Ymail – Read this, before registering

The short and quick answer is that Ymail is the knock of gmail.com made by yahoo back in early 2008. If you want to know what is the best emailing service, which is completely free, please keep reading this article.

Difference from Yahoo mail

Back then, it was a brilliant move from yahoo, since the name is quite similar to google mail, so many people end up signing up on their platform, from just making a typo. But there were some other benefits because it was kind of hard to register ‘yourdesiredmailname@yahoo.com’ since yahoo was providing this service since 1997, and almost all possible names/usernames are taken. Especially black hat marketers back then programmed simple script and made thousands and thousands of emails, because there was no captcha verification at the time and it was so easy to create mass accounts. So with their new feature ymail.com, that even new users could have ‘yourdesiredmailname@ymail.com’, otherwise you would end up with something like this: “ yourdesiredmailname1994michigan@yahoo.com ”. It would be impossible to remember, also if it was your address, imagine that you are telling this address to someone, mine consist of two words and I switch them all the time, I wasn’t even once sure that I’m telling someone real address.

yahoo mail was so popular back in a day, that they created another service called ymail

Is Gmail better than Ymail?

Let’s look at the facts. If you have an android phone or thinking about getting one, you should stick with google option because you need it to access play store, to install apps, download music and books. And you can connect with google hangouts, disk, blogger, you can use google documents and also g+. Other main features, which can be synchronized with Google mail are documents, calendar, and your youtube account. This is way more powerful than just as an emailing option. You have to be logged in on your pc and phone on the same account, and you’re able to access any of your stored data. Also, Google has such a better spam filter. Also, it sorts your correspondence to MAIN, SOCIAL, and PROMOTIONS.

gmail and ymail with yahoo were competitors for years, but as we can see gmail is clearly better option now a days

Is @Ymail secure?

It is, but when you compare it to what Google is offering you for free? It sends you a message when someone logs in from different IP than you are usually log in. It might even happen to you when you were traveling. So don’t be lazy and I’m saying that, because Ymail sings up is easier and faster than sing up a form from big G. But it is worth your while, second email is must, when you want to restore your account in case you have forgotten your password, the phone number is there for the same reason, also you can set up auto SMS for free, when you receive an email, I really doubt that yahoo offers it to.

unfortunately no longer working provider ymail, well it is working, but no new registrations can be done for alst 5 years

If you want to get a Gmail account, click here and in the right upper corner go to sing in, after that in the middle of your screen, you should see with a smaller letter other options and than choose: sing up for a new account”.

How to register a new Ymail account

Well, it is already 2019, so it is already six years since yahoo stopped for new registrations. If you have created an account in the past via their official website, which now redirects you to yahoo or via Rocketmail, your account is not affected by this change. Funny thing, when I was writing this article, rocketmail.com was still working service, but today in January 2018, when I am publishing this article, it is also redirected to yahoo.com

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