Showbox Apk file for PC, iOS, Android & Apple tv [Year] Version

Showbox is one of the most trending apps for Android, but it is hard to find a clean Showbox apk file to download. On this app, you can watch free movies and of course, TV series and shows if you are watching content via this application, you can watch whenever you want and without any ads. Everyone who has access to SB can view countless content free of charge.

Is the Showbox apk file safe?

This is a real problem. Ever since this application was released, the only way to get it was via downloading the Showbox apk file. But you have to download it “somewhere” because this app was not published on the official google play store. And since that happens, there are countless fake versions of this application that can potentially harm/damage your device. Or worse, if they hack your phone, they can drain your bank accounts and even worse things.

Is it safe to download the app?

At the moment, I would not download the app. First of all, since this app is not released by google play, it already means that there is something shady going on. And since there are lately more horror stories coming out, especially on Reddit. Where are people reporting that photos from their phone were leaked. They have reported loss of all their PayPal balance. Right now, I would not download the app if you want to watch movies and tv shows for free. You can, but you don’t need a Showbox app file for this. And it is entirely legal.

How to watch movies for free without Showbox apk file

If you sign up here, you will receive 30 days for free. You can find countless movies and tv shows there.

And you can also get free HBO for a month if you click here.

These two are the best two legitimate ways how you can watch any movies online for free in full HD & 4K resolution.

Why is it not safe to download this apk?

Unfortuantely showbox apk file is not as safe as most people think. It could potentialy harm your device or worse. Yes, in 2019 this app is not safe to sue, unless you know for 100% that you ahve the official version. To find out more, please read the whole article.

Well, if you want to install this on your android device, you would have to download the apk itself first, which is already risky. Then you need to allow installations from unknown sources on your phone. For which I will show you tutorial right below this.

How to install Showbox apk file on android smartphone

  • Download the Showbox apk file
  • Go to settings
  • Then General
  • Then Fingerprints & security
  • Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store
  • Install Showbox apk file

How to allow unknown sources step by step screenshots

And this is the scariest part of the process. First of all, allowing unknown sources is already shady. But after that, when you are installing the Showbox apk file, you will have to also enable several permissions for the app. And once you do that, you lose control. Because you never know who has uploaded the app and what has he done with it. This is the sole reason why I am explaining that this is not a straight forward process as most people think.

Where to download Showbox apk file

I have no idea. Because there is no way how to find out which source is legit and did not edit the source code of the app. Unless you are a programmer and you could check the system for yourself. But if you do not know where to look for it, you could spend years going through the code.

Showbox app 5.35 features

  1. Showbox apk file reduced file size significantly, so more users can get access to this app.
  2. The app is now completely free of charge for every user.
  3. Finally or the errors while downloading are fixed in this 5.35 version.
  4. Newly in this version is also music streaming section, which is also for free.
  5. Also, the rating system of the movies was improved.
  6. Now you can search for movies and tv shows by rating, genre, and even titles.
  7. In version 5.36 and beyond, you can use any external video player you like or prefer.

Showbox apk isn’t working correctly?

Even though this app is best in the industry, still time from the time, you can experience Showbox connection error. When this happens, please do the following to fix it:

If you are not running the newest version, update your Showbox apk.

If you are running the latest version of their app, but you have experienced any errors, please do the following:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Find Showbox apk settings
  3. And clear [erase] data of the app and cache in storage options
  4. Start the app again

Showbox apk file requirements

Lately, I have received quite a few messages from people that they are unable to install this application even on android devices, which is quite weird since it is the most accessible platform to install this app. But I have finally found out why they are unable to install this app. Their android device is not meeting the minimal requirements for this application.

showbox apk 4.93 download so far is the most stable version of this application or atleast the reviews are saying that about this version. That might explain the certain rise of popularity of this app.

To be able to install Showbox apk file you need to have:

  • At least 40 Mb of free space
  • Android version at least 4.0 or newer
  • Internet Connection
  • 512 Mb of ram
How to install a Showbox apk file on Apple, PC, or iOS?
Most people are not awere, but you can install showbox apk file on windwos 10. If you ahve premium antivirus program, it is probably the safest way to get this application.

Finally, in 2019, the Showbox apk file is available also for windows computers and smart devices running on iOS. So finally, even people without an android device can use this excellent app. The installation is quite tricky, but I have step by step tutorial for you how to install Showbox apk on pc.


