Valeria Orsini – Everything Revealed

Learn everything about Valeria Orsini, one of the most inspiring fitness models that there is. The funny thing is that before she became this big Instagram fitness/health model. She was a lingerie/swimsuit/glamour model. And these are usually the most unhealthy people out there. And Valeria wasn’t an exception to the rule, and she was starving herself. But this makes her so unique, the experience she has is fantastic. Because not that many people truly understand what is an eating disorder. And how to make changes to get rid of that eating disorder.

How to contact her

It is quite simple, and you can use her email, which is:, or you can try to DM her on Instagram. But I would probably send her an email, and she is Probably reading them since she is doing paid posts on her profile. DMing her is perhaps a waste of time since she has over 4.2 million followers. And her posts average around 20 000 likes, and 90 comments, so rough estimate is, that she receives about 5000 DMS a day. She is also very active on twitter. Usually, I see her post twice a day. But again, she has over 144 thousand followers, and there is so much “noise” on twitter. And don’t forget about Facebook. That actually might be an excellent way to get in contact with her. Yes, she almost has half a million people who like her page. But she probably doesn’t get that many messages, since natural FB reach is smaller and smaller each day.

valeria orsini in croatia at the pool in light blue thong

Before the fame

I even count to this the part of her life, when she was “just” a model. Since it is quite different to appear on a few fashion shows or photoshoots and between being “Instagram famous.” Before being “infamous,” she was living in Florida and trying to make it as a model. And luckily, she StumbleUpon Instagram in the early days of this app. This is not the only way, which made her famous, she would become a star even if she started today, but she probably would not have over four million followers there. She has been there for ages because she has over 2 500 posts, that equals to 3 posts a day for more than three decades and also when she does pay promo, sometimes she deletes that posts within 6-48 hours, it depends how much they paid her.

Life of Instagram fittest

Right now, she was with Florida and Trina in the music video clip called “White Girl.” This is what 4 million Ig account will do to your life! Also, if you wonder how much people like her charge for post. Sponsored post with her engagement goes around 10 000$ per 6-hour post. Which means that after six hours, she can delete the post from her page. With this information, you can guess what her net worth is.

black and white photo of valeria orsini in black thong and white tank top, sitting an all four

How to get body like hers

Valeria Orsini revealed in several interviews that she workouts several times a week. That she also does Muay Thai almost five times a week, if she can make it. She also likes running. You might also wonder if you can achieve her body naturally. And yes, you can, she is a tiny girl with not that much muscle hon. She is gliterally a few pounds over 100, which means that on photoshoot day, she is under or at 100 lbs. And also, taking photos from right angles with perfect lighting will make you look incredible. And of course, you need even a proper diet to get your body fat levels down. Speaking of dieting, Valeria is on a strict diet year-round. But sometimes, she has to cheat meals, and her favorites are pizza and sushi.

Valeria orsini in runnign gear, whic his her favourite type of cardio, she is also wearing heart beat monitoring watcher for optimal performance

And yes, she got a boob job done. You don’t get this 36C from working out after you have been a skinny model for several years. But that does not diminish the hard work, and she went through. To achieve such an incredible physique that Valeria Orsini truly has.

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