855 area code – Who is calling? – Beware of scams

To trace the 855 area code, we need to know several things beforehand. But generally 855 are code calls all toll free numbers, so you can always call back. If they do not pick up, you can then either get phone number subpoena to the cellphone carrier, which is listed in CICs. Or you can find out via RespOrg because they are controlling the number of subscriber information.

What is 855 area code

Do you want to find out who is calling you with 855 AREA CODE? I'll share with you how to find out who is calling & what 855 phone numbers belong to scams

Most people do not know this, but code 855 is still an “area code” but non-geographic one. In simpler words, these phone numbers are not associated with no specific city, state, or even country. A little fun fact this 85 a. C. is also not associated with time zone & calls can also be restricted by the customer. All of these numbers are free toll numbers, which were released back in 2010 as toll-free numbers and joined the list of 888, 877, 866, 844, and 800 are codes, which are all toll-free phone numbers.

Beware of scam calls from 855

As I have explained what 855 area codes phone numbers are, you can imagine who is using such phone numbers. So calls from this area are a lot of times scams. I do not answer them anymore, but some people can’t have that luxury, because it might be an essential call in their line of work. And I will share a few tips on what you can do. But first, I would like to explain how and why I do it the way I do it with these phone calls.

Whenever I see a phone call from 855 area code, I always let it ring, after the call I usually wait for a few minutes if I get a second call or message. 99% of the time, I do not get a second call or message or voice message. If I do, I wait if the phone rings at least five times. If it does, I pick it up, and usually, it is a legit call I was supposed to take in the first place. And if you receive a message or voice message, you always know what it is about, so that is great, but that rarely happens.

Most calls from area code 855 are done by scammers and scam artist. Within this article, I am sharing with you ways how to deal with them, how to avoid them and hopefully people will submit phone numbers from this area which are belonging to scammers.

I forgot to mention if you do not know what toll-free numbers are, you can read up on it here in detail.

How toll-free 855 are code numbers work

Of course, all of these phone numbers start with these three digits, eight, five and five, as I have mentioned earlier 855 is not the only toll-free number out there, there are several more, but this is one of the more recent ones. The 855 part of the phone number is called prefix, and if you change the prefix, you will end up on the phone with a different telephone number.

How are these area code phone numbers assigned

To receive a toll-free area code 855 phone numbers are assigned from RespOrgs, which I have mentioned earlier, but some of you might not know who they are, the full name is Responsible Organizations. RespOrgs was given a certification from Somos, Inc., which is an administrator of all of the toll-free phone numbers and its database.

So what should one do to get an 855 area code phone number

Well, you can either contact RespOrg that you would like to get a toll free phone number from this area code, which we know is not truly an area code. Or you can visit www.somos.com and find where you should call in regards to obtaining new 855 area code phone number

Beware of scams with these phone numbers

A lot of scammers are using such phone numbers to generate phone calls with which they usually want to scam you out of your money, either by buying something that they will never deliver to you. Or by submitting your credit card information to them or other sensitive data, they can leverage the information against you or use the info to get into your banking account or ID card information to get a loan in your name; I have seen it all, this is why I am writing this article.

Please, if you have any unpleasant experience by and a phone call from 855 area code, please post it in the comment section below this article. So others can find out if a specific phone number belongs to a scam artist or not. That would genuinely help out!

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