Biggest Collection of Funny Kahoot Names

Last week when I was browsing Reddit, I saw several funny Kahoot names. Some of them were edgy nicknames, and some of them were genuinely clever. I could create a collection of the best nicknames for those of you who googled this to find out what it means. Here is a brief explanation. Kahoot is a new popular learning game, where, in the end, you appear in a scoreboard with your points and username. And after a while, few kids caught up and started using clever nicknames in the game like NOOBS are underline________ and so on. If you set this game upright, even adults can play it. And some of which use smart, witty or naughty names. I have mainly seen the naughty ones like (classmate)’s sister, and then the person intentionally lost and made a comment about, hey look who is always at the bottom. So here we go!

If you want to be amazed, the collection of the best kahoot names and also the funniest ones is right below this image. Have fun!

List of the 25 Best Funny Kahoot Names

I know that this is not the biggest collection of funny names for Kahoot. But I would bet this is one of the best or even the best one. I have spent several days picking these usernames from different social media sites and memes.

  1. King Jong Uno
  2. loading..
  3. Ima KaShoot myself
  4. Kashoot the Teacher
  5. Pill Cosby
  6. Ben Dover
  7. Chris P chicken
  8. Tyrone stole my phone
  9. KashootMePapi
  10. Kahooareyou
  11. Big Chungus
  12. Chungus the fungus
  13. Lil Diabetus
  14. Depression
  15. Ten Feet Higher
  16. La Migra
  17. Donal Drumpf
  18. Milk
  19. Donald Pump
  20. Debbie Downer
  21. Willie Stroker
  22. Jack Black
  23. NOOBS are underline________
  24. Error 404
  25. Fatal Error

My personal favorite Kahoot Name

Even though I have to spend a little bit more than a week to find all of these cool usernames and nicknames, I like all of them, but my favorite one is still NOOBS are under the line_______.

I have read over 800 kahoot nicknames and out of all of them I have cereated a long list of funny kahoot names, but the funniest in my opinion is NOOBS are under the line_______ unsername. I have been using this username for years in different games.

Which can be used with a different word than Noobs, you can use whatever. But for this username to work, you need to win, which is one of the reasons why I like it. It motivates you to succeed, and if it works out, it is hilarious. I have been using nicknames like this for years in Counter-Strike 1.6 up to Counter-Strike GO.

How many characters can a Kahoot name be?

For those of you who would like to create your unique funny nickname, you are probably wondering if there are any character limits or not. Kahoot max name length is currently 30 characters, but if it is currently not working, it means that they have changed their limits recently.

If you are wondering about other limits within the game, you have 95 characters per answer. If the answer has multiple answers, each answer can be up to 60 characters long.

How to Disable Naughty Kahoot Names

I am sure that if you have ever hosted a Kahoot game. I am sure someone has either used funny Kahoot name or naughty nickname. And there is a way to at least prevent the naughty ones to avoid this. You will have to enable the nickname generator.

How to enable nickname generator

  • Start the Kahoot game on your main account
  • Go to lobby
  • Toggle on the Nickname generator feature in this menu
  • Other players now have to join the game
  • Once they enter the PIN to join the game, they have three chances to generate a unique nickname. If they do not choose any of those 3, the last one will be used
  • Enjoy the game

My last thoughts

I hope that you have laughed at least once or twice when reading the funny Kahoot names. Feel free to use them in your next game. If you think that you know about the excellent nickname, that is not on this list. Contact me. If it is a genuinely smart, funny, or naughty nickname, I am going to add it to my list. Also, I am going to write more about this topic, so stay tuned in.