How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft & Breeding Tutorial

Lately, I have received quite a few requests to create a tutorial on how to tam Pandas in the Minecraft game. And why not? It is quite fun to do, and weirdly enough, you can tame pandas in Minecraft. Since we are already on this topic, I will also show you how to breed them!

The correct question is not how to tame pandas in minecraft, you should all ask first if it is even possible to tame them. If you want to find out, read the paragraph below this image to find out!

Even though this tutorial is going to be simple, not many people are aware that you can do this with pandas in Minecraft. But after the Minecraft’s update to version 1.8.0 and of course, newer versions, there are way more options when it comes to blocks and also animals.

How to tame Panda in Minecraft game?

How to tame pandas? It is quite easy, there are few requirements to do it, but it is not rocket science, this is minecraft. Follow my isntructions and you will be able to ride pandas easily

Taming Panda can be achieved quite quickly, but you need to have a few things prepared to accomplish this.

What do you need to tame Panda?

  • Several bamboos
  • At least one Panda
  • Good nerves
  • Time

How to tame Panda?

If you already have found Panda and you have bamboo, then all you need now is to have healthy nerves and time. Before you can tame this animal, you will have to feed it bamboo first. Usually, it takes me at least five or six tries before I have successfully tamed this animal. So first feed the Panda with bamboo and then try to tame it.

You can also ride Panda by opening your inventory, but to do this, you will have to sit on the Panda first. After that, place a cake right in the saddle slot.

Pro Tip: Feed the Panda with bamboo to increasing the speed!

How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

How to breed Pandas in miencraft? Keep reading this article to find out. But it won't take much of your time. It is quite easy to do once you know the conditions of the breeding and what you need for it.

To breed pandas in Minecraft, you will have to comply with extreme breeding conditions.

What do you need to breed Pandas?

  • Eight blocks of bamboo or more
  • Two pandas
  • Blocks of bamboo have to be in five-block radius for both pandas or closer
  • Time

To breed pandas, you will need to find at least two of them. Then you are going to need eight or more bamboo blocks to feed them. You need to feed them and keep them in a five-block radius or closer. If you have done all of these, pandas should enter the love mode, and eventually, they will mate, which will result in creating a new baby panda? If your Panda is only sitting and eating bamboo, you do not have a sufficient amount of bamboo blocks within the radius. You need to fix that if you want them to enter the love mode to create new baby panda.

Panda’s Breeding Genetics

Pandas are quite hard to breed due to the requirements and also thanks to their genetics. Each Panda has a primary gene and a hidden one. It is quite lucky when you breed your first Panda as a normal one because there is a way better chance to produce Panda with a bad mutated gene rather than rational.

How their breeding works?

When two different pandas are breeding, each of those pandas is passing their genes to the baby panda. The genes are mixed randomly from both parents. There is a 3.125% chance for each gene that it will mutate into the different genes. Mutations of these animals have different probabilities of mutating into a completely different gene.

Mutated Panda Genes
  1. Normal – 15.625 %
  2. Weak – 15.625 %
  3. Brown – 6.25 %
  4. Aggressive – 3.125 %
  5. Playful – 3.125 %
  6. Worried – 3.125 %

All of these six genes can be in main and also in a hidden gene.

Btw: If you genuinely like this animal, there are many ways how you can create a more enjoyable game for yourself. For example, you can download any of the hundred skins for this animal. With this breeding and taming/riding, they might be even more fun. And if you are recording your gameplay videos, I don’t understand why you would not download these skins to surprise your audience.

My last thoughts

Hopefully, this article tutorial was comprehensive, and you were able to teach yourself from this how-to tame pandas in Minecraft. If not, ask me in the comment section or explain your problem or the part you don’t understand. I am here to help, so it is ok for you to ask. I won’t laugh at you that you don’t know how to do certain things in Minecraft. Because I am sure you have not to spend as much time as I did playing this fantastic game. I feel like the breeding part is a lot easier to understand, but again, if there is anything unclear, ask. If there is any other tutorial you would like to see, I am opened to create it for you and other readers of this blog.

PS: I believe that when I was constantly feeding my Panda, I was able to ride a lot faster than on a dolphin.