Newest The Bold and The Beautiful SPOILERS

Here are the newest The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers even from the next week, so please keep that in mind. If you have not watched the latest episode and you do not want to find out what has happened, please stop reading this and watch the last B&B episode.

I am updating this article every day, so you can get your The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers right away, if there is anything I have missed, or you want me to cover from B&B series, just hit me up in the comment section below this and I will add it on my site or maybe even to this article.

The newest spoilers from The Bold and the Beautiful:

The newest the bold and the beautiful spoilers are released here down below, enjoy!

Flo and Zoe’s trouble is getting even worse since Xander finds out what their secret is. Brooke is worried about her daughter because she doesn’t think that it is an excellent idea to annul her marriage, which she has with Liam.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the first week of June:

B&B Spoilers from June. These spoilers are covering what will happen in the episodes from the first week of June!

Flo is turned, and she is trying to get rid of her guilt when she finds out the news about Liam and Hope’s marriage situation.
While Ridge is playing Lucifer advocate with Brooke. Because both of them have to sort out the relationships of their children.
In the next episode, Thomas has pushed back and for a good reason. Carter has offered Hope advice about her marriage like he was the one to give a recommendation.
Xander had another argument with Zoe and Flo, but this time, it did not end well, and he made a threat to both of them.
In Thursday’s episode, Brooke has talked to Beth to reconsider her decision that the ending of their marriage is not such a good idea.
While Liam talks to Thomas and says to him that he is a selfish prick and a few more harsh words.

And on Friday’s episode, Flo a Zoe finally have realized that they are in this together, but in the end, they still fought.

At the end of the series, Xander has interrupted Hope and Liam luckily because they were just moments away from signing the annulment papers together.

Spoilers from the bold and the beautiful from May, the best ones are released right below this image.

Spoilers from TBATB episode from Friday (31 of May 2019):

This was my favorite episode out of all of May. Steffy had a face-off with Thomas because he wasn’t aware of what has happened to Hope by putting her in Douglas’s life.

Xander overheard Zoe and Flo while they were discussing Beth, right after that Xander has confronted her.

Spoilers from Bold and Beautiful episode from Thursday (30 of May 2019): This episode was quite dull, to be honest. The only important thing that has happened was that Zoe has an argue with Flo about revealing the truth and what could have happened if they do to Pheobe.

Spoilers from B&B episode from Wednesday (29 of May 2019):

On Wednesday’s The Bold and the Beautiful Wyatt was surprised how Flo reacted to Hope and Liam’s breakup. He also didn’t know that Hope told Thomas that she is in love with Liam. At which the same time, Brooke is trying to convince Liam to fight for his marriage and don’t give up on it.

As you can see, things got very emotional for Hope and also for Liam because they were planning for a great life with Beth.

And guess what else has happened? Flo and Wyatt slept with each other again.

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