Sarah Hyland Everything Revealed

Do you want to know more about Sarah Hyland? Read this article, and you will find out everything about her. I will even introduce you to her leaked photos from 2015 when 24 pictures of her and her boyfriend leaked alongside with one video also.

Most Searched Questions About Sarah:

  • Age: 27
  • Leaked: 24 photos and 1 video
  • Instagram: @sarahhyland with 5.6 million followers
  • Hot: In Top 30 Hottest Actresses in 2018
  • Boyfriend: Matt Prokop (2008-2014), Wells Adams since 2017
  • Height: 157 cm (5.15092 foot)
  • Feet: Size 36 (US 9 / UK 8.5)
  • Middle Name: Jane
  • Location: Los Angeles

Sarah Hyland wearing beautiful black dress on red carpet before the awards

Hyland also has admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres show, that in 2008 have no idea about what she was doing. Back then, she was the first time on Ellen’s show, and she wore horrible clothes that did not fit together. She almost said that ten years ago, she wasn’t able to buy even bikini, which would fit her body, and she didn’t know about it. She was thinking at the time that her choices were making fashion statements. This interview was aired at the end of 2016.

She has a good heart

Not many of you might know about this, but her two dogs are rescues. The older one is named “Boo,” and the younger dog is called “Barley.”

What has triggered the fame

It all began in 1997 when she was just a seven-year-old girl who was playing character Elizabeth in A Tall Winter’s Tale. The same year, she has received a more significant part of Howard’s Daughter in Private Parts, and after that, she appeared in movies pretty much every year at least in one. And the same goes for Tv Shows, her first one was Another World in 1997, and again, every year, she was at least in one tv show. But what has changed her life was Modern Family, where she plays the main character called Haley Dunphy, this tv show already airs for nine years, yes it airs since 2009. This is one of the most mainstream shows that you will ever hear of, and it is translated to almost every language you can think of.
And she has never stopped grinding, even though that in the late 2000s she had severe kidney issues and she had to have a kidney transplant, luckily her dad was a viable donor.

She still grinds, like no one else in the business, she has started singing, and if you never heard one of her songs, you should hop on youtube, she has over 70 000 000 plays on one of the music clips. And what is more important, which killed a few carriers in the last few years. Social media is active all the time, and that is a good thing because many actors failed big time at this, and they can’t get roles now.

wearing leopard one piece swim suite, in the middle of the sea and lauchting on the camera man

Btw: If you never heard any music from this young lady, you should check the last single: Know You Anymore, which she is featuring.
Her twitter accounts are from 2009, and she has over 12.3K tweets. That means that she posts almost four times a day, but it was worth it, she has over 1.62 million twitter followers.
Sarah Hyland Instagram handle is @sarahhyland, which is the same for Twitter, but there is an underscore between her names. Instagram is such a better platform for her because she is so beautiful when she posts a photo in her bikini it gets instantly over 500k likes, which is insane when she has “only” 5.6 million followers.

Personal life

Her first publicly known boyfriend, Matt Prokop, who has spent several years with year, ends up with a restraining order. For physical and verbal attacks on her, which have been happening almost daily for three to four years, which is crazy, when the relationship was for 5-6 years.
Nowadays, she is seeing Well Adams, she has admitted it in several interviews, and she always mentions that he had met her real family first, but that he has to be also approved by her second family ( cast in the modern family ). Well, Adams is also a well-known actor and is six years older ( 33), and the funny thing is, that earlier I have mentioned social media. They have started dating because of twitter. In early 2017 he has started flirting with her on Twitter.

Sarah smilling, while doing tv interview in hot pink two piece dress

Sarah Hyland’s age has never stopped her, she is acting since she was only seven years old, but know when she is all grown up and 27. She doesn’t give up, most people would be in their comfort zone, but her. A few years ago, she started singing, and it went great. Now she is in the youtube music video, with over 71 million views, which is plain crazy, and her second most-watched video is a video clip, where she sings with Marron 5, and it has over 15 000 000 views, in just last year. This is why I like her so much. She is an excellent example of that you can still improve, learn new things, and that hard work pays off. And I mean it, most people if they get a significant role in a tv show like her and by that I mean modern family, they would just quit trying. And I get it, and if you got that part, you are set for the rest of your life.


On the 22nd of January, Sarah Hyland has attended a women’s march because she was asked to speak there. But most probably would attend anyway, because the way she was talking about it on Ig was very influential and feminism oriented. Her post about #womensmarch got over 300k likes, but also a lot of hate in comments. Furthermore, she went there, with sign ME TO and t-shirt time’s up!
The time’s up t-shirt, wasn’t an accident, because earlier this year in January, she has posted a picture with #timesus. It was meaning that there was enough silence, waiting on change, and tolerating all the discrimination, harassment, and also abuse that women deal with every day at home or work. She also tagged company Timesupnow, which I believe was the one who has invited her to the march and also is the one selling these t-shirts. Btw: I’ve received few emails that
Lauren Hashian was attending this march also.

Other photos:

This is kind of different look for her, she has long hair and hawain themed dress, which dosn't show her bust or her slim legs. Wearing short black dress with her brest almost popping out of it.

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