Xbox One S 500GB Under 165$

Xbox One S with 500 GB For less than 200$ I’m not sure if this is some promo, or this is a mistake from the seller, but I have found Xbox One S 500gb for less than 165$. Since I don’t know if this is an intentional deal or not, if you are interested, I … Read more

4 pack of Queen Bed Sheets – DISCOUNT

Four pack of Queen Bed Sheets for only 12.97$ – On 50% SALE right now! I found this deal today, and scrolling threw my feed. If you want a four-pack of Queen Bed Sheets, go threw this link on Amazon. And don’t forget to copy this discount CODE: 4DAYXH48. Unfortunately, I have no idea for … Read more

Vampyr with 20% discount right now!

Pre-Order Vampyr for $47.99 – It is on sale right now, 20% off If you want to order Vampyr for just 47.99$, go threw this link. You will receive a 20% discount if you request it via amazon prime. Otherwise, you would have to pay a full price 59.88$. I am not sure how long … Read more

Ketogenic diet saved my life!

ketogenic diet saved me from heart attack

Ketogenic diet saved my life. I was never able to lose weight — not even something like 5 pounds. Every time I have tried some diet, I failed miserably. I have usually lost like 1 to 3 pounds with in the first five days, but after that, I gained five or more. Here is my … Read more

Goat Parkour – Young goat does insane tricks

Please sacrifice 181 seconds of your life and watch this awesome video of goat parkour. This young goat is running within the video to the bike park. And on the way there, the goat is killing it with parkour moves. It looks more professional than more parkour videos on youtube. Did you like this goat … Read more