Lime Player apk Download Link For Latest Version [Year]

Lime player apk is one of the best lightweight video players for Android devices. This player supports advanced HW acceleration, and unlike most mobile players, it also supports subtitles. Not only that, this app is entirely for free and by many, but it is also rated as the best application for playing videos and music.

My own Lime Player Apk Review

Lime player apk is the best application to download now in 2019 and watch movies on

Not only that, I have been using this apk for the past six months or so. But so far, the app never has frozen on me, and maybe I am wrong. But at the time, I was searching for a lightweight player that can play movies in 4K. And at that time, I believe this was the first player which have supported the format.

Lime Player Apk Download

I highly suggest you to download this game from google play store. Because I have read quite a few stories on Quora and Reddit, that users have downloaded this application for Showbox apk as a player from an unknown source. And all of a sudden, their phone died, and they were never able to turn it on. And few people lost all their PayPal balance. Most probably, they got hacked thanks to the app, and they had to have their password stored somewhere in their phone or their browser like most of us do. So if you like your phone and your money, I instead suggest you download Lime Player apk from google play. It is safer!

Lime Player apk requirements

Your android phone has to have at least 512 Mb of ram and at least two core CPU at 1.0 GHz, 20.0 Mb of free disk space. And lastly, at least Android version 4.1 or newer!


Can this be my primary video player application?

Yes, a Lime player could be set up as your primary video player on your android device once it is installed on your android smartphone or device. Open a video, and it should ask you, with which program you would like to open that file. Tick the setting to save this as a default and choose Lime Payer apk.

Does Lime Player Apk work with FireStick & Android TV and Showbox?

Yes, it does. This is one of the main reasons why this player app is getting popular lately. There should be no errors if you get this app directly from google play. And lastly, yes, it also works on windows, but for that to work. You would need to run Bluestacks, which is an android emulator on your windows device. So, in that case, I would instead choose some other high-quality alternative like VLC media player, which I prefer on all of my Windows devices. But Lime Player apk is my number one choice when it comes to android.

My last thoughts

If you are choosing a complementary player for Showbox apk, Lime Player apk is an excellent choice. But even if you are looking for a video player app for your phone. I can highly suggest this application. As I have mentioned earlier, I have been quite a heavy user of this app for the past six months or so. And I have been satisfied so far with it.

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