Guide Where To Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows in Fortnite

Stop your search for containers with windows right now, because I am going to reveal all locations of chests inside containers with windows in Fortnite. Don’t worry; it will be pretty straight forward, I have found a map on Imgur, which is highlighting all of these spots.

For those of you, who have not played Fortnite in the last few days or weeks, I will explain what this is even about. These chests inside containers with windows are part of a Spray & Pray missions. This mission is only available for Batlle Pass users.

search containers with windows can take up to several hours. Stop wasting your time and check out the map I have found for your, where all the spots are marked on the map.

How to complete Chests Inside Containers With WIndows mission?

The only thing you have to do to complete this mission is to search the chest in containers with windows, find five of them. And you are done with this mission for good. Which sounds easy enough, right? But the real issue is that these chests are appearing on the map randomly, or better say they are randomly generated/placed in each game, which means that you might find the same container ten times in 10 different games. The chest still might not be there, which would be extremely unlucky. You should find at least one on the same spot in 7 games.

How many chests inside containers with windows do you have to find?

You have to find only five of them to complete this challenge. If this was not clear from the last paragraph, you could complete this challenge across several matches, so you don’t have to worry that you need to complete all of these in one game, which is probably impossible.

By the way, there are seven containers in total on the map, and don’t worry, at the end of the article is a map from Imgur where someone highlighted all seven spots for you.

Can I use the same one?

Yes, if you have your spot, where you are comfortable to start, and the container is near there. Then go for it, keep in mind that the chest won’t be there every match because they appear randomly somewhere in those seven spots.

Stop randomly searching and wasting your time on searching chests inside containers with windows. There is a better way and by better way I mean that right in this article is a map where all 7 locations are highlighted for you.

All chests inside containers with windows revealed

  1. Pressure Plant -> Location H4
  2. Pressure Plant -> Location H4
  3. South of Dusty Depot -> Location F5/6
  4. South of Dusty Depot -> Location G6
  5. North East of Happy Hamlet -> Location E9
  6. East of Happy Hamlet -> Location E9
  7. Mini Junk Junction -> Location I9
Map of Chests Inside Containers With Windows
search containers with windows is the name of this challange for which was this map created. There are seven places highlighted on the map, where you can find containers where these crates can appear randomly.
Fortnite Map With Highlighted Containers With Windows

Or click here, to open the full-size map in the new tab.

Do you want to finish challange containers with windows fortnite fast? Then follow my tutorial on how to do it, I am sharing two great methods how to do this task as soon as possible.

As I have promised, here is the map which highlights all those seven spots on Fortnite map. Since now you know where they are, half of the battle is over. Now you have to play enough games to find five chests inside them. This challenge is not the hardest one that was released yet. But it is also not that easy. If you want to succeed, follow our guide to complete this challenge as soon as possible.

How to complete this challenge as fast as possible

Since you never know in which container the crate will be and since there is also no way how you could predict the location. I advise you to do the following. Look at the map I have shared with you. And find a spot where you know you can play your A-game. And try to go there as soon as you can. Why? Well, if you are lucky and there is a crate at the spot, it does not mean that you won. Because someone might have open the box before you, so try to go to that location as soon as the game starts. But you have to keep in mind that other players will do the same.

There are two ways how you can do this.

Crate method number 1

As soon as you can, jump out of the plane heading to your location. If you can, try to open the chest asap. Once you have opened the chest, you will loot several things, one of which will be a weapon. Once you pick up your gun, you will be able to defend yourself against several players who went to the same spot. But this method has few mistakes. The chest won’t be in that container every time. So let’s say six times out of seven, you will die because you won’t have a weapon.

Crate method number 2

You will need to go near any of the chests inside containers with windows. And you will have to loot a weapon as soon as possible. And your task will be taken out other players near you and the container. But you will have to take out first the players, which are reaching for the crate, which is a risky move because someone might take out you during this process.

Why complete this mission?

I know that this mission is not the easiest one to complete. But for each mission/challenge, you finish in Fortnite. You will be rewarded with Battle Stars. And the more battle stars you have in your Fortnite account, the higher rankings you will receive in the battle pass. If you rank at the top, Ultima Knight’s skin will unlock for you. Also, you will receive V-bucks for each of those missions, which is always a pleasant experience, and you can also pay with these for your next month’s Battle Pass.

My last thoughts

Even though you don’t have to complete this mission, I highly suggest that you do. Because free V-bucks are almost a dream for each Fortnite player and unlocking Ultima Knight skin? I would trade a lot of money for that. Anyway, I have kept in secret one last method how to complete chests inside containers with windows mission very quickly. But I am sharing it here, only for those readers who have read the whole thing. Start a single match. This is the easiest way how to finish this challenge. You can do it however you want, but if you go first either to Pressure Plant and then to Dusty Depot, you will find four containers, there is a quite good chance, that you will find the chest in your first game. Enjoy gaming!

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