Choices Cheats – Read this before they scam you!

Are you looking for choices cheats? If, yes, you are in the right place. But let me tell you if you are looking for some secure generator that will give you keys and diamonds by simply inputting your username within the game. You are definitely in the wrong place, but the problem is, there is also no right place if you are searching for that.

Just let me rant a bit before I share with you the choices cheats, which will help you in the game. Let’s talk about the diamond and key generators for a bit. They want your email ID or your username, which you have within the choices game, and then you can choose how many diamonds and keys you want. Maximum 5000 diamonds per day and a maximum of 500 keys per day. With diamonds, you can choose from 1000, 2500, and 5000 diamonds. The keys have a similar structure to choose from, 100 keys or 250 or a maximum of 500 keys.

The truth about choices cheats generators of diamonds and keys. Read more in the article, but you will find out that all of these generators are fake.

Do you genuinely think that something like that is possible? I am so sorry to tell you this. But this is not possible. Just think about it for a good minute. The game Choices is only making money by selling you diamonds and keys. And do you genuinely believe that shitty website without “SSL” certificate (which btw: costs like 5$ per year) will be able to generate your diamonds and keys? Get out of here. That is not possible. I mean, yes, the game is not perfect. But I bet when it comes to money, they got it covered. So there are no cheats like this. To be able to generate diamonds and keys for free into your account, they would have to hack their game servers and alter their data.

This is not impossible, but if they are so greedy that they don’t spend even 5$ on their shitty scam website, I highly doubt they will be able to hack just like that their servers. And let’s say they were able to hack such a big game like Choices is. Do you think they would give you this for free? Haha, if they were capable of this kind of thing, they would not be creating websites to scam you for few dollars.

You might be wondering about what scam I am talking about. Well, on their website, once you go to the “generator” of diamonds and keys. After their “processing” is done ( which is all fake and animated if you did not realize it), you will be served with “human verification” in which you either have to pay and download the app. Or register somewhere with your email and verify your account via SMS — either way, you have to pay. And in the end, you will receive nothing in return. And guess what? Not even them, they will receive 1/3 of what you have paid if that. The rest of the money gets the network, which is providing the offers.

What about the Choices Cheats Proof Video?

Have you heard about Adobe Illustrator? I know many people who are offering such services. Go on Fiverr on a similar site, and you will find people who will edit your video, so it appears that diamonds and keys are looking in your account in real-time in the video, just for $25 if you want genuinely high-quality one you might have to spend $50.

Let’s talk about Choices cheats & hacks finally.

If you keep reading the article, you will learn what choices cheats exists and what they do. And which ones are the best. Keep reading the article in the direction of the arrow of this image.

So what are the best Choices: Stories You Play cheats? None of these are useful cheats that you will type, and everything will be unlocked like back when we were playing GTA San Andreas. What I am going to share with you are more Choices Hacks, which you can use during gameplay.

So what Choices Cheats & Tricks Can You Apply

The easiest and most efficient way to earn free diamonds in the game is by finishing the chapter. I know that is obvious, but if you complete the chapter at the fastest time possible. You will receive a free batch of diamonds for the next section. So to maximize your potential in the game, finish every chapter and do it as fast as possible. This is the most fundamental rule of playing Choices stories you play.

Play as much as possible to get free keys

Again, another obvious advice. But in this game, there is a limit of two keys. Every time you have one key or less. The timer will appear on your screen; once the timer goes to 0, you will receive a new free key. With each key, you can use it to open a new chapter to play. So to get new keys, you have to keep playing and emptying your keys to get more of them for free.

Change the time settings on your phone

This is genuinely cheating in Choices. I don’t do it often because I am lazy, and it messes up my calendar. But if you do not have several apps tied to time, you can do it. This still works, and it is one of the first hacks I have tried in this game. When to use this trick? Well, when you have already a timer, and you don’t want to wait. Just change the current time settings on your smartphone, and that is it. You can do this how many times you want. The sky is the limit with this cheat.

Video Ads

I know that this is boring, but getting the most out of the game. You have to watch game video ads. After each chapter is finished, a video ad will load. Most users never watch this. But for watching the advertisements, you will receive extra free diamonds and keys. So make sure that after each chapter, you watch these video ads to earn free rewards.

Use Hot Deals

Sometimes you can get 50% or even 75% on holidays when you are purchasing diamonds or keys. These hot deals appear once in a while. But if a holiday is coming up, there is a good chance; they will introduce a hot sale. Yes, by this, I am implying to use real cash for in-game currency. But before you read this whole article, you might have blown money away on some scam generator and receive nothing. With this, you will get something back in rewards (diamonds & keys). And if you use the hot deal, you will get the most amount for your dollars.


For each friend that you will invite, you will get free diamonds and keys. Yes, these will appear instantly in your account. My “Choice cheat” for this is to create fake social media accounts and share it there. I never share these games on my real profile. You can create a new account on twitter, facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Order a free sim card online, to verify your twitter and facebook account, then connect your rig to facebook. Upload some photos, add several people to your account, and boom! You have now free keys and diamonds for life. And none of your friends will ever find out that you are playing this game!

By the way, I have been lately playing Minecraft; if you want to join me, I am using the unblocked version of the game, which you can get here.

My Last Words

Within this article, I have shared with you the truth about Choice’s cheats. That they do not truly exist, but I have also shared with you hacks to get more diamonds and keys for free, while playing Choices: Stories you play. And all of the tips, tricks, hacks & cheats I have shared with you do not require any survey or no human verification. They are all working and for free.

I want to end this article with this. Please do not waste money on fake generator sites or even your precious time. All of these sites, which are claiming to generate your diamonds and keys for free, are fake. Or some Choices cheat, which will give you an unlimited amount of diamonds. Please do not fall for that. If it sounds too good to be the truth, it is probably a scam! And in regards to this game, I know for a fact it is a scam. So please stay away from sites like these. I hope that this article has helped you if you have any other queries about Choices, please let me know in the comment section below this blog post.

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