Download Instagram Stories on iPhone, Android, PC & Mac 101 Guide!

Let me show you how you can download Instagram stories on iPhone, Android phone, PC, & Mac. For those of you who are not as familiar with Ig stories, I will briefly talk about them, and then I will share tutorials for each device. SO if you would like to go straight to the tutorial, skip a paragraph or two.

Before I teach you how instagram story download works, I should explain what ig stories are and how they work

IGStories are Snapchat posts within the Instagram app. Stories in the last few months gained so much popularity. Thanks to new features and filters. But also because people can easily share them via DMs. And there are at the top of their app. So they tend to get more clicks and views than regular posts. Plus, people tend to click on them because they are visible only for 24 hours. Everyone is trying to view them first before they disappear.

Can IG stories be saved?

save instagram stories easily with the tutorial which is explained step by step right below this image. Learn and enjoy!

Yes, this feature is called highlights. When the owner of the account decides to save the story, he can add it to the highlights. This was the only way to save Ig stories a few months back. Now you can also save the stories directly from Ig to your phone’s gallery, which is a pleasant update by Instagram for people who would like to share it also on other social media platforms like youtube, twitter, and facebook. But all of these only work for people who posted the story itself.

The only other alternative to saving them is to download Instagram stories your self, which I am going to teach you. Otherwise, as a non-owner or poster of that story, you can’t download it or save it any other way.

Can you screenshot Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can. And this will work only for images. Which some people post, but over 70% of all Ig stories are videos. Which you can, of course, screenshot, but it won’t have the desired effect. To screenshot IG story, you need to tap and hold on your mobile screen [you can’t view IG stories on Mac or desktop..]. You need to do this, so the story is not processing, and it clears out all the Instagram elements so that you can screenshot the account only. After that, you have to perform the screenshot, which will depend on your mobile device on how to do so. Unlike the Snapchat app, the user who posted the story, won’t receive the notification, that you have screenshotted it.

How to download Instagram Stories easily in 2019

If you want to know how to download instagram stories you should pick a device on which you would like to do so and then read the according tutorial from this article
Download Instagram Stories tutorial for each device is written below this!

Unfortunately, there is no single way how to download Instagram stories directly to your device. There are many methods on how to do such a thing, and they differ from device to device. First, I will teach you how you can do this on any iOS device, then how to do this on Android, and lastly, how on Desktop and Mac. For each of these, there will be a different app involved, but after I show you what apps/extensions to use, it will be super easy to download the stories.

How to download Instagram Stories on iPhone

There is no easy way how to do this. If you want to download Instagram Stories on your iPhone, you will have to download an app, which will enable you to do that. Either go to iTunes and search for an app called “Story Reposter” or click here to download. This Instagram story reposter application is effortless to use. First, you need to give the app permission to save photos and videos to your library.

After that, you input the desired Instagram username of the person, from who you would like to download Instagram story or stories, which is excellent, especially since you don’t even have to log in to your own IG account, but you have to log in via Instagram account. The only downside of this app is that if you want to download stories from several users, you will have to input their username one by one and download it this way. But currently, there is no better alternative to this.

And I forgot to mention that this app is free, but they are ads in there. But unlike other apps, the ads are only for 5 seconds, unlike other apps where you have to wait 10-30 seconds. For some, it is a piece of excellent news that this app is entirely free, but for some, it might be quite frustrating that they can’t upgrade for a few bucks and get rid of these annoying ads.

If this app did not have ads, I would give it a 10/10 rating. Because so far, this is the only way how you can download Ig stories on iOS. Plus, a few other features that might come in handy. Like reposting downloaded stories, and it does not matter whether it is an image or a video. You can repost it right away to your Instagram or directly share to FB or Twitter.

UPDATE: In the new version of story reposter, you can share the downloaded stories directly to any other service which is connected to your iOS device like iMessage, Whatsapp, email, and other default apps, which are in your share menu. To do this, tap the share icon and choose one or more options on this menu.

How to download Instagram stories on Android device

Again, similarly, like on an iOS device, we need to get an app, which will enable us to download Instagram stories. This app is called Story Saver; either search it on Google Play or click here to download. The first step of using this app is logging in via your Instagram account. The app will show you IG stories of people who you already follow on your a count. But that does not mean it does not have a search function to see stories from other IG users.

In my opinion, this app is way better than the one which is made for iOS. When you are viewing the stories, you select an image or video that you would like to download, and then you have to tap on Save. The saved IG story will be located on the Story Saver folder, which you can find via Files Manager on your phone. But the more natural way to find those downloaded stories is to open up your gallery and search for StorySaver gallery.

And of course like the app which was made for iPhone you can share the story very quickly.

One last piece of advice. Instead, create a new IG account or maybe use an old account that you do not use, of course, if you have one. If not, then create a new one as I have suggested and log in that app using this account. Better be safe than sorry. This app is tremendous, but you never know what can happen. Your IG account can get banned or stolen.

How to download Ig stories on a desktop computer

For those of you. Who would like to download Instagram stories directly to your computer? There are countless ways to do this. But in my opinion, the easiest way to do this is to visit the StorySaver dot net. Where you do the same as on the iOS app, you will input the username and click on “download.” It will take a few seconds to load. But it will show you all the stories which that account holder posted in the last 24 hours, and under each story, there is a download button. Under the previous story are highlighted stories from that account, which you can also download with just one click.

Alternatively, many people are using the Google Chrome extension, but I have tried it my self and everything works kind of slower than on the website I have mentioned above. And also few of these extensions require you to log in, which you don’t have to do with StorySaver. Also, one of the main reasons why I am against these kinds of Google Chrome extensions that they can read almost any data on the websites you have visited in the past. Depending on the code of that extension, it might even change your bookmarks and other extensions. I am not saying all of these extensions do such shady things, but some of them do. That is why is Chrome always warning you before installing a new extension. But they work, but please install them only at your own risk.

Can I watch IG stories on PC?

Unfortunately no. Many tech reporters were suspecting that Instagram will release this feature. But it has been almost a year, and they still did not implement this feature for the Instagram website. The only way to view Ig stories on your computer is to download them via the tutorial above and then watch them.

Can I watch Instagram stories on pc without downloading?

As I have mentioned above, there is no way how you could watch IG stories on your desktop pc or even Mac for that matter without downloading them since the Instagram website did not implement its stories to their web version, unlike facebook.

How to download Instagram story to your Mac

Unfortunately, there is no good app or extension for Safari, which would enable you to do so. So the only way how to do this on Mac is via the website. You will have to use the same site I have posted in the tutorial for downloading IG stories on desktop. Just visit the StorySaver net and follow the tutorial, which is displayed above this paragraph for desktop!

My last thoughts

I hope that this tutorial on how to download Instagram stories made sense. Hopefully, I have mentioned all device on which you would like do that. I download them on my Android phone because it is the easiest way to do so. But after reading this tutorial, you should know how to do this even on PC, Mac, and iPhone. But the best app to do such thing is the one for android devices. It has the least amount of ads, and it has the best user interface so that anyone can do this quickly, and it is fast!