two completely different coupons, ones are for new users, and the rest of them are for registered users who already made their first order. But there are also few other tricks on how to get an additional discount on your order, and I will share all of them here.
To make this easy for all of us, in this first part I will share codes for new users, then for old members and in the end, I will share my secret tips for more significant discounts.

Read this before ordering!

If you are a brand new user, don’t fall in the trap of the “free gift.” If you order a “free gift,” you would not qualify for first-time customers coupons and trust me, they are the best. It is better to save up to 20$ on your first buy rather than get some items that you don’t need for free!

TOP 21 Wish Coupons

Code How much discount can you get with this coupon

You can receive a discount between 5% off up to 50% of your whole order, but the maximal discount is only 20$. But you can increase this discount with tips that are shared within this article. 


The new promo which was released just today! And it is compatible with these coupons. If your order exceeds more than 25$ and you have not ordered anything yet from this apk, you can choose a gift on top of that!

Top 15 Wish Promo Codes For iOs & Android Users

The work both on iOS and also on Android devices. Again the discount can range anywhere from 5 to 50% off, but you can combine these with other tips from this article to get an even higher discount than 50%.

  • vzwvzlp
  • vzwwbwl
  • vzwwdhq
  • vzwwgkc
  • vzwwhyj
  • vzwwkdr
  • vzwwlqs
  • vzwwmwm
  • vzwwpbr
  • vzwwqcz
  • vzwwrkz
  • vzwwsnn
  • vzwwtsz
  • vzwwvqn
  • vzwwxrm

All of these codes work, I have tested them personally today!

My favorite wish discount code of all

My favorite wish promo code "vzwwytq" I use this code with every order I do. So far, it brought me the best results. If you are wondering, I am using an android wish app, and my phone is Samsung Galaxy S9, so I have the newest version. If you have a similar phone or at least the newest version of the app, this code vzwwytq might bring you similar results!

Vzwwytq always performed the best for me. Every time I am trying different codes while making a new order, I start with this one first. So far I never received a lower discount than 30% while using this one. But I usually try several different ones, till I get at least 40% + and sometimes I try them until I have 50% off on my order. And this is not the only reason why this one is my favorite. Ever since last January, I have been making marks on coupons. Whenever a code gave me 50% off on my order, I marked that coupon. And this coupon which I have presented to you has twice as much 50% off as any other.

How to apply any wish promo codes

There are two main ways how you can do this. You can input your promos in your shopping cart. Or you can input them in section “Apply Promo.”

Applying promos via the left menu

 Step number 1 to apply wish promo code, follow the green arrow and click on the left upper menu button

Step number 2 of how to apply wish promo codes, follow the green arrow and click on "Apply Promo" where the arrow is pointing

Step number three and this is the last step, follow the green arrow and in put in that line your wish coupons and click on "apply"

Applying coupons in the shopping cart

Adding your promo via shopping cart, this is the first step of two part tutorial. Follow the red arrow and click on the icon of shopping cart

Adding your promo via shopping cart, this is the second step last step of this tutorial. Follow the red arrow and write your discount code there and after that click on "apply"

If this wasn’t enough here are some more coupons for wish app

My number one tip is to try all of these 15 and after you are done with them, use the one which will give you the best % Off your item. All of these are only up to 20$ and are in the range of 5-50% off. You can use the same coupon on Monday and Tuesday, and it could give you a different discount, that is the reason why you should try all of them.

Best Wish discount codes for existing users:

“COBWEB” is the latest code that was shared within the app, so try this one first.

WELCOME – Code “WELCOME” has been released a few hours ago; you can use it on up to two orders. If your order is above 200$, you will save up to $100.

GTYU9 – up to 15% off – Released in January, so far it is still working

WISHDAYS50 – up to 50% off sitewide

18fall – 2 months old promo, but still working, up to 50% off

LOVE – Take up to 50% off today! Valid from 4-7. February 2019. Maximal discount is 100$ per order. This coupon can be redeemed twice per account.

