Learn How to Post on Instagram from PC & Mac

Instagram made sure that users can upload new photos only via their app, but I have found a way how to post on Instagram from pc & mac. Don’t worry, unlike other guides and tutorials. You won’t need to install any software, or android emulator or any browser extension. All you need to make this work is pc or mac, internet connection, and Instagram account. The method is a little bit harder than most of my tutorials. But I have screenshotted every step of the way. And once you do this once, you will be able to do it next literally in no time. First, I will show you how you can do this on windows pc, and that will follow a mac tutorial, again step by step.

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How to post on Instagram from PC step by step tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be working with google chrome, which is pretty much the most used windows internet browser in the last few years or with the windows Instagram app. But unluckily, this app is only available on Windows 10. If you are Windows 10 user, please follow the second tutorial, and for the rest of us who don’t have Win 10 on our pc, we will have to do it via Google Chrome. If you don’t have one, please download it, you can download it here.

Why we need google chrome? Well, we are going to change a user agent, and not many browsers will let you do that. This is similar when you are on your phone, and you are displaying the site as on a desktop. No, we are going to do the exact opposite. We want to trick Instagram to show us the mobile version of their site so that we can upload new posts. So this is how you can do it!

How to Post on Instagram from Google Chrome on PC

So this is how to post on Instagram from a laptop windows computer or any other desktop pc. If there was anything unclear in this tutorial, please contact me. I will try to help you and also edit this post, so others can easily understand it.

Start Google Chrome Browser, if you don’t have it already, please download it from google or click here to download.

As you can see, Chrome is already opened, I am using incognito mode, but you don’t have to. Go to the URL bar and type “instagram.com.”

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 1. You should have chrome browser on your pc, if not, get it and open it. Then you need to visit instagram.com

Ok, now you are on “instagram.com.” On the bottom of the page, you should see a clickable link “log in,” click on it.

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 2. You should be already on instasgram website, go ahead and go to log in page.

Now all you have to do is input your IG handle [username] and matching password. And confirm it by clicking on the button “Log in.”

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 3, please fill in your login details and actually log in to your account.

At this point, you should be logged in to your account, and it should look like the following screenshot. Now press CTRL + SHIFT + J at the same time.

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 4. You should be in your account, now press ctrl + shift +j

Please check the following screenshot. If your Google Chrome console did not open, please do the previous step again. If you have console opened as I do on the following screenshot, press CTRL + SHIFT + M., This will emulate a mobile phone view on your desktop computer.

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 5. The chrome browser console should be on the right side of the screen, now press ctrl + shift +m

Now the left side of the screen should emulate a mobile phone browser. In this screenshot, I am using the iPhone X emulation, but you can choose any other. It just needs to be a mobile browser, emulation. But we are still missing the + button, which allows us to post on IG. To get it, refresh the page: Via refresh button or press F5.

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 6. If the left side looks like a mobile browser, refresh the page

Now please take a look at the following screenshot and compare it to what you are seeing, but basically what you need is have the + button on the bottom of the screen, it should look like your IG app. If you have the + button, click on it. In case you are still missing the + button, repeat the previous steps.

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 7. CLick on the + button at the bottom of the mobile view.

If you have done everything right, a new window should have opened, and you will need to locate the photo or video that you would like to upload on our computer. You can either write the exact path to that file or find it via browsing the folders. Once you have found the correct file, click on the button “Open.”

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 8. Locate the photo or video that you would like to upload and confirm it with clicking on button Open.

Hopefully, this step needs no further explanation. This is the same as if you were posting from the Instagram app. Edit the photo or use filters as you like. After you are done with editing, clicko n the button “Next.”

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 9. Use edits or filters, when you are done, click on Next.

Again this is the same as on IG apk. Write your caption. Add hashtags, tag your friends, and add location. Of course, you don’t have to do any of these, but it is better to use these to get more exposure to this post. Again confirm via clicking on the button “Share.”

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 10. Add captiuon, tags and location to your post and post it with clicking on SHare.

This is it. Your photo was posted on Instagram from your PC with Chrome internet browser.

How to Post on Instagram from PC step 11. This is the last step, your new post is uploaded to instagram. If you want to post more, repeat all 11 steps again.

Post on Instagram from Windows 10 PC with IG app

Finally, Instagram stepped their game up and created an application for Windows 10. I am going to show you how you can download and install the Instagram Windows 10 app and of course, how to post from it. If you already have this app, skip the upcoming paragraph.

How to download & Install the windows in-app

  1. First, you need to go to the Microsoft Store app
  2. Search for the “Instagram” app
  3. Click on “get” and download the application
  4. The app will install itself after downloading
How to post on Ig from Win 10 App

Currently, the feature of posting is only for users with a touchscreen PC with Windows 10. users of windows ten without touchscreen computer can use the app and will have all of the features, but only posting will not be allowed to them. So if you are windows ten users without a touchscreen laptop, please go a few paragraphs above this and follow the google chrome tutorial.

