Free Fortnite Codes for PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile users

I’ve been looking for free Fortnite codes for ages, maybe like you did. And luckily I have good friends, and they gave me one. Don’t worry, I’ll share it with you, as they did with me. I don’t know where they got it. But it works. The same code, which I have used, they also did. So you should probably try it as soon as possible before they remove this glitch.

here is the fornite code for you and it is for free, if it doesn't work for you, please report the problem in comments below the article and I will try to find a new one for you

This article was last updated on the 9th of October in 2019. All the data and codes within this article are still working and accurate.

Please read this

I have put human verification on the site with the Fortnite code for ps4, so any web crawlers cannot access this information, and it will work longer / it will take more time for them to fix this glitch if it stays “hidden.” So please don’t spam this code over gaming forums etc.


Be aware of Fortnite code generators. Because before my friends have given it to me, I was in your shoes. And I was trying to google one. But all I have found were fake “generators.” And why I say “generators” all of them wanted from me to pay via Paypal or to pay via SMS, and it wasn’t cheap. The worse part was that I have paid money and never received anything that worked.
This is the reason why I am making this article. Yes, to give you access, but to also warn you. And not to get scammed as I got. I feel so stupid right now. When I’m typing these words, I can’t believe I was that stupid.

How to spot fake generator

Well, all of them look the same. They have a similar logo to Fortnite one, or they use the same, which is just btw: against the law. They will usually ask you about your console/platform (ps4/xbox one or gaming pc). And there are generally around 500-5000 codes left. Please don’t fall for this as I did. Usually, they will follow up with the button “request code.”

Also, all of these sites contain at least one or two banners with a call to action. Usually red or blue or yellow banner with the text “ACCESS GENERATOR.” If you follow that, the following will happen. As mentioned before, you will have to choose your gaming console, etc. After that, you will see an animation, which will consist of these messages. The first message will be: connecting to the server. Right after that, you will see successfully connected, followed by current request code.

fortnite code logo, which is cc license, recently uploaded on wikipedia. I have just cropped it, it is logo with black text on white background

After that, you will receive a message. Congratulations! Your download code is: *****************. This will be followed up with: “This is not yet active, please click on activate.” And after that, you will be asked to pay via SMS or Paypal for two offers out of 10-20. Please don’t this. I have already lost money this way, and there is no reason why you should also. This is why I am writing this, learn from my mistakes, and don’t get scammed as I did.

Here is what you came for

Sorry for taking so long. But I felt like I have to share this with you. If you want the code, click here. Please, after you try this. Come back to this article and leave me to comment below. If it still works or not. As soon this Fortnite codes for free stop working, I will update the article that this is no longer working. That other readers don’t have to waste their time reading my story. And I will also try to find a new one for you. Because this is such a great game, and it will make no sense to play it alone. Also, you can comment, what are your equipment, which level you got, and your best score. If you want to play with me, leave your username also, I will find you. PS: I’m playing on PS4, do you think Xbox one is better for this kind of game?

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  1. I play on ps4 as well. Honestly you can play on anything as lomg as you enioy it, my account is Darklordarguz for both my ps4 gamertag and my epic username, add me if you wanna chat and play. Also a code for ps4 please?

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