Wish Promo Code Hack – How to get 100% off your whole order

Wish promo code hack, unfortunately, does not exist, even though I wish it were a real thing. But don’t worry, there are many ways how to get items from wish almost free of charge. A few weeks I go, I have written this guide. You will learn all the “hacks” to get the best discount possible. Even though I have mentioned that there is no promo code hack for the wish app, there is a way to get up to 70% off your whole order. All the coupons you need are within the article I have mentioned at the beginning of this article. But first, you need to get a new wish account, if you have made orders in the past.

Wish Promo Code Cheat Guide Step by Step

This is the tricky part because if you already have ordered in the past, you will be able to reinstall the application. Create the new account, but still won’t be eligible for those discounts we need. So if I were you, I would ask a friend who has never ordered from the wish app or maybe someone from the family to borrow the phone. I know that this step is not fun, but I have no idea what is wish app tracking, I have tried many methods to cheat the system, but I was not successful at it.

Wish promo code hack tutorial, if you follow this tutorial step by step, you will be able to get discount on wish app up to 80% off your whole order, but you can do this only once per account and it has to be a new one, more info is in the tutorial itself.

Ok, so now you have a clean phone, install wish app, an create a new account. Yes, you can use the same details as before; the only email has to be different. And you can even use at the end the same payment method, which makes this a lot easier.

Now you need to search for your desired item or product. After you find it, create a wishlist and put it there. Then go back and search for the same product from different sellers and put all those in a wishlist. If you want to order asap, choose the one with the best price or the one for which you have received a discount. This happens a lot, and if you open several products, you will usually receive three up to 10% off if you order the item within the specified time, often it is for 60 minutes or so. If you can wait, I would put all the items in a wishlist, and the next day I would try blitz buy, there is 80% that the product will be one of those items from blitz buy for the quite better price than it was the day before.

Final step of this guide

Right now, you need to go to the post I have mentioned, to get wish promo codes to “hack” the system. If you did not read the guide or you are not going to. Don’t try just the first code, try at least 5 to 10 and choose the one, which will give you the best discount possible. Ok, so now, after you have tried a few of them, you should have your promo. If you did not test it in your shopping cart, go there. Click on the X button, and you will receive another 5% off, so click on order now or redeem. I’m not sure what the text is at the moment. After that, you have to input your shipping address and payment method.

I know that this was quite a long process, but with these steps, you can get around 30-80% off your whole order. I hope that this wish promo code cheat guide was what you were looking for. To be clear on one thing, if you are not satisfied with my answers, you can still search for wish promo code hack and waste a few more hours. I have been ordering on wish app for ages. In 2018 alone, I made almost 500 orders. I know what I am talking about; there is no better way to do this. If you want to save money on your next order, this is the best tutorial.

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