Donutos – Best Doughnuts In The Whole World

Donutos is a local firm which was started in the early 1990s. Since then they have won over 400 awards for their donuts. Annually they receive at least 5 to 10 awards for their donutos donuts each year.

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Best Donutos Donuts

Have you seen these photos? They look yummy, right? They just don’t look yummy, these are the best donuts in the whole world.

Boston cream donutos. THis one is filled with boston cream and chocolate on top, my rating is 10 out of 10

Why are they called donutos

Well, as you can see on some of those photos, some of the donuts have filled middles and look more like a circle than a ring. In Europe, Doughnuts are only the ones which look like a circle. So that is the main reason, why they have chosen to call their donuts “donutos”.

Reeses donutos. As you can see this one has chocolate on top. WIth reeses cup in the middle surrounded with peanut butter and few strips of peanut butter. And also this one is filled with creamy peanut butter

Macros of each piece

They slightly differ because each flavor has quite different ingredients. But they are definitely not low calories. If you are on a diet you should stay away from those.

Lotus donutos, my favorite one, I definetly rate this one 10/10 because it is filled with cream which was created from lotus biscuits.

Each donutos has at least 110grams which is quite more than if you would go to Dunkin Donuts. Regular donut from DD has around 80 grams or less.

Average calories for Donutos is

Total Fat 36g
Carbohydrates 51g
Protein 5g
Which equals a total of 544 calories per serving.

This was their top seller of 2018. creme brulee doutos, as you can see there is actually sugar dip on top and it is filled with creme brulee yummines! Definetly 10/10 rating for this one.

How many locations do they have

From what I was able to find online they have 14 different shops. Currently, they have one in San Francisco. Two in New York, one in Las Vegas and another two in Los Angeles. The rest 9 shops did not have any social media presence and they also do not have any website or what so ever. And I still did not receive any official statement from donutos about how many franchize shops they have currently and how many of those are theirs.

Oreo donutos, favorite by many. This one is filled with oreo cream and as you can see it has smushed oreo cookies on top and underneath there is oreo glaze, if this is not food porn I do not know what is.
Blueberry donutos was one of doughnuts I was hesitate to try out. Even thought they have huge bluberry in the middle I Was not really intrigued to buy, but that was a mistake. I bought it last week and let me tell you, this might be the best one. It is so sweet, maybe even too much, but I would rate this one 11/10.

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