Poshmark Invite Code – Save money Now!

Yes, the free Poshmark invite code will be revealed with you within this article. Yes, you will be able to save money on your next order. Not only that, you will receive a discount, but you will also receive free shipping on your order.

To be able to receive such a discount, you need to create a new account on Poshmark, that is, in case you already have an account. If not, then you still have to create one. If you can sign up via your iPhone or Android phone, you can download the app here for iPhones, and here is a link for Android users. After you download the app, create a brand new account. You can use all the same details on your previous account, but the email address has to be different.

What is the Poshmark invite code?

Poshmark invite code which you have to use during your registration is 25OFF2019

Yes, this coupon code works for iOS devices, Android devices, and sometimes it even works on pc in regular browsers, but if I were you, I would instead try it via your phone because that is a method that works 100% of the time.

Can I use this coupon code several times?

Yes, you can, each time you are registering on Poshmark app, you can you promo code 25OFF2019, and your account will be automatically credited with $5 and also the free shipping.

Refer a friend and earn money with Poshmark

Once your account is created and preferably again on a mobile device. You will be from that moment part of Poshmark’s referral program. For each time from now on, when you refer your friend, you will receive a $5 reward for your account.

How to receive $5?

Well, you will be able to use this money only for your next order, there is no withdrawal option so far. But don’t worry, you can refer as many friends as you want. This is not a limited offer as, for example, the wish application has.

Do you want to refer even more friends? Share your promo code on your facebook page, on your Twitter account, share it on Pinterest and Tumblr. You can also send this coupon code via email or SMS/MMS.

Where is my own Poshmark invite code?

Open your app on your phone. On the right bottom corner, you should see your username, click on that. After that, you should be redirected to a page where the third button is to Invite Friends, Earn Cash! After you click on that, in the upper middle of the app, there will be your invite code, which you can send to your friends. Never use this coupon yourself. I will explain why.

Or you can go to your account and then here to choose “Invite Friends, Earn FREE Cash!”, which will lead you to your invite code, which should look like on the picture beneath this.

Why can’t I just use my own promo code?

If you use it yourself, there is a good chance that your address or payment method or even your mobile device might give you up to the Poshmark. They might find out what you have done, and they will terminate your account or accounts or worse. I have read horror stories about people who did this, and I would not like to be in their shoes, trust me. Don’t do this.

How can I find out if I have received the free $5 credit?

Again open the app on your phone. Click on your username in the right bottom corner of the app. after that you should see dollar symbol in the right upper corner of the app next to your username. Click on that, and it will redirect you to your balance. It should look similar to this, depending on which version of the app you have and also if you have iOS or Android devices.

On this photo you can see that after you apply poshmark invite code you will see $5 credit in your balance within the poshark app

Why I have to sign up via my phone?

Well, lately, I have been receiving messages that every time that they have followed my tutorial on how to save money on their Poshmark orders. They did not receive any funds nor the shipping fee discount. But it was only happening on registrations over the pc browser, and I have received 0 emails about users who have these problems and have signed up via their app.

How do I use an invite code on poshmark?

You will use it during your registration. After you use the correct one, which is mentioned several times within this article, you will receive $5 off and free shipping.

How do you get discounted shipping on poshmark?

Yes, you actually can get a discounted shipping rate. It will take only a few seconds to set this IP. You can do it via a private discount offering from the Bundle. The seller can give you shipping price reduced to $1.5, or he can offer you the shipping free of charge.

First, you need to go to your profile and go to my Bundles list. If you don´t know where that is, you have to go to the right upper corner of that shop/closet/boutique and search for the Bundle icon on which you have to click. Then you need to select, or you can add a listing to an empty bundle, both options work. If you have chosen to choose a bundle, you have to choose one with one product or more.

If you are finally in your wished bundle, click on the Offer button, which should be quite visible in the middle of the page.

Last final step, enter the price offer and right after that select a shipping cost discount!

But don’t be greedy. The seller can give you a discounted shipping price only for your initial offer. If you make any counteroffers, this will automatically cancel your shipping discount.

Frequently asked questions:

Does poshmark have free shipping?

Yes, they do. But only for new accounts and if you follow this tutorial step by step, otherwise there is a good chance that you will receive the only discount, but you won’t get free shipping.

So here is how to do it. If you have already signed up for Poshmark previously, use different pc or browser or use incognito mode in your favorite browser. Sign up with this Poshmark invite code, which will give you $5 Off your whole order, but you will also receive free shipping on that order. Keep in mind that when registering, don’t be lazy and choose to sign up via email. Because if you sing up via FB or Google, it might register you without the coupon.

So step 1, sign up via email. Input all your real info, but use a different email than on your previous account. After you select your gender and you are pretty much done with your registration, there will be a blue text “Have an invite code?” you have to click on that and input this code: “25OFF2019” to receive 5$ off and free shipping deal.
It should look like this:

This is within the poshmark app. This is the first step of the registration form in their application. You need to apply here your poshmark invite code in order to receive the discount. After you filled in the coupon and rest of the info you can complete the sign up.

What does Reserved mean on poshmark?

If on the bottom of the screen, while viewing a listing is a yellow flag with text RESERVE, the listing you are currently watching, or you have watched was or is reserved. This happens every time someone clicks on the button Buy Now, even when you do it. When you find a listing you like and click on buy now, the item on which you did it. WIll have the same yellow tag reserved for the next 10 minutes. This feature was implemented a few years ago because a lot of people were reporting that they had the product in their shopping cart, and they were unable to buy it.

This feature is automatic, and there is no way that you can do this manually. Only the Poshmark system can mark listings with this yellow flag.

What does awaiting shipment mean?

This is a time when your order is paid for, but the seller has not started the process of sending the order to you. This usually takes a day or two, but if the seller had set up on their account that he is on holiday. This could take up to 10 days, and the system allows setting this status for a week and up to 10 days.

How does shipping work?

All the sellers should be providing shipping services under $7. They have to use Priority Mail shipping from USPS, which is described as a 1-3 day shipping service. The buyer always pays to ship unless you have signed up with the promo code on Poshmark, as I have explained few paragraphs above this. If you are ordering several items, usually, the shipping price will remain the same unless your package will weight over 5 lbs. Which will force the seller to split this in between two packages, which will make your rate double for the shipping cost.

Do sellers pay the shipping?

Only if the seller chooses to pay the shipping costs, if you select the bundle and negotiate the price + free shipping with them, in these cases, they pay the shipping. But be careful with this, follow my instructions step by step. Because otherwise, there is a good chance that you will not receive the free shipping deal. But even if they did not choose to offer you free shipping, you can always use the method from this article. Because with the Poshmark invite code, I have shared it with you here. You will not only receive a discount, but you will also have free shipping for your order. But again, I understand that it is easier to use your main account. But if you try to negotiate the price and in case you fail, you still have this as an option.

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