Here is the collection of most asked questions about this application. If you have a question, which is not answered here, please post the problem in the comment section below. I will add it to this article, of course, with an answer also.

What is the newest version of this application?

The newest Showbox apk file is 5.36, and the file size for this should be 37.81 Mb.

Are older versions working?

Not all of them, but versions 5.35, 5.3 and 5.24 should still work.

Is Showbox apk legal?

Most countries in the world would find this app illegal. I hope that no one is shocked by this. This app is letting you either play or download movies, tv shows, and now in 2019, also music. And they do not have any rights to any of the material in their app.

Is it legal to have this app on your phone? Well, now, I have no idea. I am not a lawyer. But as I have explained earlier in the article, it is hazardous to install the app.

Did you know that showbox apk has legal alternatives? if not keep reading the article and the links to these free and legal alternatives are in the beggining of this article.

If you want to watch movies and tv shows for free, use those 30-days trials which I have linked at the beginning of the article. You won¨t have to worry if what you are doing is legal or not. And you can be stress-free because it is a legit service, from which you can’t get hacked.

The downloading Showbox apk file is already risky enough, but installing it? And allowing permissions to this app? I know I have already talked about it. But it is simply not safe.

Why is Showbox apk file unavailable in the google play store?

This is a funny and quite repetitive question. This app is distributing pirated content, which is against laws in most countries around the world. This is the main reason why it is not in the play store. And it is the main reason why it is unsafe to download and install such an app. Because you can never know who created or edited that app and what scripts or backdoors are within that apk file.

If the application is not in store, is it unsafe?
In my eyes it is quite easy, clearly this showbox apk is not safe to use, since it is not distributed through the official channels. You can always risk it, but in my eyes it is not worth it.

This app is not safe to use. Maybe the “official” version is clean, but still, you never know. Since they are dealing with pirated content, they can’t use AdSense to make money out of this app. What are they doing to make money? You always have to ask yourself this question first. And the second reason why is it unsafe is the fact that you never know who has uploaded the app and if it is edited or not. Someone can easily sneak in a backdoor or some script within the app. And you will never find out, or you will once your bank account is emptied.

What can we expect in the new version of Showbox apk?

The new version should support several languages. There will be added a more massive database of subtitles. Also, there will be a new feature, which will allow you to change the resolution by tapping at the screen. The UX will shift a bit, and it will be more user-friendly. And most importantly, there will be a new customized navigation button.

How does Showbox apk work?

This app uses peer to peer and also non peer to peer resources. In basic terms, it means that you will be both able to stream or download your favorite movies, tv shows, and now in august 2019, also music. This app runs on torrent technology, thanks to which it can distribute files around the world via the internet.

What is the quality of the Showbox video?

When it comes to watching movies on this app, you can select up to 480p, which is watchable. But not great. A few months ago, you would also be able to choose 720p, but for some reason, they have removed this resolution from their platform. But the end quality will be too dependent on your device and your internet connection. This is one of the reasons why I have linked those 30-day trials for you. If you use them, you can watch movies in full HD or some even in 4K, which shadowbox apk is not supporting.

Is Showbox still available on Android?

Yes, this app is still available on android devices. It is probably the easiest OS to install this app in comparison to Windows 10 and iOS. But the app is not distributed by google play store, which I have already gone in quite detail a few paragraphs above this. Lng story short, the app is available, but not in the play store, which makes this app unsafe to use.

Is Showbox working 2019?

Yes, Showbox apk is still working in 2019. But as I have mentioned above, it is not safe to use.

Is it true that if I google Showbox app download show box apk that it will lead me to the official version of the app?

I have tried googling Showbox app download show box apk, and all the results were showing outdated files. First of all, I would not risk getting a virus from the app that is outdated and most probably not working. At least when you are downloading the newest version, you are rolling a dice that something might happen or not, but the app is going to work. You don’t have the same chances when you are downloading or installing an old version of this app. In that case, the best-case scenario is that your device won’t get hacked.

My last thoughts

I have already told you everything I know about the Showbox apk file for Android, PC, Apple Tv, and iOS in August of 2019. I hope that this detailed guide on how to install this app and what are the legal alternatives have helped you. If you need any other tutorial or if you are unsure about any separate app, hit me up, and I will review it in my next blog post. Enjoy watching movies for free. Hopefully, you went with those free trials, rather than this app.

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