Redbox return time [EXPLAINED] & Best codes for FREE RENTAL!

Today I am going to explain how Redbox to return time works and how you can get one day for free. If you are reading this before ever renting with Redbox, I admire you, and I have to say a good job, that you are reading up on this before actually doing it. I had to learn the hard way. I can’t even count how many times I had paid for several days when I did not need to, just because of my pure ignorance.

For those of you, who have never tried to rent a DVD with them, I will briefly talk about this service. Redbox is pretty much a vending machine where you rent DVDs. The reason why I like this service is that they are offering free Redbox rental codes, which I will, of course, share here with you. And there are few other ways how to get a free day and additional bonuses. Don’t worry, and I will talk about all of this. But first I would like to discuss a Redbox return time because when I started renting DVDs from them, I paid so much money and I did not have to do that. But back then, I did not know how to “hack” their system.

Redbox return time

Their rental return time is the same for years. Each rented item has to be returned the next day before 9 pm. After 9 pm, you are going to be also charged for the next day. I have messed up so many times, that once I was charged, I believe something around 30 dollars and they let me keep the DVD. It was more than a year ago, so I don’t remember the exact price, but it was not more than $50 for sure.

do you want to know everything about redbox return time? If yes, keep reading this article and let me tell you, it will be worth it. I am going to share with you how you can hack their system to get one day extra for free

So in theory, if you rent a movie on 10 am on Friday, you will have time till Saturday 9 pm to return it, of course, you can keep it longer, but you will be charged for another day.

Do I have to return the rental to the same Redbox kiosk?

No, you don’t. This is probably one of their best features. If they did not offer this, I might stop using their services, but until then, I am more than happy with their services. But I have even rented a few DVDs for road trips, and I was returning the DVDs on my way to different towns and renting other ones.

How to hack Redbox return time to get a free day

Of course, this is not convenient for everyone. But I do this quite often, but I have to admit. I have a Redbox quite close to my place. I usually rent a movie on Friday or Saturday, and I always wait till 12:01 am or alter. So it is technically already the next day, but I have one day extra to return the movie. If I do this on Friday, I will wait till 12:01 am, so technically it is going to be Saturday early Morning, but I will have time to give back the rental DVD until 9 pm of Sunday night, which means that I can have the movie for whole Saturday and 19 hours of Sunday.

Redbox Return Policy

As I have already described, the movie has to be given back until 9 pm the next day if you don’t want to pay rent for one extra day or more. But they are not charging you a fee for late return, but they are charging you for the next day. From the Redbox return policy, if I have understood it correctly, after 17 days for DVDs and 23 days for games, you will be charged the maximum charge, which I will write down below. Depending on your area on time of reading this article, these numbers might be slightly different. I highly doubt so, but I am mentioning it just in case if they change their policy out of a sudden.

Redbox maximum charge

After being charged this maximum charge, you will be able to keep your rental forever.

  • 25$ + tax for DVDs
  • 34$ + tax for Blu-ray discs
  • 69$ + tax fir games

Redbox Codes to save money

In following paragraphs I am going toshow you how you can receive periodicl redbox codes to save money and get free dvds, blu-ray discs and video games rentals.

Usually, you will receive a completely free rental for a day or two. But there are also other promos from Redbox, but these are probably the most common. There is plenty of websites, which post Redbox rental codes. But as someone who has tried to google this before, it is quite better if you either sign up directly to receive Redbox codes directly from them either via SMS or email. Why? Because these codes always expire within a few days and pretty much every website which is offering them is outdated!

How to get codes from Redbox for FREE?

There are two ways how you can sign up for receiving their promo codes. Either text SMS to a phone number 727272 and use the text “SIGNUP”

Or you can log in to your Redbox profile, and it does not matter if you do that via mobile app or their website. Go to settings, then promos/offers and enroll there.

Or, if you prefer to get these via email, you can go to and sign up there, and you will receive each month freebie deals and codes from them.

Redbox Codes for a one night FREE DVD RENTAL

Try to text one of these texts:

  • PUSH
  • DEAL

Send any of these to a 727272, and you should receive within a few minutes a unique Redbox code which, if you apply, will give you one-night free DVD rental. The same promo code can also be used when renting a video game or Blu-ray, but it will only give you a discount of $1.50. This code expires within one week if you don’t use it.

Redbox Promo Code for free video game rental

Text “GAMEKIDS” to a phone number 727272, and within minutes, you should receive an SMS with a code for a 1-day free video rental game.

My last thoughts

I hope that this article has taught you how to get free Redbox codes for free rentals. And hopefully, I have myself clear enough when I was talking about their return policy. I can’t stress enough that I had paid several times for a few days of renting when I did not have to. First of all, in the beginning, I came several minutes late because I thought that I had to return it within 24 hours, etc. I have made so many bad decisions back then. And secondly, for a lot of my rentals, I could have used promo code, but I did not know where to get them.

PS: If you want to have a movie night and you don’t care that you can start a bit late, try my one day extra for free method.