Update 8.2.2019 – “LOVE” has been prolonged for three more days!
(From the messages I get from you, this promo is still up to date ? )
Update 19.2.2019 – New code “DAYS” – Valid from 18-21 February, with maximal discount 100$ per order and this coupon, can be used twice. From my experience, the time frame of this will get extended ?
HAPPY – Code that a token of wish app appreciation. Take up to 50 % off today. This promo is working from February 8th till February 11th. Max discount on this offer is 100 American dollars per order. This code can be used twice.

“birthdaywish” – To use this code, you have to set your birthday to the same day you want to make your order. It is only 10% off your order, but it is valid for users with previous orders, and it is not up to 10% like most of the codes but 10% off. The only downside is that you can use this only once per account, so if any other is working for you I would use that and save this one for later because this one has been around for almost two years now! If you don’t know how to set your birthday, there is a tutorial within this article.

Again apply these in your shopping cart, or you can use them in the left corner of the app under the section “Apply Promo.”

How to set a birthday date on wish app

How To Apply Wish Promo Code Step 1, follow the red arrow and click to left upper corner for more options
Open your wish apk on iPhone or Android phone and click on the button to which is the red arrow pointing
How To Apply Wish Promo Code Step 2, follow the red arrow on the photo and scroll down and look for settings option

Scroll down and look for “settings.”
How To Apply Wish Promo Code Step 3, follow the red arrow on the picture and go to "settings"

Click on “settings.”
How To Apply Wish Promo Code Step 4, follow the red arrow and click on account settings to set your birthday

Choose “account settings”

Choose “Update Profile”
How To Apply Wish Promo Code Step 6, this is the last step, change the day to current day or the day you want to make your order

Set the current day or the day you want to use coupon code “birthdaywish”

How to get an even more substantial discount without coupon code on the wish

Additional discount number 1

The first tip is for those who need to save money fast and don’t have time to wait a day or two. After you finished shopping on the wish app, go to check out, and on the left upper corner, you should see “X” so you can exit the shopping cart.

If you click on it, it should ask you if you want an extra 5% off your order if you check out now! If this offer does not show up, go back to shopping and ad a bunch of things to your shopping cart. Then go back to the shopping cart, delete them and try to “click” on the X button again.

Unlike other discounts, this 5% counts towards the price of the item and also the shipping costs.

Additional discount number 2

Tip number two takes quite a while. Let’s say you want to buy hair extensions. Go to your wish app and search for “hair extensions.” Find the one you like, open it, and add it to your wish list. After that, you go back to your search and find the same product and do it again.

Do this at least 4 to 5 times, don’t worry, usually the same product is sold by several different stores on the wish app. After you are done with this, wait one or two days and then go to “Blitz Buy” and your wishlist hair extension product should be there for the lower price. If not, try the blitz buy the next day.

Additional discount number 3

Tip number three is pretty much the same as number two. But when you open the product, sometimes it shows that if you buy it now ( within 10 or 20 minutes), you will be able to buy it for a lower price without even using a promo code on the wish app.

As I mentioned before, this article is regularly updated, so if you have any questions, go ahead and write us a comment and we will either reply to you directly or edit this article.

Frequently questions about wish promo codes

  1. I have already bought previously, how can I get a first-time customer promo?

Get different a mobile phone. It should be a smartphone. It does not matter if it is from a friend or family member. But the owner of the phone shouldn’t know about this apk. The other alternative is that the owner of the phone should be scared to ordering items from wish application. Or you can use your tablet or iPad or even if you have android tv, you should be able to install this app and make an order. Just use a different email, you can use afterward the same name and the same phone number.

  1. Is it safe to order?

Yes, it is, wish is one of the biggest online retailers out there. It is the number 10 app in iTunes with over 10 million downloads, and it is number 6 apk in the shopping category in 42 countries. The average rating on iTunes is 4.6 out of 5, which can tell you that people love this app and that you can trust it. Because that is no coincidence that almost 600 thousand people gave such a good rating for this app on iTunes.

The same goes for android, in google play (an android version of iTunes) this apk has over one hundred million downloads and an average rating of 4,5 with almost seven and a half million ratings. For the last few years wish app is not one of the market leaders in mobile shopping but is the number one mobile shopping leader in Central Europe and America, which is truly amazing when you consider that this company was founded only eight years ago, yes in 2011.

