Best Shein Coupon Codes in [Year] to save money!

In today’s article, which btw will be updated weekly, I will share with you the best Shein Coupon that is currently working and of course few more. If any of the promo codes stop working and it will still be published here. Please, comment below the article, and I will replace it. I try my best to keep everything up to date, but sometimes I miss things. For that, I am very sorry. But so far, it did not happen! And everyone was satisfied with the discount codes, which are provided here.

On this photo, you can see the orange and white background, the orange part of the background is in the style of an arrow. And this orange background is a black text "shein coupon codes" the arrow is symbolizing that below this image are mentioned the promos for website

The best Shein Coupons

  • free5
  • JUN
  • 20SHEIN
  • SHE10
  • RBK20
  • DTP
  • RTMN40
  • SPLASH30
  • SPLASH10
  • Student Discount Coupon at

If you apply coupon code free5 on, you will get free shipping on your whole order if the order is above 29 dollars, also in specific categories, this promo gives 50% off.

With “JUN” you will receive 25$ off on orders above 140$, but you will also get twice as many points.

With “20SHEIN” you will get 20% off your whole order, isn’t that sweet deal?

If you use promo code “SHE10” while ordering on the Shein website, you will get 85% off your order, but this promo is only for shopping in the category of contemporary women’s fashion.

“RBK20” discount code applies for all categories on, and if you use this one, you will get 58% off.

Coupon code “DTP” will give you 20% off sitewide, if I were you I would try this one as soon as possible. It works in all categories; I am not sure if they keep this one active for a long time. Use it while you can, my friends. If you apply at your checkout code “RTMN40” you will get 40$ off, but only if the whole order is above $200. This promo is 20% off, but only if the order is 200$ or more.

Code “SPLASH30” works in all categories, and with this one, you will get instantly $30 off your order, but to be able to use this one, the order must be $189 or more $.

“SPLASH10” similarly as the splash30 works for all categories on the website. With this one, you will get right away 10$ off, but to be eligible for the coupon, you need to have in your shopping cart things in the worth of $99 or more.

My favorite Shein Coupon

If you apply this coupon REVIUS40 on you will get 40$ off your order! Use this promo code while it lasts.

REVIUS40 will give you 40$ off on all orders, which will be over 200 dollars, and of course, free shipping included if you use this one.

How Shein Student Coupon Works

If you are a student, you are eligible for this coupon code. But first, you will need to go to their website and sign up. After that, you will have to go through the student verification process; once this is done, you will receive a 15% student discount. Your discount will be valid until the end of the year in which you have graduated. Also, once you are done with this process, you might receive even more discounts in the future. If you are a student, I will give this a shot. Unfortunately, I am not a student anymore, so I wasn’t able to apply for this. But from what my friends have told me, the verification usually takes around a week or so. So if you need to buy something fast, I would try a different promo.

How to save even more money

Sing Up to Shein’s email list. You will receive exclusive offers and other great deals directly to your email address. But that is not the reason why I am mentioning this. If you sing up to their newsletter, you will automatically receive a 3$ off and also FREE SHIPPING, but only on orders and purchases, which will be over 50$. But let’s be honest, if I spent 50$ I would be lucky I usually end up spending at least four to five times more, unfortunately.

Another way how to get an even more significant discount is to use the SHEIN Points; you can choose any amount of your points on current order, you can use only a few of them or all of them, this is solely up to you.

How can you get the points

The first points you will receive for registration on their shop, to be exact you will get 100 points for email verification of your account.

Also, you will receive points for each dollar spent on the website; you will be rewarded by 1 point.

Another way to get points is to post a comment. For each posted comment, aka review on their website, you will get 10 points, and if you post a review comment with a photo of the product, you will get 30, which is a great way to collect them. If you also share the sizing information within the review, you will receive an extra ten, and to get even more, you can share the review to your Facebook profile, and you will get extra five points.

Another easy way to collect points is to share the products you have bought on your social media; you can use FB, Twitter, youtube, lookbook, Wanelo, and Polyvore. You will receive the most for Youtube. To be exact, you will get 30 points, for FB only 10, for lookbook eight, and for Wanelo and Polyvore, you will get 6 points and only five for twitter.

How much can you save with Shein Points

Well, for every 100 coins, you will get a $1 discount. But you can use Shein points to pay up to 70% of the whole order, if you combine this with Shein coupon codes, you can get items from this shop almost for free. I will use this for shopping for Christmas to save a ton of money.

But what you should keep in mind that these points will be valid only for the next three months from receiving them. So they expire quite fast.


You can also use Shein gift cards to lower the price. If you buy cheap gift cards on eBay, you can get around 10-20% off your whole order.

How to apply Shein Coupon

First of all, you need to go to and shop early, once you have found your desired item or items. You need to choose the right color and the correct size. And the quantity of the product, if you have all that, click on add to my bag. If you do not want anything else, you need to view your bag (aka shopping cart). Once you are in “your bag,” look at your order if all the things you have wanted are there and in the right sizes and colors and of course quantity.

Then you need to click on the button “Checkout securely now.” I know that this sounds counter-intuitive, but believe me, you will be applying the promos in the next step. To follow through this step, you need to have an account on their website or create one. Either log in or create an account, and you will be redirected to the checkout page, where you can finally input your promo to save money.

But once you are on the checkout page, you will see that there is a box where you can input your coupon code, but you can’t write in it. Don’t worry, it will work, but you will have first to input your address, so they can calculate the shipping costs, to finalize the price once they have the final price. You can add your code and of course, use points to get an extra discount. Also, I have received a lot of messages lately about this. Yes, you can pay with your card or with PayPal, it does not matter. In both of those options, you can use promos.

My last words

I hope that you have to find at least one Shein coupon code, which has worked for you. Hopefully, you have read the whole article and learned what other ways could be used to save money. Because whenever I am ordering on Shein, I am combining coupons, points, and gift cards. This is my favorite combo. Sometimes the only money I pay is for the gift card, which I buy on eBay or similar sites at 10-30% Discount. Usually, it is around 15%, but sometimes I get lucky, and I action one with a 30% discount. With this combination, I once paid 5$ for 179$ order.

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