Tragos Drinking Game Rules, Review & Discount code

Have you been wondering about the rules of the Tragos drinking game? Or would you like a unique discount code for this awesome card game? Don’t worry. I will cover all of these within this article and frequently asked questions as well.

Is the Tragos drinking game truly the best?

I get asked quite often if the tragos drinking game is the best game I have ever played. And I am not sure if it is the best game ever? But it is definetly the best game I have ever played during a party. I can highly recommend this to anyone who likes to party.
Tragos drinking game is my favorite game to start up the party.

I am not sure if it is the best drinking card game ever created. But it is the best one I have ever played. And let me tell you. We’ve played for about 6 hours, and I never got bored, unlike other drinking games.

But if you, for some reason, don’t want to try this drinking game specifically, but you would like to try another drinking game. In that case, I also highly recommend this game.

Who invented this awesome drinking game?

Latina designed this card game from the US, Queens, to be more specific. This game was created for the only purpose of making us laughs. The game jokes that there are a hundred and ten different cards. Each of those cards has a unique and funny reference that usually only Latinos could understand.

Tragos drinking game rules

This is Tragos, not rocket science. The rules are quite simple. Call your friends, meet. Then pick a card from the Tragos deck. If the cards tell you to drink, you will drink. When does this game end? When the party stops.

The deck contains six different types of cards.

Six different types of cards in Tragos drinking game:

  1. IF card
  2. Category card
  3. Vote card
  4. Group trivia card
  5. Pick Two card
  6. Finish this card

When you pick if card, you will have text like this, or something similar: “If someone in your family is called Pacho or Pecho have three simps.”

If you pick a category card, everyone in the circle has to name a thing, which is within that category, someone who can’t come up with anything within five seconds of his turn is a loser and has to take “X amount” of sips. During the game, when you stumble upon.

Group Trivia card, you should read your card in silence. There should be a question for your group, aks them. The first one who answers your question correctly will receive a prize. Both the prize and the correct answer is written on the card.

Whenever you get a Vote card, you need to read the card loudly so everyone in the group can hear it correctly. Always count to 3 before voting. On three, everyone raises their hand with the same amount of fingers up as the option for they are voting for, so they are either raising one or two fingers. Whoever is the loser of this vote, drinks.

Pick Two card, is pretty much the same as voting card, only the person who picks out “Pick Two card” from the decks, picks up what are people voting on.

Finish this card is pretty much the same card as the Trivia card. Only the members of the group have to finish the quote, saying or lyric. You get the point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tragos Drinking Game

Here is a compilation of questions I receive most often about this game.

How many players can play the Tragos drinking game?

This game allows up to 20 players or even more. But from my personal experience, the best amount of people for this game is somewhere between 5-10 players. But when Tragos releases expansion packs hopefully this year in September, there will be room for more players. And I don’t mean this that you can’t play with 20 people already. But it is kind of hectic with so many players, especially when all of the players are drinking.

Can more than 20 players play this game?

According to their website, this game is even for more than 20 people. But as someone who has played the game several times. I do not recommend it to anyone to play with twenty-plus people.

Discount Code

Currently, I, unfortunately, don’t have any coupon code for you guys. But I am still working on it. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I will have some special discount for you!

Funniest moments from this game

My last thoughts

Hopefully, this Tragos drinking game review has helped you with your decision if you should get the game or not. When I first heard about the game, I got almost discouraged from buying the game because I had to wait four weeks before I have received it. But I am so glad I have purchased this one. This game is a great way to start your party or to hang out with your friends. And you can even use this card game as an ice breaker on a date. I know that this is not a game for everyone, but I liked it. I can’t wait for the extension pack. Once I receive mine, I will write another article about it.

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