Floods and landslides in Japan have alraedy over 122 victims

The number of victims during floods and landslides in the south and west of Japan increased to at least 122 victims.

It has started raining heavily on Friday, and over the weekend, the rain was even stronger. Most of the rivers flooded banks on Saturday already. The worst floods were near japan island Honshu.

At the moment, over 70 000 firemen, police officers, and soldiers are working on this disaster. The work had to slow down because of the high temperatures in Japan for the last few days. Yesterday it reached over 90 Fahrenheit, which makes rescuers at risk of sunburn.

On Monday the raining finally stopped. Authorities abolished the evacuation order. Thousands of people started coming back to their homes, which are, however, heavily damaged.

Prime minister Shinzo Abe postponed his planned trip to Belgium to deal with this horrible situation. Hopefully, the weather won’t get any worse.

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