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Since the back page in San Antonio is down, I bet you are in a hunt for free classified websites that cover this area. No problem, this is why I have compiled this list of backpage websites 2019 that are still running and are legit classified websites. Yes, those are the most prominent classified websites in the US. And I have just checked it my self, all of them are also covering San Antonio.

Why are classified sites like backpage in San Antonio important?

Well, do you want to grow your own business? Do you want to turn your business into one big money machine? If yes, you have found the perfect article for you. In the article I have mentioned, I am offering you the best free back page alternatives for SA. Not only that, I explain how these classified websites work, but also which are. Topics/categories they are mainly covering.

And since you know which category is the most important for you, you already know which of those classified websites is an excellent fit for you or not.

My favorite back page in San Antonio alternative is still to this day craigslist. Yes, the website has some flaws, but there is no other website, that could provide so much targeted traffic as CL can in SA.

My favorite back page in San Antonio alternative

I love the biggest dog in the park, which is currently craigslist. I use it to sell mobile phones, both Android and iPhones, and also Fortnite codes over craigslist in SA. Why did I choose CL? Well, it is quite simple. Currently, they are the most extensive website in this space and also the most googled classified website in SA by far. And they are also running ads towards those keywords, and on top of that, they are also ranking in spot number 1 for classified websites in SA, which is hard to beat. But I am not in love with the platform itself. CL has a lot of mistakes and flawed settings, which I do not like.

Also, their website looks like it was created back in 1991, which is excellent for some, but not for all users. I used to like it. But the problem is, now, when I spend most of my time on my phone or tablet, the website is not responding as well as on PC or laptop. And this is why I was looking for back page alternatives and wrote the whole post. Because I was in search of myself, and I wanted to share that with the world.

Back Page in San Antonio Alternative Websites which are not on the list

For example, there is a website called the San Antonio bedpage, which I have tried, but I was not impressed at all. The site has a minimal user base, and some of my posts were deleted for no reason. Back when this project was started, I had big hopes for it, but not anymore. The website is running for quite some time, and no significant improvements were made. Also, from all of my ads/posts over there, I did not sell a single phone, so I have moved from the site, and I can’t recommend it. This is why I did not mention it in the best alternatives article on my site. Also, I should say that I have no idea where they are hosting their website, but the loading speed is horrible, it reminds me of early 2000s internet.

Rather stay away from the following websites the "backpage in San Antonio alternatives." I have inspected all of these websistes, which are below the arrow, which is on the image. And I do not trust a single website from this list. I would rather stay away if I were you!

Another one, which did not make it to the list was Yesbackpage de/Sanantonio. And for a good reason. From looking over the website, it does not look legit at all. But I have given it a try and guess what? I did not sell any phone from over 50 posts. Which on Craigslist, I would have at least over 36 sales for sure. But I did not receive even any replies, so I can’t recommend this web site at all. Yes, there are good back page alternatives in San Antonio, but this is not one of them.

If you look up on google term backpage San Antonio, also a website called adultsearch dot com will pop up on the first page. Well, since this is serving the category I was searching for, I was not able to test it myself. But I did a little bit of Google, Wikipedia, and youtube research myself, and the reviews of this web site are the worst I have ever read. So from over 100 reviews, that I have read and created. I can tell you to stay away from this website. It is not worth the try at all.

The next one which is not on the list is san-antonio.backapge dot cam. Just look at the domain name. This should already tell you that this is not the website to visit. But I wanted to give it a shot, and my verdict is again not great. I cannot recommend this website. Yes, you can try it. I can’t stop you. But even if all the classified sites in San Antonio were shut down, I would instead use Facebook groups or also twitter with a hashtag than this website. Sorry for being so harsh, but I am not a fan of this web site.

Are these all back page in San Antonio alternatives?

Well, yes and no. There are hundreds of alternative websites like classified website back page in San Antonio once it was. But I was scrolling through google search results, and almost all of the websites were either fake or escort websites. I have tried to read at least reviews for the escort sites, and believe me, I have read some of the most horrific stories that I have ever read. And I mean this. I would not trust any of those sites with my email address, let alone my payment info or personal info, so if any of the domain names pop up for you and has an escort in its name. I would not visit the website, of course, if it were me in your shoes. Hey, again, I can’t stop you, but I won’t recommend it.

Not only that, a lot of these websites do not have SSL security certificates, but a lot of them are hosted in third world countries, and you have no idea what they are doing with the data that they gather. Also, the possibility of identity theft or getting my bank account emptied because I have shared with them my credit card info. That is one of my worst nightmares, and this is why I am not recommending using and visiting such a website. Yes, I know that this might seem paranoid, but I know personally few people who had this happen to them.

My last thoughts

I hope that this article about the new Backpage in San Antonio has helped you with your decision. On which web site you should choose. But for that to happen, you should read my article about backpage alternatives in 2019, which is mentioned at the beginning of this article. I have provided there the best 18 classified websites that are currently on the market and if nothing had changed. All of them have free posting options as well, with which you can quickly sell things or accelerate your business. If you have any questions in regards to the back page or classified websites, comment below your question, and I will reply to you directly in the comment section below, or I will make an article about it.

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