For those of you who have a touchscreen Win 10 Computer, you can post all your photos from the Instagram app, which is pretty much the same as the mobile apk.

  1. Tap on “camera” icon
  2. Select a photo from the gallery or choose to take a new photo or video
  3. Tap on “next.”
  4. “Edit” the post
  5. Post & enjoy your new post posted from Windows Instagram app.

How to Post on Instagram from Mac

Now here there are two ways how you can do this. You can either do it via Google Chrome, which will be the same as in the previous tutorial. If you don’t have Chrome on your mac, you can download it here.

Or you could do this with the Safari browser. I still prefer Chrome over Safari, but it is doable on both.

How to upload photos on Instagram from Mac from Safari

If you have Safari already installed, it will be probably quicker to do it this way. But if you know that you will need to do this regularly. You should probably get google chrome on your MacBook.

  1. Open Safari
  2. Choose “Preferences”
  3. Choose “Advanced”
  4. At the very bottom, check the box with the “Show Develop menu in the menu bar.”
  5. Close the Safari
  6. Open the Safari again
  7. Click on “Develop”
  8. Click on “User-Agent”
  9. Choose the newest iOS iPhone version that your Safari has [ this will be different by your version of Safari or the last time you have updated it]
  10. Go to instasgram.com
  11. Sign in to your IG profile
  12. At the bottom of the screen, you should see + button, click on it
  13. Select the photo you would like to upload from your mac
  14. Once the photo is uploaded, you can use all the functions as on your phone, so apply filters, edit location, hashtags and also tag others.
  15. Post
  16. Enjoy your new post on Instagram from Mac
  17. If you are done with uploading for Instagram, change the user-agent back to the original setting. Otherwise, you will be viewing all of the websites as on the iPhone and iOS you have chosen previously.

How to upload photos on Instagram from Mac from Google Chrome

The tutorial is going to be the same as was for windows PC. It is not more comfortable than on Mac, but it has one benefit. If you upload photos from Safari, you will have to change user-agents regularly. But if you upload that with Google Chrome, you won’t have to choose any. The settings you are going to change in that tutorial are applied only in that particular window, not in the whole browser, like in Safari. So in case you are going to do this regularly and not just this one time. I highly suggest you get a google chrome browser and follow the tutorial above this for desktop PC.

Other Options how to post on Instagram from PC & Mac

I will list here all the different ways how you can upload photos and videos on IG from your mac or computer. But some of these options are unofficial, and some require a premium membership.

Why not upload to Instagram from PC or Mac via Bluestacks

Well, Bluestacks is an application which is emulating Android mobile phone. The only problem is, you need to allocate at least 4 Gbs of Ram to the emulator. And if you have 8Gb rams in total, your PC will be super slow. If you have even less than that, don’t even try it. Also, the installation is pretty long. You will have to sign in with google account. It is just not worth the time and effort. There are better ways to do it. Also, the emulator is not running the newest version of android. So you won’t be able to install the latest version of the Instagram app, and with that, you won’t be able to use all of their features.


I still know a ton of people who use this app. But since this app started, I was not recommending it to anyone. I have used similar services before. And they are all the same, whenever you log in via Grambler, you are taking a chance if your account gets banned or not. In the early days of Gramblr, most people have used it to upload photos from their computers. But then they started to abusing this app for other reasons and ever since then it is almost stupid to use this app. It still works, but use it on your own risk, there are way too many users reporting issues, so I can’t recommend you to use Gramblr.


This as a desktop Instagram app, and it is available for PC and also for Mac. This app has a free and pro version. In the free version of Deskgram, you can do pretty much everything you can do on your mobile app but publishing a new post on IG. In the Pro version, of course, if you pay 2.99$ monthly, you can upload new posts directly from Mac or PC. But the current Windows version does not support uploading videos on IG. This tool is safer than others, but if you ask me, I still prefer to post on Instagram from Google Chrome browser, it is the safest option, and it is for free!


This is unfortunately available only for Mac users, and you can download it via the Mac App Store. Even though it works, lately, I have seen a lot of negative reviews. So probably stay away or use it at your own risk.


This one is again available only for Mac users. Still, if you want to post on Instagram from Flume, you will need to get the Pro version of this app. In my eyes, Flume is not worth the cost.

My last thoughts

I have listed pretty much every possible way how to post on Instagram from pc or Mac. If you did not get it from the post. I still prefer to upload photos or videos to IG via Chrome or Safari. Whenever you are using any unofficial app or tool, you are putting your account at risk. And I don’t know how about you, but I don’t want my account to get banned any time soon. And those “premium” apps for which you have to pay. In my eyes, they are foolish. They are using way too much hardware resources. And on top of that, they cost money each month, and on top of that. They are not even official, so your account is still at risk when you log in on IG with them.