Wish Free Shipping Promo Code that works in [Year]!

Wish free shipping promo code was released a long time ago. And since then, there was no other promotion like this one. Free delivery promo is from early 2018, and it was not relaunched ever since. So if you have an account from back then, this code might work for you. But it does not work on new accounts 100% of the time and even on some old ones.

But to be fair, this was not a good discount at all. Because usually, the wish shipping cost is only around 10% of the price of the item, which you are ordering. If you could combine promos, it would be awesome, but since you can’t. It is far better to use regular wish promo code for 50% off. With the tips I shared in the other article along with the codes, you can get up to 60%, maybe even 70% off your whole order.

The best wish free shipping promo code revealed

If you still want to try the free shipping coupon code on the wish app, go ahead and try “3shipping”. If it does not work for you, I am so sorry, but your account is not eligible. In that case, please visit one of my other articles and use a different one. But don’t feel bad. You will save a lot more money then you would go with this one.

To apply Wish Free Shipping Promo Code you need to go to the shopping cart as is in the photo and you have to input code "3shipping" and than click on apply where is pointing the big red arrow
Option number 1
Option number to to apply wish free shipping promo code is to go to the left upper corner and open the menu. In the menu you have to choose category "apply promo" and in apply promo tab you have to neter prom ocode 3shipping and than click on apply to which is pointing red arrow!

How much is shipping on wish?

After you find your desired product on the app, you have to open it. Right after that, scroll down, and you will see a button called “Shipping Information.” When you click on this button, it will show you the type and the wish shipping cost for your desired item or product. The standard option means that it will be delivered within 32 days or more. The express option should arrive between 7 to 12 days, which is more than four times faster. Unfortunately, you can’t choose between those two.

How to find out the cost of delivery

Step number one of finding the wish shipping cost is opening the desired item. And then scrolling down to button shipping information
In step nubmer two, you have to follow the red arrow and click on shipping infrormation to findo ut the wish shipping cost.
Finally third and last step, you will see here the type of shypping and the price, with estimated time of delivery!

The seller has only one option, and the majority of them choose standard because 90% of the customers are using this apk only because of the low prices.

By the way, the reason for the price range is that the pricier item or, the bigger the item, you will pay more! These ranges are only shown when the seller is selling several products. And you will pay this for each item your order, which is quite stupid, but the same set up is on Aliexpress.

How to get faster shipping on wish

If you are still on the product details page. Firstly scroll down to the bottom of that page. After that, you should see similar items with 5-7 day shipping ( or 7-12 ). This way, it will show you two or more related products with express delivery. Or you can click on view all to see products in the same category with express shipping.

To get faster delivery of your product from wish you can either choose the recomended ones or click on the button to view all. Which will show you all products in yoru searched category wish express shipping.

The other option on how to get faster shipping on wish is going to the homepage of the app. Next to the blitz, buy should be an icon with an orange car. If you click on it, it will show you only products with express delivery.

Orange car loggo in between the blitz buy nad recently viewed button is category for items with express shipping. If you wonder how to get faster shipping on wish, you have to choose this icon.

And the last option of how to get faster delivery for your product is. When you for something, you will have two options. Either to browse through all the results or only the results with faster shipping. If you don´t see this in your app, you need to update your apk. This feature is brand new, and it was implemented in the last update, which has happened in the 8th of October 2019.

Every time you seach for something you can choose between the all results or only item with faster shipping on wish.

I almost forgot, Wish free shipping promo code has never worked for items with express shipping. So in my humble opinion, it is not worth even try it. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, why would you want to save 10% if you can save over 50% or more?

Few last words about free shipping coupon codes

The recent good news is if you live in the USA or even Canada, your delivery cost is much lower than in other countries. Also, you have much more free products than in other countries. With that being said, if you are lucky, aka you are from the US or Canada, enjoy your shopping! Again, this article is regularly updated. If any new discount comes up, I will make sure that it is mentioned here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us a comment here with your question. We will either respond to you directly or edit this post.

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