Valum – Everything there is to be known about this drug

Learn everything about valum, aka “the big V.” But please keep in mind that I am not a doctor. I just have been prescribed to take this drug for several years now. Don’t seek any advice I give here seriously and always consult with your doctor, and this is purely just my own experience.

What is valum

In 2019 this is one of the most known drugs out there, but most people do not consider this a drug. They could not have been more wrong than that. It is the most known drug from benzodiazepines. The principal of this chemical is to slow down your chemical movements within your brain. This process is, therefore, to get you rid of anxiety. On higher doses, this does not only result in a reduction of your nervous tension, aka fear but also in the decrease in muscle spasm. On very high doses ( that entirely differs from person to person) could also be a cause of sedation.

As I have mentioned before, valum is used heavily in the department of treating anxiety disorders.

In certain countries, they use it for different purposes like shakiness, getting you rid of hallucinations, which were caused solely by alcohol withdrawal. Most people do not know about this, but the big V is sometimes prescribed to athletes to reduce their muscle spasms.

Also, I believe there will be more studies in the future about how this drug can treat athetosis.

Is it better than Ativan?

I did not take Ativan personally, but a close friend of mine was as I was on Valum for more than ten years now. His doctor switched him to Ativan, he was taking up to 0.5mg of Ativan per day. But soon, his doctor jumped his dose to 5 mg per day, which after a few months, ruined his blood work. He got slowly off Ativan and slowly back on the big V again. It took him three months to switch those medications again and another eight months to improve most of the health marks within his bloodwork. To feel good again, it took him almost two years. I will keep that in mind if you want to switch your medications.

On the photo you can see several pills of valum.

Where are the side effects of taking Adderall with valum

For me, there were none. Because I had the same side effects as I had before I was ever on V. I did not even have to take high doses of Adderall to get sides. But I always got chills and muscle twitching. I was experiencing those 12 years ago when I did not know what valum was. And nowadays, when I take Adderall, I have the same issues as I had 12 years ago.

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