Still not enough for you? Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang founded this company. Danny worked for Yahoo, and Peter was working a high-end job at Google for several years. They explain the low prices because there are no middlemen; all the products are shipped directly from the factory. There are no physical stores, and all the shopping is done through their website or app. Mostly through the app on mobile phones.

And here is my experience with wish app

In just last year, I have made over 470 orders, and only two of them were not delivered. And guess what? I have received a refund almost the same day. Every time my order was damaged or something was wrong with the order I have received a refund every time. That is the reason why I prefer this over Aliexpress because I got scammed there several times without any refund.

  1. When refunding do I have to send my item back?

I have never experienced that, just within the past year. I made about 10 to 15 disputes. I made those disputes only because the item came broken or not as advertised. And in some cases, the thing did not come at all. Every one of those situations I have received my money within a few days sometimes even the same day and I kept the item.

  1. I have ordered the wrong thing, what now?

No worries, cancel the order and in most cases, you will receive your money back the same day, but in some cases, it may take up to 10 business days!

  1. Is deal 40$ Wish Cash + Free Shipping Sitewide legit?

Unfortunately, it is not if it were it would be in the first paragraph of this article, because that would be the best deal of all times.

  1. Is 99% Off App promo real?

Again, I don’t like to be the bad guy, but this promo is not real. In the past, I fall for this many times, and it never worked!

  1. Is Up to 90% Off with Your First Purchase discount working still in 2019?

No, it is not, and to be honest, it never worked. I have never received more than 50% off, and there is actually no proof online, that someone received 90% Off, that is a hoax, my friend.

  1. Can you find 99% Off + Gift + Free Shipping for First Order in App Wish promo code?

Sorry I can’t, it is the same case as question 5,6 and 7. All of these “codes” are fake, and most webmasters make those headlines up to get more clicks or rank better in google. All of the promos, which are over 50%, are not real. If you don’t trust me, go ahead and try to find those, but none of those will work for you, and you will only waste your time.

  1. Can I get a discount if I live outside the US?

Of course, all of these tips and coupons work worldwide! If you have any other issues, please let us know.

If you have any other questions, how to use wish coupon code properly or any other issue regarding this app, leave a comment below. Or eventually you can email us, and we will reply to you directly, or we will edit it within this article. Hopefully, you saved some money with us and have a good time shopping!

  1. What are the current payment methods which are available now in 2019 for wish.com and wish app? Do they accept crypto?

As the app grew insanely fast in the last few years, it is accepting payments through almost all popular payment providers. Here is a current list of providers that works for 100%.

Of course, they accept Visa, Mastercard, and AE (American Expres), also Google Wallet, Paypal, iDeal, Ebanx, Discover, Klarna, Maestro, and Cirrus.

In a recent interview, their CEO talked about bitcoin, but never in the whole conversation, he mentioned his standpoint on implementing crypto payments within the apk or at least adding BTC as a payment option. So from that, I am guessing that they are not planning to add crypto as a payment method in 2019. Maybe it will happen in the future, but not this year.

  1. While trying different codes, I have received an Error in red color

This is quite common; if you have attempted to more than 25-40 different wish promo codes, you will occur this error. But you don’t have to worry, this is normal. Your account will be restricted from inputting any other wish promo code for the next hour or so. Once that passes, you will be able to try another one. And again you will be able to work at least 20 different ones before another block. But this doesn’t affect your wish account in any other way.

How to use wish promo code

As I mentioned before, to be able to use any of these wish coupons, you have to use their app. If you don’t have it, here is the link for iTunes for iPhone users. If you are an android user, go and download it here on google play. The current version of the wish app on iTunes is 4.15.1, and you have to have at least iOs 9.

For Android, the most recent version of the apk is 4.26.1, which was released on February 4 of 2019, and you need to have android 4.1 or better. You can use older versions, and these wish promo codes will work, but it is advisable to use the current version because you might miss out on new features and some in-app sales! Other than that, the tutorial on how to apply these codes is at the beginning of the article.

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