Frivo has Launched $500 WorldWide Giveaway

Yes, Frivo has started just two days ago with their 500$ giveaway. And I was quite surprised when I have found that this is a worldwide giveaway because usually, these are only for people who live in the US. And rest of the online users are essentially screwed. But not today.

They have been known for doing such giveaways in past. I did not participate in any of their giveaways in the past, but I am in this one. The main reason is, that one of my favorite YouTubers won their giveaway a few years back, I believe he won at the time iPhone 8 256 Gb, which back then cost a fortune.

If you don’t want to wait for how this giveaway results. You can buy these things from the wish app, for a partial price. But only if you know your way around coupons and discounts on there, but no worries. I wrote this guide, where is everything explained. From how to apply the promo to how to get even the secret discounts. 99% wish app users don’t know these tricks, but you can learn them for free and save a ton of money while ordering nice things online.

Another creative for frivo's giveaway. Green 300x300 picture, with three money symbols a nd text that you need to treat yourself. And you can apply for this 500$ giveaway and that anyone can apply.

How to apply in this giveaway by Frivo

I feel kind of lazy today and I also feel like, it would be easier to watch and video tutorial. Follow this video step by step if you want to participate:

I hope that the youtube video tutorial was self-explanatory enough, but in case it wasn’t. Just reply here in the comment section below this article with any question. And I will try to answer it or solve the issue for you within the 24 hours. In some cases, I might edit the article, but I will reply to yo that the article about Frivo was updated.

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