Oprewards – How to get Free Robux Now & Legally!

Did you search instead of Opnewands for Oprewards, probably yes, anyway, I am sure that you came for a tutorial on how to get free Robux. Let’s get into it. Within 5-10 minutes, I will teach you how to get free robux in the Roblox game.

I know that it sounds weird, but to be able to get easy free robux, you need to have installed Roblox on your mobile phone. If you don’t, you can download Roblox mobile app here from iTunes if you have iPhone. If you are an Android user like myself, go here, and you can download this game from google play for free.

Free Robux Generators are SCAM!

I know that you did not come here to read this, but I am sure that when you have googled robux, you opened in the next tab all the other websites. And at least a few of those websites will be trying to convince you, that they have free robux generator. And that all you need to do is input your username and robux will magically appear in your account.

This image shows that all free robux generators are scam. Or they lead to a fake website. If you do not follow the instructions from this article you might lose your account if you are not catios enought.

Unfortunately, all these websites are a scam. I bet with you that all of these sites will ask you for “human verification” or completing a survey or something along those lines. If it were free, I would not rant about it here. But to complete an offer, you have to pay or send SMS, which costs depending on where you live $5 or more.

And there is also another type of scam going around. If some site like these generator sites asks you not only for your username but also for your password, don’t ever input your password there. They will steal your account and resell it! I have read several posts about this, were Roblox players were crying that they have lost their precious account.

Free Robux for everyone

Finally, what you have been looking for. Now I will teach you how to get for a free in-game currency of Roblox Robux, which the oldtimers of this game might know as Roblox Points.

Anyone can get free robux. With in this image is a text "learn 3 easy ways how to get free RBX". All these tutorials are step by step explained with in this oer 2000 words long article

How to get Robux from Roblox game card

To be able to redeem a Roblox game card. You need to open the app and log in to your gaming account. Once you are there, you need to continue then to the game card redemption page. After that, you need to enter the PIN from the game card. Right after that, reread the code and look again if the PIN you have entered is the same one. If you are sure that you wrote the correct PIN, click on REDEEM, and the credit will be assigned to your gaming account. If you have entered the right PIN, you should see the text “Your Balance:” and next to it should be robux logo with the amount you got from this game card.

Many users don’t know about this feature, but you can redeem the game card, while you are making a purchase.

You can do it again in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open the app and log in to your main gaming account.
Step 2: Visit membership Page” or “Robux Page” in your gaming account.
Step 3: Now, you should see your options; most users will see “Starter Kit” and “Super Value.” The cheapest starter kit is only for $4.95, and you will get 400 Robux in exchange. On the other end of the spectrum, you can choose from the super value the package for $199.95, for which you will receive 22,500 robux, which is 29% extra robux for free. In step 3, you have to choose one of those packages.
Step 4: You will be asked to pay for the package of your choice; you could either pay via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Rixty, or via “Redeem Roblox Card.” This should be the 4th option, click on that and follow it with clicking on button Continue.
Step 5: Now, you need to rewrite the code from the game card again. Again, please make sure that you have rewritten the correct PIN. Click on “Redeem.”
Step 6: Now you should see that the balance of your Roblox Card has been updated, if you have enough funds on that card, you can click on Submit offer. And that is all you had to do. The purchase of Robux is now complete.

Get Free RBX Now

Free RBX can be earned in-game for each member of the Builders Club. All members of the builders club receive RBX daily.

If your account is tied with membership, you can sell clothes and accessories within the game, and you will receive 70% of the profit in RBX, which is, in my opinion, quite sweet deal.

RBX can be also purchased.

4 fast tips to get free R$

  • become a member of Builders Club
  • Spend Real Life Money in Roblux Store
  • Create Games
  • Sell items within the Roblox catalog
On this photo you can see gaming notebook in the background. On top of the table, next to the laptop is green logo of free robux with text next to it one on one tutorial. Which is later down the article

Builders Club

Each member of the Roblox Builders Club will receive 100 R$ just for signing up for Builders Club. Builders Club is a paid service within the game, to become a member, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee with real money.

Roblox Store

You can get 22,500 Robux within few seconds. Just go to the store within the game, and you can buy them from 400 to 22,500 Robux. You can have those in your account only within a few seconds. Again as in many other games, the more in-game currency you buy, the better price you will get. If you buy the smallest package for $4.95, one Robux will cost you 0.012375$. But if you buy the most significant package for $199.95, one RObux will cost you only 0.008886$. To make this math more clear for you, if you would buy 22,500 Robux, but with the 4.95$ packages, you would spend over $278, which is almost 80 dollars more.

