Lindsey Pelas Measurements

These are current Lindsey Pelas measurements from 2018, she shared it in recent interview. Her weight is bouncing between 100 and 104 pounds, which is around 46 kilos. It just depends if she have any photoshoots or not at the moment and if yes, she diets for few days. To be in even better shape.
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Her height is 5’3” which is little over 160 centimeters. As you can see from many photos, her body is perfect, she has 97 cm across her chest, 61 cm waist and 91 cm butt (37.5-23.5-35.5). It is almost like she was from comic book. If you are wondering, her size is 38 H according to her, but most people describe them as 34DD.

I mean, look at her, she looks almost unreal. Her waist is just tiny and hear breasts are perfect! And the bubble butt? Who would not like that.

Her shoe size is 6.5 US, which means her feet size in cm is 28 centimeters. Also her eyes are blue, which is perfect combination with her long blonde hair. And no, she doesn’t have implants. Quite opposite, she is on the other side of road, she almost wants them small.
Her zodiac sign is Taurus, because she was born on 19th of May in Louisiana and yes, her nationality is American of course.

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