Feisty Pets Review – Which one is the best one?

I have been waiting to publish this review of Feisty Pets for several weeks now. Because I wanted to see all of them in person since I have only bought three as a gift. So I have already done my youtube, Google, and Wikipedia research before buying those. But I wanted to make sure that my TOP 5 picks are legit and that I am confident with them even after seeing all of the Feisty Pets in person. And it is quite funny. I have spent hours and hours comparing reviews of psychotic bunny rabbits and insane monkeys. I have to admit, it was fun. But what is even more fun is giving these as a gift and then waiting on what the kids will do with it. I must admit that I love giving these out! If someone has a child, this is my go-to gift.

Also, after these pets went viral, William Mark added a few new feisty pets to the collection. But these are not scary anymore, they have either silly, grinning, or maybe even one would describe them like doofus expressions. But I have to admit that this new collection is cute!

Why buy a feisty pets

This is probably one of the safest and funniest toys of this and last year. We all know that kid, pet, or even adults can turn from cute to crazy within seconds in certain situations. And these toys are the same, a cute toy that can convert to demonic/satanic look within a second.

Each of these toys has two faces and a button, which is located in the head of the toy. With this button, you can change the facial expression of the toy. Just a small little squeeze in the back of its plush head, and the toy will turn in to a creature or with the new edition to a silly goose.

And this is the main reason why kids love it. The transformation of the toy is quite shocking. I bet some poor grandparents have suffered a heart attack because their niece got a feisty toy for Christmas. Even I had jumped out of the chair when I was first introduced to these toys, and I was unaware of what it does. That is maybe one of the reasons why I love them so much.

Is a feisty pet an excellent gift for a child?

This is a perfect gift for a child, but it is advisable to buy it for kids that are three years old and older. That is most probably due to the dimensions of the mini version. A kid could probably eat it, and I am not sure if a two-year-old could change the expressions of the toys.

Best feisty pets? Which one to choose? Continue reading this article, and you will find out which toy is the best and which one I recommend from the old and also from the new edition.

So which one is the best one

I will share with you my TOP 5 feisty pets list. It is based on which ones I have bought. I purchased these based on reviews online. And then, as I have mentioned, I went to the store and reviewed my self for the rest of the toys. And I did not change my top 5 after that. So here we go.

The Top 5 Original Feisty Pets List

Vicky Vicious Adorable Plush Stuffed Bunny

This is the best Feisty Pet of all time! Yes, Vicky Vicious Adorable Plush Stuffed Bunny is simply the best choice out of all these toys. And even from the old and new collection, this is a clear winner. So it is on its rightfull place on this top 5 list on spot number 1.
This is the best Feisty Pet of all time!

This bunny definitely deserves the first place. The difference between the cute look and angry look is most significant on this toy than any other. And also, what kind of psycho does not like bunnies, right? This is actually the first one I have bought. And till this day I believe this one is just simply the best. If you want to scare someone or let your kid scare someone, definitely get this one.

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Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn

This toy deserves number 2 on the list, only thanks to online reviews. And I have seen a few kids in real life to flip out when they have received this unicorn as a gift. It is not my best choice, but from what I have seen, I can recommend it, but I would not choose it myself even though I have previously bought this toy.

Even though I am not the biggest fan myself because I believe that this unicorn is quite weird, for some reason, kids love this one. And also, the online reviews give this one the second-best rating out of all of them. Also, I saw it with my own two eyes, that kids go nuts over this the Glenda glitterpoop the Unicorn. And I have to repeat myself, I don’t get it, I think that this unicorn is weird, but kids do love it.

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Princess Pottymouth Adorable Plush Stuffed Cat

Princess Pottymouth Adorable Plush Stuffed Cat is number 3 on the top five list. It is a great toy, and I can highly recommend it since I have also purchased this one and it turned out to be a perfect gift.

This is another one of my favorites, and this was my second purchase ever of feist pets. And I have great memories of this one. Even though I was buying this as a gift, I scared the living hell out of my mother. My mom did not expect that. In my opinion, this toy has the second-best expression difference. And to be honest, some of the other toys seem to be more sad than cute, but this one is cute.

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Karl The Snarl

Karl The Snarl made it to the top 5 and actually it is nubmer 4 in my top 5 list of best feist pets. To be honest, I like this one more than the unicorn toy, but for some reason kids incline more to the unicorn.

This polar bear is fantastic. If this list were based just on my opinions, it would be in the top 3. Since this toy is white, I did a little bit of google research if you can wash it in a washing machine, and I was quite surprised when I find out that you can! If it wasn’t for that, I might not even put it on this list, but since you can, why not! Kids love this toy.

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Black Cat: Katy Cobweb

Black Cat: Katy Cobweb is last toy on our top 5 list. This is a very cute toy and I can recommend it as a gift, if your kid loves cats. This one is truly cute in real life.

Again I feel that this toy has one of the best expressions out of all. And this might be perfect for some younger kid because everyone knows cats 🙂

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The best Feisty Pet from the new edition

In this category, it is quite easy to tell which one is the best. The latest version with “silly” expressions are not as good as the original one. The only toy out of this collection I would buy, and I recommend this one:

Ginormous Gracie the Mama Giraffe and her Baby Scrappy Savannah

Ginormous Gracie the Mama Giraffe and her Baby Scrappy Savannah is the best choice, if you insist on buying a feisty pet from the new edition/collection. Rest of the collection is quite bad, this is the only good toy out of the whole edition.

Other than that, the rest of this collection is quite poorly made. At least this one is good looking and quite funny. The rest of them are not worth the money, in my opinion.

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Are you still unsure which one to choose?

Watch this youtube video on what other people think about these toys. And, most importantly, how they look in real life.

I highly suggest watching this video to find out how these toys look in real life.

Is it hard to change feisty pet face?

No, it is quite easy. These cute, but also demonic toys are quite easy to control, even three years old can do it, I saw it with my own eyes. There is a button, which is hidden inside the back of their heads; this button is connected to their mouth and eyebrows. All you need to do is just squeeze the button from both sides, and the trigger will release the demon out, aka the expression of the toy changes instantly.

Their eyebrows turn down (on most of the toys), and the cute smile turns immediately to fang-filled snarl (unless you are going to get some of the new edition toys). And this is what is this gift about, the sudden change in their facial expression can make you a good laugh, especially if you surprise your friends. And even better is, when you see a kid who does this trick with this toy to your or his friends especially if they had no idea about this toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can they move on their own?
Answer: No, they can’t.

Question: What kind of batteries do I need for powering feisty pets?
Answer: You don’t need any batteries; this toy is only using mechanics to change the expressions on its face.

Question: How long does it take to entirely change the facial expression from smiling to scary and vice versa?
Answer: Their facial expression changes instantly after squeezing the button from both sides.

Are any new feisty pets planned in the year 2019?

So far, nothing has been announced. I have even emailed the company. And I have also received a reply from them, which I have to admit I did not expect. And they told me that currently, they are not planning to release any new toys. So I have replied immediately back to them if they are at least planning to release more toys in the mini size, and to that, they have also answered “no.” But maybe there are just not allowed to share more information with us before they release an official statement or perhaps the designs are not ready yet, who knows.

How to use these toys

My last thoughts

As I have said before, I believe that feisty pets are fantastic. It is one of the few toys in the previous few years I genuinely enjoy. It brings me back to my childhood, and I am a fan of anything that takes kids away from their mobile phones and computer screens.

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