AirDrop for Android to Mac, iPhone & Windows + Download [Year]!

Lately, I have seen a lot of complaints about AirDrop for Android. And to be honest with you, I don’t understand that. In the past few weeks, I have encountered zero missing features or bugs. I have been more than happy with this app. I had had zero issues with sending information to all devices. I will teach you how you can transfer files in between Android, iPhone, Windows & Mac flawlessly.

AirDrop for Android to the iPhone, does it work?

A lot of people were lately reporting that AirDrop for Android to iPhone is not working. And they were blaming it on new iOS, which is not valid. The reason why this does not work is that AirDrop is using Bluetooth via which it creates peer-to-peer Wi-Fi in between these two devices. I could go more in detail, but I genuinely don’t see the reason to. We all know that Androids Bluetooth is not compatible with the one iPhone is using. But I have found an excellent alternative for you.

File Transfer from Android to iPhone working alternative in 2019 to AirDrop?

With this fix, I have found you will be able to transfer your files in between the Android device and your iPhone via the Wi-Fi network. And this works both ways. With this app, I have found you will be able to send files from Android to iPhone, but also vice versa. Finally, someone made a working app that is solving this wireless file transfer from Android to iPhone issue. Don’t worry, the app is for free, and I have just tested it on all my devices. So far no bugs have been found, the application works flawlessly.

What is this AirDrop alternative?

First, you need to download it for your iPhone, download it here. After you are done with downloading and installing this app, you might briefly read my tutorial, which is right below this paragraph.

How this AirDrop for Android alternative works?

First, I will go over how to transfer files from Android to the iPhone via Wi-Fi, and then I will show you how to do it other vises.

If you want to transfer files from your Android to iPhone, you won’t need any app installed on your Android device. What you will need is an internet browser, but I am sure you have one installed already. So how can one transfer the data?

Wireless File Transfer from Android to iPhone tutorial
AirDrop for Android to iphone does not work, due to the different blueetooth system this file transfer does not work on AD. But I have found a way how to still do it, follow the tutorial under this image where the arrow is pointing

This is how you can transfer your files from iPhone to Android in 10 easy steps:

  1. Run the FileMaster app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the button with text: More
  3. Choose Wi-Fi Transfer
  4. Slide the toggle to ON
  5. Import your files to the iPhone file manager app
  6. Now, take your Android device
  7. Connect it to the same Wi-Fi
  8. Open the URL address on your Android from iPhone
  9. Browse the files on your Android in the browser from your iPhone file manager app and download what you need!
  10. Enjoy & Repeat
How to transfer files from an Android device to an iPhone

You will do the same as you did in the last tutorial up to step 8, this is the final step you are going to do the same. After you are viewing the URL form the app on your Android, you will need to tap on the Upload button. After that, you will only select files that you would like to transfer to your iPhone. Once the uploading is done, all of these files are going to be in the iPhone file manager app. To have them on your iPhone, you will have to move them first from the file manager.

With this app, you will be able to wirelessly transfer pictures, videos, music, and much more.

AirDrop for Android to Mac

AirDrop for Android to mac works simmiliarly like to iphone. Read the tutorial beneath this photo, where the arrow is aiming to do this file transfer correctly

So far, I did not have time to test this. If this also does not work, please let me know in the comment section below this article. And I will find a way for you how you can do this with some alternative to AirDrop.

AirDrop for Android app download

If you would like to download this application, click here since this is the most stable version so far. The only missing feature of this apk is that AirDrop for Android to iPhone and other iOS is not working. But I have explained that a couple of paragraphs above and showed you how can you achieve the same results with a different app.

Which file transfer alternative apps in 2019 are worth it?

For Apple users, only this is nonsense to read. But if you happen to be one of those households where you have several devices and all of them are using different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS AirDrop won’t be a viable option for you.

One of the easiest ways to do this, other than the app I have already shared with you. Is to set up shared folders. Of course, this is not nearly as good as AirDrop, but it will transfer files between your devices.

If you don’t want to do that, the other best alternative is to use Dropbox. It is effortless to set up in comparison to shared folders. The good thing is that Dropbox is compatible with all devices, and on all devices, it has an excellent interface. The only downside is that the free limit for storage on dropbox is only 2Gbs. But to be fair, that should be enough for you.

My last thoughts

If you have all your devices running on iOS and macOS, there is no reason to use anything else than the AD app. But if you have at least one android or windows device at your home. These alternatives I have presented to you might be the thing you are currently missing because we all know that AirDrop for Android is not there yet with the compatibility between all devices. I wish they were, and maybe soon, they will. But till then, we have to stick to these alternatives. I know it is not perfect. But this process which I have described, once you have done it at least once it will become second nature to you. And after 2 or 3 file transfers from iOS to Android or vice versa. You will be doing this so quickly, almost as fast as on AD application.

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