Lindsey Pelas

This beauty Lindsey Pelas is from Luisiana and currently lives in Los Angeles for past two years. She moved here after college. She has degree in history, she got stipendium. And no, yes she is from Luisiana and studied on LSU, but she is not Trump supporter.

How she became famous

It happened quite quick after she moved to LA. At the time she was bartending and after work, she was going to chill on the beach. And one of her friends invited her to playboy party on Halloween. She wasn’t even sure if she would go there.

Security guy saw her in tight small outfit and asked her, if she wants to meet Dan Bilzerian. He liked her and her followers also. After being with him for not even 2 months, around 6 weeks actually. She gained over 1 million followers on Instagram.

And it did not ended on Instagram only, where she reached over 7.2 million people who are following her. Also her twitter exploded, she now has over 515 thousand followers. Her facebook page? The same thing happened, she reached 1.3 mil following.

Was Lindsey Pelas dating Dan Bilzerian?

They were kind of together. Dan told her, she can say they are dating. But she have never confirmed that they were in relationship. She is still sticking to story, that they were just “friends”. She still even nowadays talks nice about Bilzerian, that he is chill guy. Who is millionaire and at the same time he is a nice guy.

Are her breasts fake?

To be honest, I quite believe her, that her breasts are natural. Because I went back to 2011, when she have started her twitter account. And at that time, she was still at high school I believe. And lets be honest, we were all broke at high school, she already had huge breast back then. Well thinking about it, she is 26, it was already 9 years ago, so she was 17 at the time. I really doubt, that she got surgery at 16 years old.

How does she make money

She is monetizing her ig following. A lot of you might think, that she is sponsored by clothing brands, but that is not true. Most of her posts are in lingerie only sometimes not even that. Most of her income comes from going to certain clubs and posting about them. And she have to stay there for several hours.

Also she is selling calendar of hers for 32$, where she is almost naked. This calendar is 100% in NSFW category. And it is signed by her, but to be honest, I doubt, she have signed all of them.

She is sponsored via supplement company, which is quite popular between bodybuilders. Called 1st phorm. She have been working with them since 2017. She is quite good fit for them. Because she workouts regularly to keep tiny waist and toned butt.

Lindsey Pelas is working on a book

She have told in few interviews, that she is working on book. It should be about social media, how to improve your social media presence. And how to build your internet empir e. Which is so funny for me. Someone who gained over 1 mil. followers within 6 weeks, just from hanging with Dan B. I’m sorry, but are 24 playboy model with natural 38DD cups. This is why you now have over 7 200 000 followers.

But I am sure a lot of people will buy it. Especially her young female following. Can you imagine how many young girls will spend money for this “horrbile” book. Because the will be like, yes i want to take photos of my butt and breasts for living. That sounds fun.


Who is her boyfriend

Lindsey Pelas dating is private. Only thing she have revealed in interviews is her past with Dan. And also that she is usually dating actors. Also she have told on them, that they slide to her via dms on ig.

How much she was offered for intercourse?

She admitted that she was offered several times over 100k $ for just one night. Also she said, sometimes she thinks that she is making mistake, via declining these offers. Because 100 thousand dollars is a lot of money even for her.

TV appearances

In 2017 she was on Eric Andre’s show called adult swim. She probably never watched his show before going there. Because she almost left during the show. It was clear, that she was uncomfortable the whole time. And at the end there was rice rain, which she wasn’t aware of. It was quite horrible. But almost all of his quests have no idea, about what they are getting in to. So she is not the only one!

But her first television appearance was back in 2014, when she was interviewed in Playboy Plus. Year after that, she have appeared on TMZ and the same year, she was in 8th Annual Babes in Toyland. Following year she was on tv twice, once on Pop Trigger. And the second one was a premier for her. Since all her appearances were just interviews, this was her first acting. She was playing Katya Aura on Englishman in L.A. If you want to see this, I believe it was second season and first episode.

Her gift and curse at the same time

Her breasts is what made her life so great. This is only reason, why she have met with Dan. Her breasts are the only variable of her success online. But it is curse and a gift from god at the same time. As I have mentioned before, her breasts are natural. And she did not have any plastic surgery done. But she thinks about it. About breast reduction. Because both of those huge jugs weight together 22 pounds ( which is roughly 9 kilos ).

Can you imagine in how much pain she is on daily basis? But she also says, that most women dream about them and she would have to be crazy to get rid of them. When she was young, it was her dream to. She said, that she have stuffed her brassiere. And play that she has them for real and that one day, this dream will come true.

What helps is a strict diet, so she does not gain any more wait to put more pressure on her back. Also doing Pilates and visiting gym several times week. Stronger back saved her life, when she was younger, the pain was unbearable.

2018 Plans

She should appear on two movies this year. I’m not sure about how big are her roles. Since there is not lot of information about these movies, because they did not start shooting yet.


Was she ever doing adult films?

She did not do any adult movies, but she almost became a dancer at a night club after she finished school and moved to LA. Luckily for her, unfortunately for us it did not happen. But she posed for few adult magazines full naked, Unfortunately I can’t post them here, because Lindsey Pelas herself paid them off few years ago. To not publish these pictures anywhere. But she is posting quite frequently photos of her, which are topless.





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