How to Unblock someone on Instagram in [Year] on PC & Smartphone

If you for some reason blocked someone on IG, and now you are wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram. You have landed on the perfect article. I will show you step by step, how to do that both on a computer or mobile phone. This is a straightforward process, that can take you up to 2-3 minutes. You won’t need any password or what so ever.

How to unblock someone on Instagram in 9 easy steps:

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner of the app
  4. Then tap on the Settings on the bottom of the screen
  5. Tap on Privacy
  6. Then tap on Blocked Accounts
  7. Tap on the account you would like to unblock
  8. Under their profile picture should be a blue button “Unblock” and tap on that
  9. Tap on Unblock again

As you can see, it is quite easy to unblock someone on Instagram, but if you would like to do this process on your computer rather than on the phone. I will show you also a tutorial for that. I get it, and if this too was not enough for you, I will put screenshots step by step on how to do this also on your phone.

How to unblock someone on the Instagram app with screenshots

I will show you here the two most common ways, how you could unblock someone easily.

Open your Instagram app.

how to unblock someone on instagram? Well in the first step open your instagram app on your phone
How to unblock someone on Instagram step by step

Go to your profile

if you want to unfollow someone on instagram and you have succesfully open the app, now you are on step one and now you need to go to your profile

Right after you open your IG app, tap on the icon of the human in the right bottom part of your mobile screen. This will lead you to your IG profile.

Go to the menu

Step two of how to unblock someone on instagram is going to the menu within the IG app

If you are in your IG profile on your app, you should see three lines underneath each other. If you tap on that, it will lead you to a menu.

Tap on settings

Step three -> go to your instagram settings to find blocked users

On the bottom part of the screen, you should see settings, tap on that if you still want to unblock someone.

Tap on Privacy

In order to unbloack someone on instagram you need to find those blocked users. You will find them in privacy settings, you need to go there first

This is pretty much straight forward.

Tap on Blocked Accounts

Finally you can see on this screenshots that we have found blocked accounts on instagram, now you just need to go there and unblock that user

If you tap on blocked accounts, it will show you all Instagram accounts that are currently blocked by you.

Tap on the account you would like to unblock

Finally if you have done all previous steps, you should see all the accounts which are blocked by you, now you have to choose particular instagram account which you want to unblock

If you click on the account that you would like to unblock, it will take you first to their Instagram profile, so you don’t have to worry that you might unblock someone by mistake.

Under their profile picture should be a blue button “Unblock” and tap on that.

Finally we are going to the end of how to unlock someone on instagram, now all that is left to do is tap on Unblock button.

If you are sure, tap on Unblock to unblock that person from your Instagram

Tap on Unblock again

In this step, it will ask you if you want to unfollow this account you have choosen. They will now be able to see  your posts and follow you on instagram, Instagram won¨t let them know you unblocked them. If you are ok with that, tap on unblock again and the whole process is done!

This is the last step, by this you are just confirming your decision, and right after this, the person will no longer be blocked by you.

Last step of how to unblock someone on instagram, just tap on OK to confirm and that account will be unblocked

Also, now you have that person back in your Instagram feed. The only issue is that if that person has a private account, you will have to follow them again, and they will receive this request to follow them. However, they will receive zero notifications about the block and unblock. Hopefully, they won’t put one and one together.

How to unblock someone on Instagram application method number two

This one is pretty straight forward, and right after this, I will share with you 101 guides on how to do the same on your computer.

If you want to unblock someone easily on your Instagram app, you will need to know their username. In case when you don’t know the username, you have to either google that person. If, for some reason, that user won’t appear in your Instagram search. You will have to either follow the tutorial for the desktop unblocking or copy the URL link to his profile. Open it in your browser on your phone. Also, it should ask you if you would like to continue his profile on your app. If not, you have to use a tutorial on how to do this on your computer.

This bug with search happens only to some people for some unknown reason.

Once you are in the profile of that account, you will have to tap on unblock, and then confirm it. You will have to do the last three screenshots from the previous tutorial

How to unblock someone on Instagram on a desktop

If you are unable to access your Ig app, don’t worry. You will be able to unblock on Instagram even od desktop pc.

First, go to the blocked user’s profile.

how to unblock on instagram on desktp is not as hard as most people think

Unfortunately, the desktop version of Instagram does not have the same menu available, as is in the app. This is why I have started with how to unblock on Instagram on your smartphone. Because if you don’t know the username of that person, you won’t be able to do it on your PC.

Some users have reported that Instagram won’t let them search for that blocked Account on Instagram. In that case, you will need to google that account and copy the URL to that profile. Alternatively, ask a friend to find that account and send you a link.

Then click on the Unblock button.

In this step of how to unblock on instagram without the app on desktop pc, you have to click on Unblock button
how to unblock instagram is not rocket science and with these step by step screenshots you should be able to do it quite fast. CLick on unblock in this step.

Once you have finally landed on their Instagram profile, you will see a blue button with the text: “Unblock,” click on it.

Click on Dismiss to Finish.

Now you should see a pop up with a button with the text: “Dismiss.” Click on it, and after that, you will have that person unblocked again.

Now you should have finally unblocked someone on Instagram app or desktop if you have any other questions regarding Instagram or any other social media platform. Just contact me, or go right ahead in the comment section below. Also, I will try to create a tutorial to fix your issue.

Unblocking Private Account on Instagram 2019

If you happen to block someone who has a private account on IG, it will automatically remove your following to that particular account. Once you unblock that account, you will be no longer following that account. And to follow such an account again, you will have to follow him back again. Which means that the user will receive a notification about it. However, hopefully, that user won’t figure out that you have blocked him in the past.

My last thoughts

Now you should know all the methods on how to unblock someone on Instagram. If anything from this tutorial has been unclear to you, please contact me via email or comment section below, and I will try to fix that. Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you. Also, just a reminder if you block or unblock someone, they won’t receive any notification about it. So do as much blocking and unblocking on Instagram as you please.

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