Love Nikki Codes that work in [Year]

If you are looking for Love Nikki codes, you are in the right place. I have been laying this mobile RPG game for quite some time. But only a few weeks ago, I have found out that they are existing love Nikki redeem codes. So I have spent the last two weeks researching all the Codes for Love Nikki so that I can step my game up, and I would now like to share them with you.

For those who have stumbled upon this article by “accident,” Love Nikki is a mobile RPG game both for iOS and Android users. These codes which I will share here are both for new and existing users of Love Nikki. There will be a lot of codes for you shared within this article because this is the biggest and most popular dress up game and not only in States, but World Wide, it has over 100 million users.

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Why is this game so popular

If you are looking for the codes, skip this paragraph, but I feel like I should explain why is this game so popular, for those who are not familiar with this game. Love Nikki is a unique RPG game, which is finally available for iPhone and Android phones. It took them a while, but now we have both versions. Ever since this happen, the game has been skyrocketing in downloads, and with that also a demand for codes to redeem in the game.

This game is popular because there is several thousands of dress and styles, which can each user choose for their dress-up queen. You can choose what type of clothes or accessories you want to collect. If you’re going to create a sci-fi style or even retro or modern, you can and much more. It is only up to you, what clothes and accessories will be wearing your character.

Also, the role-play of the game is out of this world or at least far better than competitors. There are numerous styles from each continent, and you can create even your own since you can become a designer in 7 countries within the game. Also, almost everything you have in the game, you can customize it — not only colors but also materials, etc. Love Nikki RPG game is more complicated than most people think.

Best love Nikki codes are below this image, in the direction where the arrow on the picture is pointing. If you continue reading this article, you will find out what are the best 13 codes for Dress UP QUEEN GAME.
PS: These work both on android and ios

Top 13 Love Nikki Codes

  1. aBHdmSpyzFCR
  2. aBHahBbB6eQc
  3. aBFirXXUTcRJ
  4. aBGbhFG85ZqP
  5. aBEgCPwgVgm9
  6. aBEffMn9KtMV
  7. aBDemtcRjKzt
  8. aBCg2XPGqjCJ
  9. aBBie9Rkyw2y
  10. aBBgkcYRfetj
  11. aBAjmhbA6FA2
  12. aAJde5QW8Trw
  13. aAHd22BaXjsb

With Love Nikki code number 1 from the list, you will receive 15 000 of gold instantly and some dyes.

Number 2 from the list will reward you with 20 000 gold, and on top of that, you will also get 60 stamina and 5-star coins, and if you are lucky, there is at least a 50% chance that you will also receive a Fantasy Ticket.

If you redeem number 3, you will receive Green Dye five times, 20 000 of gold. But that is not the only thing that you will receive; you will also get 60 stamina.

With number 4, you will get only 60 stamina, this is not the best code, but 60 stamina for free, why not.

Code number 5, you will receive in your account 60 stamina, one crystal shoe rose, and five “LUCKY BONUS” item cards.

With Love Nikki code number 6, you will be receiving a hundred stamina and one piece of all special fabrics, this is one of my favorite ones.

Redeem code number 7, and you will get six Dyes(two in red color, two in yellow and 6 in orange). Also, 12 000 coins, less than 100 stamina, and there is a good chance you will also get a fantasy ticket.

With number 8, you will receive one or two fantasy tickets and also 20 000 of gold instantly.

The code number 9 you will be getting over 2000 gold, pair and a half of crystal shoes, pair of crystal roses, and if that wasn’t enough, also a fantasy ticket.

With number 10 on the list, you will get little over 12 000 gold, 25-star coins, several pav tickets, and ten wish court tickets.

Code number 11 on the list will reward your account with trophies and diamonds (the amount varies from account to account)

With the last Love Nikki code on the list, if you apply it in the game, you will get a new free dress for your dress up queen, definitely worth trying to use this code!

How To Apply These Love Nikki Codes

How to apply Love Nikki Redeem Codes in Dress Up Queen game in six simple steps, if you want to find out how, please keep reading the article.

How to apply love Nikki code in 6 steps

  1. Open the app [Love Nikki game]
  2. Open your profile within the game
  3. Go to your profile settings
  4. Click on redeem code
  5. Enter any of the Love Nikki Codes I have published here
  6. Receive the reward from the redeemed code and play the Love Nikki Game

How to Play this game properly

If I was starting over with this game. The first thing I would do is to apply one of the Love Nikki Codes. And then I would start designing right after that. Once you have a final dress for your queen, you can start competing with 100 million users around the world. Unfortunately, when I have started playing this game five months ago, I have no idea how the game works. So I was designing for days maybe even weeks before I start competing within the game, which was a huge mistake. And if you have read this article and not just skipped to codes or this part. You already know that I wasn’t aware of the redeem codes until two weeks ago.

It might have been just pure luck. But I have found out that most of my friends are playing this game on their phones. They are also Minecraft players, or at least they enjoy the game of Minecraft. But they are not playing, because it is not for free. Well, it is, but you need to know where and which version to download. If you want to play or try to play Minecraft for free, read this blog post.

My last words

Thank you for reading this article. I genuinely like this game. So if you want me to create some gameplay video or tutorial for this game, it is not an issue for me, I would gladly welcome it. The only thing you need to do is to let me know. So please, if you are interested in any of this. Comment below this article in the comment section, and I will either record a video or write a new tutorial on my blog.

Regarding the Love Nikki codes to redeem, I will be updating this article every week or every other week with new codes or replacing the nonworking ones if you are playing this game quite often. You might even bookmark this article because I will be trying to post as many codes as possible.

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