How to Tame a Dolphin in Minecraft & Full Dolphins GUIDE

Of course that you can tame dolphins in this game, and I will teach you how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft very quickly in this article. And a few other tricks and tips that come in when you deal with dolphins in this awesome game we all love. Ever since the Oceans update enrolled, I started receiving questions about this on my other articles. Since we can tame a vast majority of animals in this game, why we would not be able to tame dolphins, right? Follow this guide, and hopefully, all your questions will be answered. Also, I will touch on briefly on how to breed them properly.

How to Tame a Dolhin in Minecraft? If you want to find out, please keep reading this guide to find out. Right below this paragraph is step by step totorial how to ride dolphins in minecraft and if that is not enought I have found a tutorial video which will teach you that.
How to Tame a Dolphin in Minecraft is explained right below this!

How to tame a dolphin in Minecraft step by step

To do such a thing, you will need to perform a right-clicking directly on the dolphin. You will need to do that also with mounting it. After a while, a naming screen should appear. This is not for impatient players, because in most cases, dolphins will kick you off most of the time when you are trying to mount it. Or to be more precise, he will attempt this every single time.

How to tame a dolphin in Minecraft easily

If you feed the dolphin, you would like to ride with a raw fish, and you will have far better chances of taming it. Again, a dolphin is going to try to buck you off the mount. But if you keep trying long enough, the dolphin will eventually allow you to stay on him and to tame it. If you are going to decide this route, you need to feed a blue dolphin with two raw fish, and if you want to tame an albino dolphin, you will need to feed him with twelve fresh fish. The rarer the dolphin is, the faster it will be than the regular ones. Once the dolphin is tamed, you can rename his tag, book, or even medallion. Once the dolphin is tamed, it cannot be caught by pet amulet, and you will need to use a fish net to catch him.

I hope this explains well how to tame dolphins in Minecraft easily, but if not. Here below this paragraph, I am going to post a video tutorial for you, which should help you to learn this trick. After watching that video, you should know how to ride a dolphin in Minecraft, and you should also be able to teach this skill to other gamers.

How to tame a dolphin in Minecraft video tutorial

I hope that you have liked this video guide and that it was helpful. If not, report that pleases in the comment section below. ANd I will try to record this video myself for you guys, so you can better understand how to do this process.

If you want to know How to breed dolphins in Minecraft you should read following paragraphs carefully to learn all the requirements of this process
How to breed dolphins in Minecraft explained step by step

How to breed dolphins in Minecraft

I get this question also quite a lot with a question can you breed dolphins in Minecraft? And the question is yes, but the reason why so many people wonder about this. Is that breeding dolphin is doable in Minecraft, but it works entirely differently than the horse breeding we all know how to do.

Requirments to breed dolphins:

  • exactly two dolphins
  • two cooked fish or salmon
  • dolphins have to be in a range of four squares from each other, and they will also need to be eight squares away minimally from you and any other dolphins
  • 1/2 of Minecraft day [Five real-time minutes]

So now you know the requirements, what to do next? You will have to feed each of those two dolphins you would like to breed with one cooked fish. After you give them cooked fish and you make sure all requirements are checked. Just wait five minutes, and you should have a new baby dolphin. If both of those dolphins are from the same breed, you will also have a baby dolphin of that breed. If you have two different breeds of dolphins, the total genetic value will determine the chance of getting one breed or the other one.

Dolphins breeding total genetic value explained

I will refer to the overall genetic value from now on as a TGV. If dolphins TGV is five or less and both of these dolphins are from different breeds, there is a 33% chance that the new baby dolphin will be a breed of the dolphin with equal TGV. But if the TGV value is six or five again and they are, of course, different breeds again, there is only a 10% chance that you will breed a dolphin with equal TGV. Also, there could be spawned a wild dolphin, and this happens only when the breed is not determined. And one last thing I would like to add, that dolphins, unlike horses in this game, cannot become sterile so that you can breed them indefinitely.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Dolphins in Minecraft

I am going to answer a few more frequently asked questions about dolphins within this game.

How to feed a dolphin in Minecraft?

Depending on what you would like to achieve, you can either feed the dolphin with raw fish or cooked fish. I have explained above this in both of those tutorials, which fish is used for what. And if you would like to feed them, you need to equip raw or cooked cod, and you will need to drop it in the water or at the edge. Yes, you could technically feed them on the land, but they will suffocate there, so that is probably not the best idea to do so.

Why feed Dolphins?

Well, if you want to tame them, you have to. If you would like to breed them, then you have to feed them again. But there is one last reason why it is a good idea to feed Dolphins. Once the dolphin is feed by raw fish, it can find a buried treasure for you. So after you feed a dolphin, follow the dolphin, because it can lead you to nearby shipwreck or even to underwater ruins.

My last thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. We have talked about how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft, also how to breed them, feed them, and why is it essential or a good idea to do so. If there was anything unclear, contact me. I can edit this tutorial, or I can record this tutorial once more in-game step by step. So you can finally learn how to do these things in the Minecraft game.