Developing a game

If you want free robux, creating a game is a perfect way to get thousands of them. I know about five games that are earning more than 2 million Robux each month. For example, Mad Paintball, which was created by MAD STUDIO, is making the millions worth of Robux each month, maybe even each week. The game is free to play for everyone but to get better and extra weapons and many other in-game items, and you need to purchase rubies, which can be exchanged for Robux.

Even though this is a perfect method, you will need to spend little of your own money. Because to be able to create and design your own game, you need to be a member Outrageous Builders Club. The Fee to be a member of the Outrageous Builders Club is $19.95 each month, which in my eyes, is a significant investment. Not only that, you will receive signing bonus R$1,800 ( you will technically receive 60 Robux daily, but that is 1,800 each month), and you will also be able to create games. Yes, games, you can create several games. Once you are done with one game, it is quite easy to create another one. You will need to make just a few adjustments and rename a few things, and the new game is alive.

Selling via catalog

This is a quite straight forward method. You can design and sell within a game t-shirt, shirts and also pants. Other players can buy these from you, so they can customize their own Roblox character and have a far better experience from the game. You won’t have to do any selling, you will list your item in the Roblox catalog, and that is it. The designs are super easy to make. Most of the players are kids. The only thing you need to do is create a basic model, and you will be fine. Either use “brand names” or logos from different games like Fortnite or pokemon go, and they will buy from you.

If you want to sell items via catalog, you need to be part of the builders club. Which is the cheapest package you can get. It will only cost you less than 6 dollars. Once you buy the membership, you will receive 100 Robux for free as a signing bonus. And right after that, your account will be eligible to sell custom designs. Again for each item you sell, you will receive 70% of the profit from each sale.

For those lucky Roblox Players who have hats or and headgear of sorts. I believe still in 2019 that you can sell these. This is great, especially for users who have been playing for quite a while. Because usually items are in the store for quite some time, but generally after a few months they disappear. You might find out that you are the owner of some hat, which is not currently sold by the official Roblox store. But the good part about this is that if you sell any of your items, you won’t be charged any fee. You will keep 100% of the profit from the sale. Currently, also serial numbers are trending. Not only items that are not presently available but things with serial numbers like 111, 1337, 123, etc. I think you get the point are being sold for thousands of R$.

Frequently asked questions

Can you earn free RBX within the game?

Yes, you can, this whole article is about getting R$. More than 2000 words are written about this issue. There are several ways how to earn those, and we have described all of them entirely in detail. Just choose one and stick with it until you mastered it. Once you are done, add another one.

How do you redeem Robux codes?

This has been described step by step at the beginning of this article. If you need more assistance with this issue, comment below this article, and I will try to help you even further, but I believe this tutorial is written well enough that you will be able to do it on your own if you follow it step by step.

How do I donate?

This is quite tricky. You can do this, but there will be fees involved and the one who will be on the receiving end, aka the one who you are donating to. Needs to have at least Builder’s club membership. If not, you won’t be able to donate robux to him. If he has a BC account, he only needs to go to the catalog, upload some clothing, for the price you have agreed upon. Once that is done. You need to log in to your account. In the navigation bar, you need to choose the catalog.

Once you are in catalog you need to use search function and search for the name of the clothing your “friend” or the one you want to donate to named it (to make this process easier, he or she should use non generic name with numbers and different symbols, so you can easily find it). Click on search, if you see the item right way, high, if not search for a while, you should be able to find it fast.

Once you find the correct item, click on the button “Buy with R$” and make the purchase of the item. If you do this with a design, you will lose 30% of the profit. But if you do this with a thing like a hat or headgear, you will donate 100% to the player!

What is Reblox?

You have probably instead of Reblox meant Roblox, right? Well, Roblox is quite a popular game in 2019. But this game has been around for quite some time, and this game did not just go viral in 2019. The game is super popular since late 2017. This game is very entertaining and also creative. Because players are allowed to imagine and build different worlds and even create online games for other players, that is why this game such a good community because all the players together are making creating the game!

How do you make an outfit?

This is quite easy to do. You will achieve it in five simple steps.
Step 1: In the main navigation menu click on the Avatar section.
Step 2: Now you need to remove or add items, once you like the look of your avatar, got to the Outfits tab.
Step 3: Create New Outfit – This button should be visible, click on it.
Step 4: Choose a name for this outfit and confirm it with button Create.
Step 5: Enjoy your new outfit.

Again these are the main ways of getting oprewards easy free robux in 2019, but 2018 was not any different. How to get free robux codes without can’t be taught, because it is not possible. Indeed robux generators do not exist, and all of those which can be found online is a scam, even if you google that with no verification or no survey needed. You will end up on scammy sites, and if you pursue those, you will lose money or your gaming account. But I have a clear conscience, I have warned you about those websites!

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