Maine Coon Kittens: Adored and Expensive

Maine coon kittens are the most popular cat breed in the last year in the US, which is quite fitting because they are also one of the oldest cat breeds that naturally accrue in the United States. The exact origins of these kittens are still a mystery. But they seem to be native in the state of Maine, where they are also the official state cat.

Everything about Maine Coon Kittens & Cats

DO you want to learn and find out everything there to is to maine cook kittens? If yes please continue reading this article to get more info about these cats

I have been working with these cats and kittens for the past five years. And now I would like to share my knowledge about them. This is a fascinating breed to me. And since if these cats would not exist, I would be a dog person. But they luckily do exist. And I love them all. This is the best breed of cats! I can say that without any doubt.

Where are they from?

One of the most wide-spread “fact” about these cats is that matings of wild cats and raccoons have developed them. But this is a myth.

There are also some conspiracy theories that the first Maine coon kitten belonged to Marie Antoinette, who has sent her kitten America, while there was an ongoing revolution in France while she was planning her escape.

No matter their origins, Maine coon kittens are the cutest cats alive. They have been adored literally for centuries. Another one of their most famous names is “dogs of the cat world.” This comes from their loyalty. This is probably the only cat breed, which prefers to stay close to their “owner” instead of running around.

9 Amazing Facts about Maine Coon Kittens

Maine coon is very wierd bried, they are more like dogs rather than cats, that is why so many people love them more!
  • Biggest Domestic Cat “Gentle Giants”
  • The Only Cat Breed Which is Originally from the US
  • They like Winter
  • Dogs of the Cat World
  • They Enjoy Water
  • They are not related to Raccoons
  • Clear Winner of the FACS
  • One of the most expensive cats in the US
  • They Can Sing
Maine Coon Kittens are the cutest! You don’t beleive me? Watch this video!

How much do they cost?

Maine coon kittens are quite specific cats. Not only that, their behavior is quite different than any other cat breed, but they also enjoy the water, which is very uncommon for cats. And lastly, they are one of the cutest cat breeds out there. The average price for a Maine coon kitten is over $1000.

Price of Maine Coon Cat

If you cannot afford Maine coon kitten, you can always rescue or adapt to adult cats. There are several animal control facilities around the US that can provide you such an adoption. And the adoption fee is usually somewhere between 100 to 300$, but you might get it even cheaper if you go for a senior cat.

Their Personality Traits

These cats have several different nicknames, but all of these come from their excellent traits. Not only that, this breed of cats is extremely quiet, but these are far more intelligent and friendly cats. There are slight differences between males and females, but they are not that significant. What is most important is that they love to hunt and spend time chasing. To do that, you have to have some toys for them available.

If you have toys for them, they are not aggressive with kids or any other cats. But with saying that, I do not mean that it is ok to introduce another cat with them without supervision.

Male Cats

Most owners of Maine coon kittens will agree, that the male breed of this cat is far more outgoing, that the females. And they are also significantly more prominent. They do enjoy to go out and play or entertain their human friends.

Female Maine coon kittens and cats

I am not saying that they are not pleasant to be around. But unlike their males, they are not as playful. But they are also brilliant and effortless to train.

Are they an indoor animal?

You can keep your Maine coons kittens and cats indoors. These kittens are very chill, and they rarely want to go out. The main reason why most people think it is only an indoor cat is that they never do see them outside. But that is due to the fact when this breed gets out. It gets stolen right away. So it is not as much they do not enjoy outside, but they are not usually let outside. Since they get taken a lot and they are expensive. The best alternative to this is purchasing a cat leash and going out with your Maine coon kittens & cats out for a walk.

Why should go outside every once in a while with your pet

I am not saying that your Maine coon can’t spend the whole time. Some of them do enjoy that. And to be honest, usually, more female cats do enjoy to stay just at home and never go outside. But some cats and mostly males do enjoy going out.

Especially if you have only one Maine coon, you should consider letting it outside, or going out with her. This breed is brilliant for a cat, and it can get bored quite quickly.

Maine Coons are almost not violent at all. But if they are bored all of the time, they can suffer mental problems, and it can end up with them being aggressive and attacking you, which no one wants. Just a brief walk every once in a while can prevent that.

Maine Coon Kittens & Exercise

This is a big issue with all house cats. They do not get enough exercise throughout the day. This is not only about physical activity, but mainly it is.

Every time cats go outside, they go and explore. Various smells, they climb multiple trees, and they can even meet other cats. But if they don’t, they can get easily bored, and we have already talked about what it can lead to!

This does not only apply to kittens, but even adult cats also need exercise. Just not as much as kittens do!

Do you want to let your Maine coon outside, but you are worried?

I can completely understand that you are worried about your cat, especially for Maine coon kittens, which can go for several thousand dollars.

As I said, I can completely understand your worries, but you have to do something if you have a balcony or garden. You can kind of cat proof it. And by that, I mean, that your precious Maine coon would not be able to escape.

If you do not have a balcony or garden, you can walk her on a leash. And this has few perks. If you rain your cat on leash enough, you will be able to travel with it.

My last thoughts

Main Coon Kittens are best to kept indoors but with occasional walks. Especially kittens, I would not let outside alone. Maybe once they are an older or aged cat, then perhaps. That also depends on your neighborhood a lot. But again, even in the right area, I would not let my kitten alone outside.

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