How download Twitter video TUTORIAL for all Devices

Hello reader, today I am going to show you how you can download twitter videos on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phone, and Windows desktop PC. This is going to be quite an easy tutorial. There are several methods of how you can do this, but I will teach you the best one for each particular device. The tutorials will be in the following order; first, I will show you how you can do this on the iPhone & iPad, then on Mac. After that, there will be a tutorial on how you can do this Android smartphone and lastly how you can do this on your desktop computer or Windows laptop.

It is not as hard as many people think to download twitter video. But on each device is quite different method on how you can save that video to that device. So I have written 4 different guides here. One for iphones and ipads. One tutorial for mac, one for android and lastly one for desktop computers.
Choose the right tutorial to download twitter video, depending on which device you would like to save the video.

Download video from twitter on iPhone & iPad Tutorial

As I have mentioned, there are several ways how to do this. But on iPhone and iPads, the easiest and best way to download video from twitter is to use an app called MyMedia App. Either go to iTunes and search for this app or click here and install it right now.

Don’t worry. The app is free. The only downside is that you need to have iOS 11.0 or newer. Also, you will require 45 Mb of open space to install this app. After you have downloaded and installed this app, please follow this tutorial step by step.

Learn how to download twitter videos iphone way and also on ipads and other iOS devices. RIght below this image is a step by step tutorial, which will teach you the best and easiest process on how to do this in 11 steps

iPhone & iPad step by step tutorial

  1. Open the Twitter app and find the tweet, that has the video, which you would like to download to your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on the Share button on that tweet and then again on Share
  3. Choose Copy to clipboard
  4. Open MyMedia app
  5. Open Browser from the menu in the bottom of the screen
  6. In the top of the app, there should be a field similar to browser, type and tap go
  7. Scroll down on that site until you see a field with “Enter Video,” tap on that field and paste there what you have copied on twitter
  8. Tap Download, Tap on Download the file again
  9. Wait before the download is complete
  10. Type a name for the downloaded video
  11. The video is now downloaded in the Media.

I don’t have iOS 11.0 or newer, how can I still do this.

Read either tutorial for Mac or Desktop PC. It won’t be as easy. But you will be able to replicate this process on your iPhone or iPad. But to do that. You will have to use Safari or any other browser on your iPhone. But yes, you will be able to download those videos this way also. It will be harder to do it on your iPhone due to the smaller screen and several ads on those sites, but you can do it!

How to download Twitter videos on Mac

There are several ways how to do this on your Mac. But I am going to show you only the fastest and free way how to do this. Yes, few browser extensions can do this task, but they have several issues. It will be easier to follow this tutorial, rather than downloading software that can do this or installing a browser extension.

HAve you ever wondered how to save a video from twitter to mac? IT is not that difficult to do, with the following tutorial anyone can do it. It takes only 9 easy steps to save your favorite video.

Step by step guide for Mac

  1. Open Safari or any other browser
  2. Go to
  3. Find the tweet, from which you would like to download the video
  4. Click on the arrow pointing down, which is in the right upper corner f that tweet
  5. You will be presented with two options, click on “Copy link to tweet.”
  6. Go to
  7. Copy link to tweet to the in the field
  8. Click on Download MP4, or you can click on Download MP4HD
  9. Then all you have to do is right-click on the green button below Download MP4 and click on “Save Link As.”

And this is how you can download Twitter videos on Mac!

How to download twitter videos on Android smartphone 101

Even though you would need to install an app on your Android phone to save videos from Twitter, this is probably the fastest, easiest way to do this in comparison to other devices. So if you are an android user, you are lucky. Unlike the other tutorials, this one is going to be short and sweet. But as I said before, you will need the +Download app. Either go to the Google Play store and search for this apk or click here to download.

First, install this apk on your Android device. You will have to allow several permissions before installing this application, but I would not be scared to do that since the official channel Google Play Store distributes the +Download app. So in my eyes, it is a safe app, pretty much every time you are downloading from GPS, and you don’t have to allow unknown sources, you are probably safe.

how to download videos from twitter android app? Yes it is possible and it is not that hard of a process. Right below this image is 101 guide how you can do this on android just in 5 easy steps

101 Android Guide

  1. Open the Twitter app on your Android phone
  2. Find particular tweet with a video
  3. Tap on Share Icon
  4. Then tap on the Share link
  5. The +Download app should appear as one of the first apps where you can share this tweet. Tap on it, the twitter video you would like to download, should now be imported to the +Download app and it should be downloaded or downloading to your Android device

The +Download app is not compatible with my device.

I am sorry to hear that. But don¨t worry, you will still be able to save videos from twitter to your android phone. But it won’t be as easy as with this app. Open a browser on your android device. And read the following tutorial for desktop pc. You will do the same process but on your phone. To make things easier for yourself, please open those websites on your android phone with the option “Desktop site.” So the sites will appear the same as on a desktop. Because with the number of ads on these sites, if you have opened a mobile version, you might not be able to do this without losing your mind.

How to save the Twitter video on Desktop PC & laptops

There are pretty many countless ways how you can do this on your desktop pc with windows or laptops/smartbooks etc. From websites, browser extensions to the software dedicated to this task. Before I started writing this tutorial, I have tried over 20 different ways how to do this. And the easiest, most comfortable, and luckily free way to do this was using website and

Both of them seem to work flawlessly, and they did not have as many ads as their competitors. In my test, I was using Google Chrome, which you should probably apply to because, in my eyes, this is the best browser on windows os. But you can do this also in Opera, Firefox and even Internet Explorer or the new browser Edge. It does not matter which browser you are going to use. Ok, enough talk, I am going to show you how to save Twitter videos on your computer.

how to download twitter video to computer? Read the following tutorial under this image and you will be pro at this task. Not only that you will know how to do this on pc, but this exact tutorial can be replicated on android, iphone, ipad and even on a macbook. It won't be as easy as on desktop pc, but it is possible. It will take you only 10 easy steps

Desktop PC Saving Twitter Video Tutorial

  1. Open your preferred internet browser
  2. Go to Twitter
  3. Find the tweet containing the video you would like to save
  4. Click on the arrow pointing down in the left upper side of the tweet
  5. Click on Copy link to Tweet
  6. Go to or
  7. Copy link to tweet in the filed
  8. Click on download
  9. Wait before the download is complete
  10. The video should be in the download folder

My last thoughts

After reading this article, you should know how to download videos from Twitter on all devices. If you did not understand some of the tutorials clearly, please contact me, and I will try to help you. Or I will ad step by step screenshots to each tutorial, or I will record a video on how to do this. If you want any other tutorial regarding twitter, you can always contact me. I am opened to writing more tutorials surrounding social media.

If you ask me, which way is the easiest way to save video from twitter, I would have to answer Android again. Yes, you will need an app for it. But after that, it is the most straight forward process, it is free, and if the app did not release any new update, it is without annoying ads.