SuchApp – Future of Messaging Apps

Before I list all the reasons why is SuchApp is going to dominate in 2018 and years to come, if you want to become part of this and earn money click here / Sign Up HERE and you will get free tokens and if you’re going to invest, you are more than welcome, but if you just go threw that link and register with your Etherium wallet, you will receive Suchapps tokens after it becomes an ICO. This is an excellent opportunity because even one token could be worth hundreds of dollars in less than a year. If you don’t believe me, look at the market yourself, there is 100 of ICOs, which are worth a lot, and they don’t have any use or purpose, so a project like this can go to MOON.

SuchApp is not going to be the future of messaging because it already is.

SuchApp will be the best messaging app on the market

Maybe I am not educated enough on this topic, but I don’t know any other app that deals with 4k resolution. FB messenger and all the separate apps are converting videos to lower quality.

Only such app can provide:

Live 4k filters and 4k video editing, which is unheard of.

Another cool feature is that Suchapp will have radar. This feature allows you to find people who have similar interests like you within a 2 to the 5-kilometer radius, and we all know that someone who is using SA is interested in the crypto world, so you already know that you have something to talk about.

But can also find restaurants, gyms, and other things via radar.

Also, you will be able to create groups, either private for you and your friends or business. Also open and secure.

This could change a lot because you can use this with your friends and also if you are a business owner, you can use a private group with your employs and open for your customers, to send them promos, etc.

SuchApp will have eth wallet for its users

When we talk about using Suchapp for business

This is such a better way for customer service than use email or telephone numbers. Because people don’t like to speak on a phone, and email is somewhat slow. No one is expecting a reply within minutes or hours. It is more like a week.

And my favorite feature is:

Build-in digital wallet. Such app will include a fully working wallet for your crypto. And this is a game-changer, because, from the start, this app will have an ERC20 compatible digital wallet. And if you are familiar with online wallets for cryptocurrency, you probably know that even the biggest wallet ( Coinbase ), doesn’t support ERC20. So as I mentioned, the first crypto that will be used is Ethereum because it has smaller fees, and it is faster than bitcoin. But in future other currencies and also Bitcoin will available in this wallet.

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