Cizzorz Deathrun Code COLLECTION + Leaked CODES

A lot of new readers were asking what is Cizzorz deathrun code. I will briefly explain what these are, and right after that, I am going to list all the death run codes from 1.0 to the newest one!

What is Cizzorz Deathrun?

Every once in a while, Cizzor releases a new speedrun map in Fortnite. Everyone who gets the island code can play and have a chance to win $5,000. You can play with your friends, or you can play just on your own. Currently, there is version 4.0, and hopefully, within a few months, he will release a 5.0 death run course.

How to get the code?

This one is quite easy, whenever there is a new speedrun course, check this page and there will be a new code added. Right below this, I am going to list all of his codes for all of his challenges.

List of Cizzorz death run codes

cizzorz deathrun 4.0 code is 2778-3253-4171
cizzorz deathrun 3.0 code is 4043-5793-699
Cizzorz Death run 3.0 Code
cizzorz deathrun 2.0 code is 6509-1069-6161
cizzorz deathrun code is 0940-9970-7913
How to join Cizzorz death run

I am going to show you how you can join this challenge in a few simple steps.

  1. First, you need to check this article, what is the latest speedrun version X.0
  2. Copy the newest Cizzorz deathrun code
  3. Launch Fortnite
  4. Start creative server
  5. Find the featured island rift
  6. Copy the code
  7. Click on Select Islands
  8. Enjoy!

Cizzorz Death run History

So far, there have been four speedrun challenges. The first one was Called Death Run 1.0.

Death Run 1.0

Pretty much few days after Fortnite released the creative mode, Cizzorz started created obstacles or parkour courses for other players to enjoy. And quite fast Twitch streamers picked up on these courses and tried to finish them. In this first challenge, there were ten levels, and according to players, all of them were so hard to complete. After a few weeks, it was the most played course. The winner of this challenge was Fortnite player called Seuzhoo, who finished it in just three minutes and seventeen seconds. Seuzhoo received fifteen hundred dollars from Cizzorz.

Death Run 2.0

After the first challenge, which went quite viral, Cizzorz tried to create yet another more sophisticated challenge, which should have more levels than the first one. And on January 9th of 2018, he released yet another challenge with 13 levels.

Record of this course is still holding hotball1 who have finished this map in just six minutes and twelve seconds. He received thirty-five hundred dollars in the first place. The second best time was worse only by 6 seconds by player Eskay, who has received a thousand dollars for his second-place finish. Other players did not receive anything, and the winner of the first death run challenge ended up with with the fifth-best time.

Death Run 3.0

It took him a little bit over a year to create Death Run 3.0, but he managed to release it on February 11th of 2019. It was released four days afterward. And for this challenge, he decided to give away $25,000 to the top 10 content creators. Yes, that is right, twenty-five thousand dollars. And the winner should take $8,000, second place $4,000, and third place $2,500, and the rest of the finishers up to tenth place should have received $1,500. The winner was Bizzle and got $8,000.

And the winner of the public release was Hotball1 again and received a $10,000 for his 5 minutes and 24-second run.

Death Run 4.0

The current prize pool is $5,000. So far, we don’t have any more info or any unofficial winners.

My last thoughts

Thank you for reading this post. I wish you good luck in this speedrun challenges. And maybe one day, when I am going to edit this article, I might add you here as a winner of one of these challenges. Make sure that you bookmark this article to get the newest Cizzorz deathrun code. And news about current challenges and their progress.