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Many of you were used to watch Naruto on NARUTOGET, which was shut down over a year ago. If you still think that the site is under maintenance and that it will be reopened soon, you should forget about it. Since they did not have non-DMCA hosting, and they were shut down for good. And no, they are not hosting their site on a different domain, but I have good news too. Here are some best alternatives for you.

Naruto online for free in better quality than on Narutoget

Here is a quick little tutorial, how to watch your favorite anime series for free without anyone breaking the law. You can go to this site, which offers a 7 day free trial. On this site, you can watch literally anything, even the newest movies and also any anime series. You simply, sign up via email, confirm your email and you are almost good to watch your favorite episode. You have to input your credit card for the trial, which is for 7 days, but you will receive week free trial on this site, you can cancel the subscription to this service at any time, when I did this two weeks ago, I have tried to cancel my membership the first day, because I was going on holidays and I didn’t want to think about canceling the membership later, and it worked. And they let me use the trial to the end, even though I have canceled on the first day and knew I wouldn’t be charged a dime J. And let me tell you, it is way better experiencing watching it on this site in the best quality possible, than watching it on Narutoget in shitty 144p. Such a great time, also this is great if you have friends over the weekend and you can binge-watch anything, I love this site, I hope that you will too.

Other anime streaming sites

First of all, all these sites, which are offering you to watch movies/series/ anime don’t have rights to it, and it is illegal ( for the 100% illicit and you, it depends where you live and laws in your country) , usually they have offshore hosting on their site or they are using third party services, where they upload these series.

You can also get in other troubles than the ones with laws, most of these sites have hundreds of ads. And let me tell you, these ads are not user-friendly like the ones from AdSense since this content is not allowed from Adsense or Taboola. So they use smaller services, to serve advertisements, which don’t have such strict terms. So most of the ads are malware, scams, and lately, they have been several advertisers, which offer ads, which mine cryptocurrency via your browsers, and this could harm your computer real bad. It can damage or even destroy your CPU. But here are few excellent alternatives, but use them on your own risk.

My top 3 list

First of all, well-known Narutospot, which is a free site, full of ads, but it has several anime series, but not all episodes are live since they don’t host it on their domain. But other than that, some of the series are dubbed in English.

Another popular site is Kissanime, which by traffic is the biggest online streaming site, yes again, it is entirely free, but as I mentioned earlier, this is not always the best option. But it is user-friendly. It doesn’t need any user registration to watch your favorites. But it offers a nice feature, and if you sign up on their site, you will receive the latest updates.

And my last choice is chia-anime, again it is an entirely free site, and most of the content is in Japanese, or you can switch to the language if I have to comment on the video and also audio quality. Yes, it is quite decent, but you can’t compare it to the site with the free trial I have written in the beginning. It is like comparing photos from your old phone to pictures from DSLR for 9k$. But it is a decent site, and you can watch online or download them and watch them whenever you want, which is a nice feature.

Thanks for visiting my site and have a beautiful day, and hopefully, this article has helped you to find your new favorite website.

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