Julie Bowen Exposed – Marriage, leaked photos, everything..

First of all, for some who don’t know who Julie Bowen is, I will introduce her. And after that, I’m going to tell you everything about how her marriage ended. Where are leaked photos of her etc.

Julie Bowen photoed with modern family cast. She is standing in the middle in black/yellow dress

Jul third name is Luetkemeyer, but since this name is quite challenging to say and remember, she doesn’t use it. You might know her from Modern family, which has been airing for ages and it is one of the most famous tv shows of this era.

Most Asked Questions About Julie Bowen

Age: 47

Husband: Phillips Scott, but they are getting divorced

Children: Three boys

Feet: 37 ( US 6 / UK 5.5)

Height: 168 cm (5’6”)


Her carrier is stunning, but her net worth doesn’t look that good on a paper. The latest estimations of her net worth are over $17 million, but these are quite old. Since she made over 12 million dollars in 2015 alone. And the modern family is more significant than ever. So we can say without a doubt that in 2016 she has to make at least one or two mils more than in 2015. From that, I am guessing that her net worth is around 52 000 000 dollars. I think you can buy a big island with this kind of money.

Julie Bowen smiling on the photo and looking stunning at her age (47)

But all the fame didn’t make her different. She is one of the funniest actors in the business. At last Emmys in 2017, she photobombed several times a famous country singer Parton Dolly. When we talk about Emmys, in several interviews afterward, she has admitted or made a few jokes about how she doesn’t work hard, etc.

Scott Phillips and Julie Bowen are getting divorced

On the first of February, this couple has announced that the marriage is over. They have been together for almost two decades, and the marriage lasted nearly 14 years. Which is four years more than their oldest son Oliver. This is quite weird. Most people would think that they would stay together because of their kids since the twins are two years younger than Oliver.

But it was going to happen sooner or later because they were speculations back in 2016 that it might be over. Because that year, she went to Emmy Awards alone, and on the same day, they had the anniversary of their wedding. And few months after that, she took pictures of her and her kids all in the same white t-shirt, which have text on it: “PRODUCT OF A STRONG FEMALE.”

This is the guy who doesn’t deserve this great woman!

Modern Family

She said about Ed that he is not tech-savvy several times like she wanted to say something harsher about him. Also, she had few comments about Sofia, and again, she questioned her intelligence and also commented on her wedding. And making comments like: “I hope their kids will look like them, not be smart like them.” She did not use those exact words, but she meant it. Especially after she tried to copy Sophia’s voice, it was clear that she makes fun of her and that she is not her biggest fan. And she is not the biggest fan of Ty Burrell either. Because his behavior is quite the same in real life as he has in this sitcom. She said that he makes her feel bad all the time since she doesn’t have as high standards as him.

Now is airing the 10th season of the modern family, during shooting season 8 she had most problems with Sofía. But not really, it was all media. After looking threw several interviews, at that time, it was all rumors.

Julie BOwen in small tight silver dress at wTVF awards, she is jsut the best, always smilling

One of her best friends from this sitcom is allegedly Sarah Hyland. Because she still thinks of her as her daughter. She had admitted to using several parents’ thoughts on her and other kids from this show before she did it on her kids. She attended Sarah’s 25th birthday, when she was dressed in a latex catsuit, because she was miss informed and everyone else was wearing tuxedos or classy dresses.

Sleeping your way to the top

Julie has been accused several times lately on twitter and other social media, that she is a hypocrite. Because she has attended the women’s march in January. Not only that, she was promoting it on her Instagram, which no one should take lightly since she has almost 1 million followers. Well, and several people well bringing up old accusations, that she had slept with Adam Sandler in 1996. They both were playing in Happy Gilmore, and this was one of the best movies of that year. Even at that time, she was accused of sleeping with him. But it never got proved to be true.

Julie bowen wearing pink dress, she is so gorgues. She did not age for last 20 years. This is quite unique photo of her, becasue she almost never has short haircut

And there was also accusation back in 2010 that she had slept with the producer of Horrible Bosses, but again, it never got proven. I believe that none of this ever happened because she has a lot of haters. And I get it, she is almost 50 and hot, looking like she is in her early 30s. But on the other side, I’m biased, since I am a fan of Julie Bowen, I have been following her since she had an account on my scape.

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