FREE Kahoot Hack [Year] Flood Bot & Answer Hack

This is another random article because a friend of mine asked me if I knew how to hack Kahoot. Even though I had no idea at the time how to do it. Now I am almost a professional when it comes to flooding Kahoot with tens or hundreds, even thousands of fake bot accounts logging in the game. And quite frankly, this is a straightforward task to do. Yes, you can code a better bot for yourself, but not everyone can do this. I have an excellent solution for you on how to connect hundreds of accounts to your Kahoot game to piss off your friends or your teacher.

Btw: Here is a collection of the best usernames that you can use!

How does Kahoot hack work?

It is quite simple, numerous accounts with a username that you have chosen for them will log in to the game of your choosing. It is that simple, and you can do this task within 3 minutes. And I will show you where you can get such bot for free and how to use it with step by step tutorial within this post.

But first, I have to make one thing clear. There is no such bot, cheat, or Kahoot Answer Hack. I have seen so many people google this term and ask on forms. I have awful news for you. This “hack” does not exist, and if someone says or writes that it does. That person is a scammer, and if you want to find out more about these scams, I go very deep into it at the end of this article, I am explaining every part of the fraud! But the bot I am going to present to you right now is completely free, and you can have a ton of fun with it! Let’s dive into it!

Kahoot answer hack is not real, I explain more about this with in the article. Please stop searching for such but, because it is waste of your time.

What do you need to use this bot?

You need a bot, macro, or browser extension to do it. My favorite one is google chrome extension, for which I will post here a link to that extension.

Why do I think that the extension is way better?

First of all, if you are at school, usually they prohibit you from installing programs. But often they forget about google chrome or other browsers. And since google chrome is the single most used internet browser, I believe that this tutorial will help the most amount of people. And if you are a mac user, you can still download google chrome for free from here.

So how does one perform the hack?

If you want to learn how to use kahoot hack. Please follow the six step tutorial below this image.
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go here
  • Install the Kahoot hack extension
  • Input the special game PIN
  • Set number of fake/bot accounts
  • Name of the accounts

And do you what to know what the best part about this extension bot is? This bot is unblocked, you can log how many accounts you want or be more precise how many your computer can handle, but for example, on my laptop I am able to bot more than 200 accounts, and my notebook is still fine, when I reach 300 or so bots my computer starts to slow down. When I use my main pc, I am able to get 500 accounts without any lags or what so ever.

Why and how to use Kahoot hack

Using the linked google chrome extension is very easy to do and understand. To perform this hack, you will need the game PIN so the fake users can log in to that Kahoot quiz. After that, you only choose how many accounts you want to join the Kahoot game with the PIN you have inputted earlier. And lastly, you will select the name that will be shown on the screen of the botted accounts.

Did you know taht this kahoot flooder hack is unblocked?
This bot is unblocked!

This is an excellent tool if you want to have fun. But also it has its perks. Does your teacher give you points or maybe even grades for Kahoot quizzes? If yes, use this bot and join let’s say with 100 accounts, he will for sure postpone or cancel the quiz!

Is this Hack safe in the classroom?

Using any hack or bot to flood the quiz with fake accounts is always a risk. But it is only the risk that they might find out that you were the one responsible for this. If you play crisp, don’t tell anyone you should be alright.

If you were asking if this bot is safe for your PC, then yes. It is verified extension from google chrome, so there should be no risk there.

Kahoot Hack Scams!

As I have explained earlier, it is easy and possible to have Kahoot bot, which floods the quiz with countless accounts. It is so easy to do that there is a bot that can do it for free, and it was shared here with you! But Answer bot? That is an entirely different ball game.

There is no way how you can create a bot that would answer every question correctly. That is just not possible unless you would code a super genius AI, that would know everything about everything. And if someone was able to program such a sophisticated AI program, I highly doubt he would be using it for Kahoot answers and on top of that, selling it for $2.99. Just think about these facts for a few moments, and hopefully, you will finally start to believe me that this is nonsense, and there is no such thing as an answer hack!

My last thoughts

If you had fun with Kahoot hack, please share this article on social so that others can enjoy this fun also! If there is anything that is missing in this article. Please let me know, and I will add it to this post. And when I have mentioned that such bot/hack would not be sold for $2.99 I was referencing to the pricing of the most known fake “answer hack,” but there are many more out there with different pricing, please don’t get fooled. Because I can promise you one thing, if you pay for it, you will get scammed. It is someone selling flooder spam bot, that yeah sure. That is doable, especially if they are doing it from their servers, so you don’t have to use your PC resources. That makes sense, and it is a real possibility that you will get what you pay for! But that is not the case with the answer hack!